Tuesday, December 07, 2004


For Men:

According to the book "Colors For Your Every Mood," a guy with which color bed sheets will make a better lover? Striped, plain white, or solid colors ***.

What 80's TV show featured two men who were best friends but had to dress up as women just to have a place to live. "Bosom Buddies" ***, "Bachelor Party," or "My Two Dads."

This is your platinum anniversary 20 years together, what should you according to tradition buy your wife? Silver, china ***, or crystal.

On which cable channel would find the show "Trading Spaces?" Discovery, Home & Garden Television (HGTV), or The Learning Channel (TLC) ***.

In what sport did April Heinrich become the first female Hall-Of-Famer in 1998? Golf, ice skating or soccer ***.

For Women:

What does the organization Man-To-Man Inc. do? Testicular cancer support group, prostate cancer support group ***, or male pattern baldness support group.

Which of the following actors never starred as a "Blues Brother" on film? John Belusi, John Goodman, or Bill Murray ***.

According to Men's Health magazine, when giving a foot massage, where should you start? The arch of the foot, the heel and ankle ***, or the big toe.

On the 70's TV show "The Magician" what kind of car did Bill Bixby drive? White Corvette ***, Black Mustang, or Midnight Blue Jaguar.

For what NBA team did Larry Bird play? Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics ***, or Philadelphia 76ers.

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