Friday, December 31, 2004

Gen Y - which HALF does country have a shot at?

Here's a clue from David Rogerson, Managing Director, Strategic Media Solutions, Sydney, Australia:

Generation Y population trend is splitting into two tribes. One being those more traditional 18-29 year olds who were committed to mortgages, were married and having children and the heavy responsibilities that come with parenthood, little personal freedom. The other being quite different – they have all the adult freedoms but no responsibility. For many, nothing is permanent; careers are just jobs they have been in for too long. The political scene as we know it is dead. Left and right wings tend to make no sense at all. And of course, the Y's choose to stay at home where the rent is cheaper, the laundry cleaner, and the food generally more nutritious.

Read MORE (CLICK) on the McVay Media AC website.

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