Sunday, November 20, 2005

ABC-TV - Kenny Chesney, "Somewhere In The (Pittsburgh) Sun"

The week
Ted Koppel says "good bye," Kenny says hello.

What a week for country on ABC-TV: American Music Awards (11/22)
Kenny Chesney (11/23)

Our friend (United Stations writer-producer/GAC country news informant) Neil Haislop has some great Chesney quotes on the show:

"We hit it pretty hard out on that stage… but I don't know that we hit it any harder than the fans throw it back at us… So to stay in top form and top intensity, I make it a point to get away and unwind. "I didn't necessarily know that the people at ABC were going to find that interesting, but they did…and I think what they've captured, is a pretty great portrait of our life on the road, everything the fans don't see before we hit that stage… and how I pull it all in when we're not touring and reflect," Chesney explains about the special’s concept. “When we sat down with everybody at ABC, I said, ‘This is how I want to do it. We can go do a special with me onstage and it’d be all right. It’d be cool.’ We did that, but we also took a bunch of cameras down to my boat and to the Caribbean and taped three days of me hanging out with local people and playing music and just showing people how I live my life away from the lights and the video screens and the buses and the catering trucks and all that stuff.”

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Victoria said...

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