Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami - you can help now

Thanks to personality and international format consultant (he does everything from morning show coaching to oldies in Paris) Doug Erickson (Email: for this powerful reminder..

Thirty-three September 11ths. At this moment, the death toll from the tsunamis in South Asia stands may hit 100,000 - Tsunami: Five million struggle - more than 33 times the toll from the horror of September 11, 2001.

It's beyond our human ability to comprehend that many people dying in such a short time. It's not beyond our ability to care. Speaking of the geological impact of an event like this, one leading scientist said, "After a major earthquake, the whole world resonates like a bell that has been struck." In fact, the hearts of the whole world should resonate like a bell that has been struck!Every one of those people was someone's son or daughter, someone's mother or father or brother or sister. And the crushing grief of suddenly having someone you love snatched away is the same, no matter what country or color. You can see in the media images of survivors the agony, the shock, and the confusion of "what now?"Sustained compassion. That's what a moment like this requires. Not just a concern that lasts for the short media shelf-life of any tragedy, but the sustained compassion of the world's governments, relief agencies, and people of faith. Of course, we are remembering these people in our prayers.

We can each help by sending our normal tithe or charitable donation to one of these two organizations:

Doctors Without Borders: this site will give you some background ont their programs: This is the link to donate: The organization won the Nobel Peace Prize and their reputation for international relief aid is the absolute highest.

The International Committee of the Red Cross: and the link to make a donation:

I'm certainly not trying to preach, but I know you are a person of compassion, and I figured you -- like me -- would be wanting a way to help.

This is one way.

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