Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who’s Going To Do The Next Remote/Appearance?

This is one of the toughest jobs a programmer has.

Choose a “sales favorite” too often and the rest of the talent will accuse you of favoritism, fail to give each personality an equal share of the work and you risk someone worrying that you don’t “like” them or their work.

Criteria I recommend:
  • Quality of remote work in the past (if you don’t pick someone, be prepared to explain WHY).
  • Number of appearances that personality has done compared to everyone else (the rest of the staff may start to resent a talent that gets too much love from you compared to the average)
  • Exceptional volunteer or unpaid work (give paid gigs as a reward)
  • Compatibility with the client (again, you’ll need to be sure the remainder of the team understands this factor)
  • Knowing WHERE the appearance will be.  If the business has multiple locations, do they know exactly where this one is?
A pop quiz you can use as you name someone to perform outside the radio station:  “Is your job to a) do nine cut-in’s in three hours?  or b) create three hours of fun and excitement at the location?”

The savvy talent will pick “b.”

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