Friday, December 17, 2004

"KRUD radio"

If you need a laugh and a reminder not to take your job too seriously, click on Jim Radcliffe and Brian Wilson's

As you budget for CRS in 2005, let's go back a few years and get KRUD's take on one of those famous Country Radio Seminar research sessions...

CRS Seminars we'd like to attend:

* How To Increase Listening In The Restroom. An overlooked target audience.

* How To Increase Time Spent Listening While Playing Record Company Stiffs - This discussion group is hosted by some of Country Music's top record company executives.

* The Regional Record Rep: How To Abuse Him - Most of you already know how to do this. This is for the newcomer to the industry.

* Air Talent: How To Recognize It (Mandatory For General Managers)

* Should The Country Music Industry Move To L.A. ?

* If It's The Best Song On The CD Why Can't We Play It Now? - Why record companies force you to play the stiffs first.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Hey Jay..I miss these guys! What happened to end Brian and Jim's strip,and where are they now?

Thx,and Happy New Year.