Friday, December 03, 2004

WPOC does stationality the way I love it

It's very interesting to watch the changes new PD Ken Boeson has implemented in Baltimore since he took over when the very creative and people-oriented Scott Lindy left the station to program country for Sirius.

Boeson is adding a bit more discipline and structure, while the very seasoned Clear Channel/Baltimore team with Laurie DeYoung in the morning, Bob Delmont in midday, Michael J. Fox in afternoons, syndicated John Boy Crenshaw and Blair Garner ar night continue to perform very well.

Thanks to, it's possible to share some of the twinkle in the eye, tongue in the cheek imaging on the station right now:

"A little somethin' new, a little somethin' old, your all time favorites, on 93.1 WPOC!"

"Thanks for keeping your radio at work on Baltimore's Country station. Wherever your work is, we're right here with you!"

[Voice-over/sfx] "What would the world be like without Country music? [Sfx] We're not quite sure, but we can tell you this, we don't wanna live there. Proudly keepin' it Country for over 30 years, 93.1 WPOC!"

[Voice-over/sfx] "For love of Country, 93.1 WPOC."

[Voice-over/sfx] "If I had a dollar for every song 93.1 WPOC has played in the last 30 years, I'd, well, I, well I wouldn't be here talkin' to you! Three decades of the best new Country and your all time favorites are on 93.1 WPOC."

[Voice-over/sfx] "Country music is music from the soul, for the soul and about the soul. Notice how we didn't even mention chicken soup? [Sfx] Baltimore's American Country station is 93.1 WPOC."

[Voice-over/sfx] "The FCC requires us to identify ourselves. Ahem! I'm Billy. And you are?... [Various station jocks] Hello! Laurie...Mark...Aaron...It's Bob...Michael J....And Jen! [V/o] And we are Clear Channel's 93.1 WPOC, Baltimore's Country station."

[Voice-over/sfx] "Feelings. Every song you hear on 93.1 WPOC is about feelings. The music on Baltimore's Country station is the direct path to your heart. So, how do you feel?"

[Voice-over/sfx] "Spouse may get upset with you. Your kids might act up at the wrong time. Your boss may work you too hard. But one thing you can always count on is 93.1 WPOC. Great Country music every time you turn us on. Your all time favorites and the best new Country are on 93.1 WPOC!"

If you have Mediabase, I'd recommend a thorough study of the latest "Tuned In" monitor of WPOC's stationality, which I think is an effective mix of clever un-hype "selling" and believable strategic usage-based positioning.

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