Sunday, December 26, 2004

Are you listening? How WELL?

Listening Skills Self-Evaluation
How well you and your partner listen is critical to effective communication. Effective communication is the life-blood of all good relationships.

Check out your listening skills:

This listening skills rating is a self-evaluation of the current level of your listening skills as well as what you perceive your partner’s listening skills to be. Please complete the form at this time and, if your partner is working along with you, he/she should do so as well. Take the evaluations separately, review the scoring which follows on a page indicated at the bottom, and then get together to discuss the results. We suggest that you print the evaluations and complete them on paper so you will have print copies to compare. Be sure to keep an open mind so you may learn and grow.

You may use the automated online version or the following manual version. The both have their advantages.

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