Sunday, May 06, 2007

This Guy Has A Great Set Of Ears!

Bob Lefsetz is always a fun read and I thought I was going to dislike his latest "Letter" blog when it started off with the question "..How did country music become rock and roll?"

(Here's my answer: so that we could appeal to today's 28-49 year olds, especially 28-39. Country is a pop music format, commercial art, that has been morphing and growing since format radio was born in the 1950's, doing a more consistent job than any other format that has been around for half a century at staying in touch with 35-44 year olds, year after year, as the demo transitions.)

..BUT, then he won me over when he nominated Little Big Town’s "The Road To Here"as his pick for best album of the year so far. He REALLY won me over when he wrote: "That’s what music is, a friend. It gets you through the loneliness. We’re all just looking for something to get us through the loneliness."

Gosh, I wish he HAD gone to Stagecoach! I would have loved to read his take on it. I am sure he would have had a great time.

(PS: thanks to Dave Schneider, PD at KICX-106 for forwarding the thought-provoking article to me)

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