Friday, November 25, 2005

I May Be Wrong, But I'm Not Confused

<-- Wolfgang? Or... Wolfgang?

.. that headline above is but a sample of the wisdom, concluding with the thought "Clarity about the wrong thing is useless. Context is everything!", of
Vancouver-based Metrik Management. Metrik President "Wolfgang G. Babbel" is part sage and part wise guy in the company's weekly e-letter.

A sample of Wolf's wisdom, gained after seeing all the merit badges on a group of Brownie Scouts, merit badges for potential leaders within your organization: Want to be a team leader some day? Here are the six badges, (skills) you have to undertake. Badge one, able to influence people without official authority. Badge two, able to deliver tough news without abusing the person. Badge three, listens to and respects people. Badge four, takes personal full responsibility for all problems. Badge five, inspires others and never complains. Badge six, has followers even when not leading. And to get those badges, you have to successfully complete a series of projects in real life, with your team mates, and at no extra pay. Most of us do it the other way around, we promote someone who has not proven themselves, give them a pay increase, and wonder why it all fails.

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Anonymous said...

He sounds like a bit of a moron if you ask me... Those are basic skills that you can pick up in ANY book or blog when people talk about business. Maybe he needs to get out and actually take some courses before preaching almighty wisdom. What's next?- Don't touch a hot burner? *chuckles* Well thanks for the brief review anyways.