Monday, April 30, 2007

First PPM Results Reveal Ethnic Variations

Erik Sass reports AFRICAN-AMERICANS LISTEN TO RADIO MORE frequently and for longer periods of time than other ethnic groups, according to data released last Friday by Arbitron.

That finding is part of the first "currency" radio ratings in the Philadelphia area, based on results from its Portable People Meter, a passive electronic measurement device. The ratings, covering March 8-April 4, revealed that 9.4% of African-Americans over the age of 6 were listening to the radio during an average quarter-hour measurement period, as compared with 9.1% of the overall radio market.

African-Americans also listened to the radio for a longer period of time, on average, than the population at large: They averaged 12 hours of listening a week, versus 11.5 hours for the total population. Interestingly, the Arbitron data shows that Hispanics listened to radio less than the population at large, on average, with 8.6% of Hispanics surveyed listening during an average quarter hour, and a total average listening time of 11 hours.

Could this hurt country? Not so far, it seems, since WXTU is also doing VERY well in the Philly PPM data (their cume almost doubles and XTU ranks #6 in 12+ share, trending 3.7-5.5)! Radio as a whole has greater reach (96% of persons 6+), but much lower Time Spent Listening -- including among African-Americans and Hispanics, according to the ARB PR), so let's suspend judgment for a bit until we've seen these 'facts' replicated consistently over the next two years, since a change in the panel sample could radically change the results and the average panelist lasts about six months.

When Consumers Create Their Own Survey

BIGresearch found out exactly what happens with their second annual Voice of the People Survey and it appears many are in need of a good night’s sleep as only 24.2% said they get their required eight hours or more a night. A higher percentage of women said they got eight or more hours of sleep a night than did men (25.6% vs. 22.8%). People over the age of 55 had the highest percentage (27.7%) of those who got eight or more hours of sleep, while 35-54 year olds were the most sleep deprived.

All of the questions in the survey were submitted by Respondents from BIGresearch’s monthly Consumer Intentions & Actions (CIA) Survey Panel. “The Voice of the People Survey is designed to be a fun survey that allows Respondents to conceive questions that may be of interest to them or simply something light that they want to gauge how others may answer,” said Gary Drenik, President & CEO of BIGresearch.

Some of the other questions asked include:

Do you believe the Government has alien technology that can be used to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
Yes 30.2%
No 35.4%
I don’t know 34.4%
When you retire, what will go first?
You 36.0%
Your money 64.0%
Do you feel people like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are corrupting the morals of today’s youth?
Not at all 2.7%
Not really 13.4%
Undecided 9.1%
Somewhat 33.3%
Very much 41.5%
Is there too much technology in your life?
Yes 13.4%
No 54.4%
Just right 32.2%

When asked the write-in question, “Which national TV news anchor is the most biased?Katie Couric took the top spot with 7% saying she’s the most biased. Fox News was cited as the most biased national news network with 39.6% saying so.

To view the complete Voice of the People report and other BIGresearch samples, click on Complimentary Top Line Findings or contact Phil Rist at (614) 846-0146.

Acts Of Courage Are All Around Us

"I understand that I am not the only one in transition as I move from Mike to Christine. Everyone who knows me and my work will be transitioning as well. That will take time. And that's all right. To borrow a piece of well-worn sports parlance, we will take it one day at a time. Painfully and reluctantly, I began the coming-out process a few months ago. To my everlasting amazement, friends and colleagues almost universally have been supportive and encouraging, often breaking the tension with good-natured doses of humor. When I told my boss Randy Harvey, he leaned back in his chair, looked through his office window to scan the newsroom and mused, 'Well, no one can ever say we don't have diversity on this staff.'"
- LA Times sports writer Christine Daniels (the former Mike Penner)

I hope it goes as well for Christine as is has for me.

This, I have learned: the vast majority of people are so wonderfully supportive and generous, but of course there are no guarantees.

Coming out about anything personal is always a huge risk.

Reading this revelation made me remember that maybe it's been too long since I have said THANKS to you .. and so many others in the music, country and radio businesses who have simply been amazingly kind to me.

I am confident that Christine will find the same level of acceptance from her readers and industry I have from mine (making me a poster child for
carpe diem)!

Moving? Almost HALF Disconnect Their "Land Line" Phone

This is the bigger problem for ARB (and other researchers) than the end of the E-diary:
According to Telephia's Total Communications Survey for Q4 2006, recent movers--those who have moved residences in the past year--are more likely to subscribe to a home phone service from a cable MSO, mobile carrier or VoIP provider. Overall, 49 percent of households who have moved recently have chosen non-traditional residential phone options. Twenty-five percent have opted for wireless only; thirteen percent have chosen a cable phone option; and six percent have switched to a VoIP phone service.

ARB's E-Diary Hurts Response Rates

Inside Radio reports:
Arbitron calls a screeching halt to the “eDiary.” The idea seemed like a natural – give diarykeepers the option of notating their listening online. But Arbitron says eDiary – just introduced in the Winter book – “appears to have a negative impact on return rate.” They’re suspending its use and say they caught the problem in time to put out more sample for Phase III.

Albright & O'Malley's "Roadmap '07" study of 9,348 country listeners which was conducted in February estimated that 21.7% of country listeners "have ever participated in a survey of radio listenership where you had to either keep track of your listening on paper, or online or where you had to recall your listening habits on the phone."

* 21.4% "liked" the experience, 6.9% "loved" it.
* 6.3% "hated" it, 20.1% "didn't like it but didn't hate it."
* 45.3% had no opinion, positive or negative on the experience of reporting their radio listening.
In our survey, which was conducted online to A&O client station databases, so not surprisingly 19% of respondents said they would be very interested in keeping track of their radio listening online. But, very close behind at 17% was a paper diary and at 16% by a pager-like device.

Of course, it would have been very nice had the online diary improved response rates for our sample of country radio listeners, but it doesn't appear that the loss of the web diary will negatively impact our audience's participation in either paper diary surveys or portable metered ratings.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Hundred Forty Bucks a Pop, for Mom

According to the National Retail Federation's 2007 Mother's Day Consumer Actions and Intentions survey, consumers plan to spend $15.73 billion This Mother's Day, spending an average of $139.14 on the holiday compared to last year's $122.16.

The study found 84.5% of consumers plan to celebrate this year by spending:

-$1.6 billion on clothes and accessories (37.0%)
-$2.1 billion on jewelry (32.8%)
-$2.3 billion on flowers (72.4%)
-$3.1 billion on a special dinner or brunch at their favorite restaurant (61.0%)
-$1.3 billion on a trip to the spa or beauty salon (19.7%)

NRF President and CEO, Tracy Mullin, said
"For mom, it's the thought that counts..."

Yes, I Know It's Going To Be Expensive To Stream

But, take a look at these stats from Dave Van Dyke at Bridge Ratings and ask yourself: what's the ALTERNATIVE?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rosanne Cash: “I can buy you a drink, also - and tell the truth!”

Rosanne Cash and Kris Kristofferon in bar, arguing about the check. It sounds like a joke, but it's real -- and she was making the point that just because she inducted him (very eloquently, in fact), her wish to honor him extends beyond tribute. One doesn't preclude the other… and how often in celebration, does it turn to a tug-of-war? Just because I see you as you are, honor you for being special, it doesn't mean I can't fete you as well. Indeed, it doesn't indict what I said -- but is merely an adjunct... an exercise in action backing the words that've been uttered. Don't ever let upside down agendas steal that pleasure from you. Though in this case, the legend won.
-- Holly Gleason (email her if you'd like her entire, delicious "Yummy List" email)

Jimmy Wayne Update

Wayne has been working on his sophomore release for several months; tracks are being produced by both Mark Bright & Nathan Chapman. Jimmy noted both producers bring something unique to the table:
“Being in the studio with a producer like Mark was awesome. He's very smart and musical. He knows exactly what he wants. He has a style. And Nathan Chapman is new. His excitement level is astronomical. He's fun to be around, like and old soul. He's very creative and fearless…Nathan has a style as well. The outcome is very satisfying.”

John Zarling reports Jimmy can’t wait for fans to hear the outcome, but in the meantime, 2003’s most played new artist is giving back to numerous charities. He was the featured performer at the Southern Oregon Inaugural Autism Gala on April 13th, which was held at the Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford, Oregon.

PS to air personalities from Jaye Albright: the above quote, while very fascinating to those of us in the music biz is exactly the kind of statement from an artist I'd say you should never, ever use on the air. For me, it completely fails the 'who cares' test.

Jimmy Wayne's name is barely familiar, so why link it on the air with Nashville insiders listeners know nothing about?

A better bet, if you want to mention Jimmy on the air before he has anything new you can play is to talk about his former hit songs listeners may know and like, or mention where he's going to be playing, if it happens to be in your area.

Winning content relates to your listener's life, 100% of the time.

The 24th Annual International Country Music Conference

What a treasure Jeff Walker is for country music, not just in the USA, but also around the world: The seminar will provide an informative and entertaining mix of educational panels and discussions of great historical interest to fans of Country Music in the Massey Board Room at Belmont University, May 24th-26th, 2007. ICMC will kick-off on Thursday, May 24th at 2:00 pm.

Over the course of the day, there will be eight panels including: "Mountain Religion in the Music of Ralph Stanley," "The Songs, The Stories, The Changes: Songwriting in Nashville: 1958-2001," and "Teaching the Vietnam War: Aussie Country Music and the Battle of Long Van." The day will conclude with a keynote presentation entitled "

A 50th Anniversary Special: RCA Studio B" and will feature legendary guitarist Harold Bradley.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Music Row: Urban, Chesney Tour News

Keith Urban opened his Love, Pain & the whole crazy World Tour last night (4/19) before a standing room only crowd at Tonhalle Hall in Munich, Germany. He played for more than two hours, running through hits, new songs, and even give a rare performance of one of his earliest fan favorites, “You Won,” at the special request of a young Austrian woman that Urban met via The Make-A-Wish Foundation.
The first installment of the new GAC series, Kenny Chesney: The Making of the Flip Flop Summer Tour, will air tomorrow, April 21 at 8 p.m. CT on Great American Country. Cameramen shot over 150 hours of video and 2,500 still photos as they followed Chesney and his crew through more than six months of planning for the new tour.

Stations Across The Nation Will Be Going Silent At Noon ET Today

Hopefully, you will be among them. A suggested script is now circulating on the internet:

"At noon Eastern Time today, bells will toll across the nation in memory of the students and faculty killed at Virginia Tech. At that time (YOUR STATION) will join radio stations across the country for 32-seconds of silence in memory ofthe 32 killed. Join us at (local time) as we pause to honor and remember thestudents and faculty of Virginia Tech."

Fox's "Idol," "House" Dominate Tuesday Prime

FOX'S TAG TEAM OF "AMERICAN Idol" and "House" continues to dominate Tuesdays. If there is a chink in the "Idol" armor, it comes from its 10% to 12% lower ratings, versus its effort against the same episode of a year ago. "Idol" earned a 9.9 rating/27 share among adults 18-49 viewers.

The better news for Fox is its still ascending show, "House," which nearly matched "Idol" numbers, earning a 9.1/22 in 18-49. Plus, the "House" that Hugh Laurie built was closer to "Idol" on the younger demos, adults 18-34, where it earned a 8.4 rating, compared to the 8.5 from "Idol."

All this overwhelmed the rest of the network lineup on Tuesday night, with Fox earning a 9.5/25.

New Study: Digital Platforms Continue to Extend Radio Beyond the AM/FM Dial

Listening to AM/FM radio stays strong despite growing use of digital audio platforms. Thank you, ARB, we "knew" it of course, but it's also true that we needed this!
“Broadcasters should promote the vitality of over-the-air radio,” said Bill Rose, senior vice president, Marketing, Arbitron Inc. “On a weekly basis, AM/FM radio is used by the overwhelming majority of Americans, and it continues to have a big impact on the lives of consumers. In addition, the widely held perception that people who use new digital platforms listen less to over-the-air radio is false. In fact, users of digital radio platforms spend just as much time listening to over-the-air radio as the average consumer.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Carrie Underwood Is #1 Star

American Idol season four winner CARRIE UNDERWOOD is currently Yahoo's most-searched-for country singer. Carrie holds a commanding lead, earning twice as much search buzz as TIM MCGRAW.

The Top 20 searched-for country artists on Yahoo right now are:
1. Carrie Underwood
2. Tim McGraw
3. Rascal Flatts
4. Taylor Swift
5. Kenny Chesney
6. Johnny Cash
7. Keith Urban
8. Dixie Chicks
9. Martina McBride
10. Faith Hill
11. Sara Evans
12. Reba McEntire
13. Garth Brooks
14. Brooks and Dunn
15. Dolly Parton
16. Big and Rich
17. Josh Turner
18. Sheryl Crow
19. Gretchen Wilson
20. LeAnn Rimes

Look at all those females! "Search buzz," eh? You won't see that on any local country station's research on its listeners preferences for radio airplay. This listing says more about Yahoo than it does about who's really hot in country music, of course, but I sure do agree that Carrie is a star, no doubt!

It's About Time

The fact that Don Imus had to get fired for something like this to happen is too bad, but it's good to see that some in the African American community's consciousness seemingly has been raised too: Jackson Radio Station Bans Offensive Music:
"Hot 97.7, a hip-hop station, is taking a closer look at what they put out over the airwaves. Their goal is to eliminate anything that would be offensive to listeners, whether it's violent, sexist, or racist. Station G.M Terrill Weiss says, "It's art; I understant it's art, but the message sometimes is so negative that young people listening to that music get the impression that it's acceptable to use that kind of language, and to have those kinds of attributes, and we don't want to perpretrate that."

The station's entire playlists will have to be re-vamped, every song's lyrics examined to deterimine if it's acceptable to hit the air. Anything deemed too hard or offensive will be banned. That goes for syndicated programming, too. Weiss says, "We're looking at that right now -- whether or not we can continue with Russ Parr, because he tends to use some of that shock value on air, and we don't want him to represent us that way."

- David Kenney, WLBT-3 TV

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interprep Quick Hits

Have you subscribed to Steve Holstein's free daily email yet? Here's today's:

The Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma had a scary situationTuesday morning and went to a campus-wide lockdown. But before lunchtime the lockdown was lifted and officials issued a statement attributing it to a yoga mat mistaken for a weapon. Turns out it wasn't a yoga mat -- it was an umbrella.

The Washington Post calls them "grief profiteers" -- people who register domain names that tie in with tragedy. Already a number ofVirginia Tech massacre domains have been purchased.

Today is Pet Owners Independence Day. Dog and cat owners take the day off from work and the pets go to work in their place.

How's this for an insult: Sanjaya (American Idol) was Maxim magazine's online Girl of the Day Tuesday at

Ideas For Tomorrow's Shows

What are some possible ideas, topics for the show tomorrow in light of the tragedy at Virginia Tech? I've been talking with my radio buddies around the country and we've been sharing ideas and numbers.

1. Right now I'm contacting all the local colleges in Houston and either having them on tomorrow to talk about what precautions they are taking so this doesn't happen here, or having them at least send me a press release.

2. Let the high school kids and college kids talk to us on the show. Let the kids be the focus and let them talk, talk, talk.

3. We are tracking down people who witnessed the event and hopefully we'll be talking to them tomorrow morning.

4. Besides all the national audio for tomorrow we need local audio. Get this from the local TV stations' websites, Newspaper, etc.

5. Track down people who lived through this at Columbine to let us know what these people are going through. The Anniversary for Columbine is next week.

6. This is always a good time to get a Pastor type that is known in your city to talk to the show and spread some positives thoughts to everybody.

6. Did I mention let the kids talk about this awful tragedy?

-- Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, The Roula and Ryan Show, 104.1 KRBE, Houston, TX

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Phone Topic: Webkinz, Good? Or, BAD?

What’s NOT Hot: Fashions Going To The Dogs

Call me silly, but I always find something to talk about in the monthly consumer trend report from this online researcher, which reports on what's HOT:
"...audiences have declared soon-to-be-released Spiderman 3, The Apple iPhone is also highly anticipated, Dancing with the Stars is trotting up ratings with females, while men are getting a kick out Will Ferrell."
What’s Not?

"Dressing up your pet…consumers agree these fashion offenders should be sent straight to the pound."

Imus Fallout For Media Marketers: Janet Jackson Chill Will Turn Icy

Fortunately, the country format is not one where as MediaPost's Wayne Friedman posits
"Most of the media gains success by being edgy -- from FX to cable news shows. Time magazine recently reminded us that for Bill O'Reilly on Fox or Glenn Beck on CNN, "offense is the coin of the cable realm." What would happen if advertisers believed that someone was unfairly targeted, that someone's reputation was hurt?"
.. but his media critique is still worthy of a read and serious thought! Dittos with the comments of Edison Research's Sean Ross:
"Maybe the most disheartening thing about the comments that led to Don Imus' firing yesterday is that for most people who spend any time with Talk radio or edgy high-profile morning shows, those comments weren't the worst thing they'd ever heard on the radio.Imus' comments were inexcusable, but they weren't unusual... If anything positive is to come from the Imus controversy in the long run, it is that PDs, GMs, and owners must instill and reinforce a policy of "first do no harm to the audience" and make very clear that they mean to the whole audience, not just those in the target demo. Air talent will always make mistakes, but an ongoing series of deliberate provocations is different from an unfortunate stray remark. And so much recent content has been more insidious because it so often reflects not even a personality's true beliefs, but a calculated desire for publicity and an inability to get it without choosing to hurt others. If all of that were gone, we would all have a better chance of moving forward together."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "The New Face Of Country Music"

"Tune in KISS-FM for a spell and you're likely to hear country megastars Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood sandwiched around MTV pop queen Gwen Stefani and the alt hip-hop of Gym Class Heroes. What was once as odd as mixing Skoal with Bazooka Joe isn't anymore. "Our job is to play the hits, no matter where they come from," says WAKS FM/96.5 program director Bo Matthews. As it turns out, more and more pop hits are coming from
-- Plain Dealer Reporter Bill Lubinger has spent the past few week's looking into the new, fresh face of Nashville, which has to make A&O pals at Clear Channel/Cleveland, OM Kevin Metheny and new WGAR PD Brian Jennings very happy indeed .. (I, too, am loving all of the attention, of course, but am starting to wonder if it's time for Alan Jackson to pen another verse to "Gone Country"..)

Kenny Chesney Phases & Stages: The Flip Flop Summer Tour Takes GAC Inside The Process As Chesney Prepares

Kenny drew 1.3 million people to his 2006 concert tour, more than any other artist in pop, rock, rap or country music. Now, Great American Country (GAC) opens the door to let Kenny Chesney fans experience all the hard work and preparation that goes into creating a world-class stage show in an exclusive GAC special, Kenny Chesney Phases & Stages: The Flip Flop Summer Tour. The premiere episode of the two-part series airs on GAC April 21 at 9 p.m. ET, followed on April 28 by Part Two. Here's the official PR.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reporter Nearly Hits Tim McGraw

Jim Rose:
A reporter for the Tennessean, SARAH B. GILLIAM, motored down 4th Avenue past the Country Music Hall of Fame around noon the other day and swerved her vehicle to avoid striking Country music Superstar TIM MCGRAW as he got out of his uptown black SUV to greet cameras in front of the museum. She said TIM didn't notice her potential calamity and continued his huge smile for the flashing cameras. Entertainer of the Year nominee, MCGRAW and his wife, Top Female Vocalist nominee FAITH HILL, were appearing for a press conference at the museum to announce their summer Soul2Soul II music tour.

Bon Jovi news, Billy Currington's new dog

* Bon Jovi fans will be able to add another band collectible to their memorabilia, as Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora are the latest musicians to join McFarlane Toys' line of action figures. The Tempe, Ariz.-based firm worked closely with the Bon Jovi principals to select the proper pose, accessories and facial expressions. Previous acts imortalized as action figures include Kiss, Metallica, and Motley Crue. The Jon and Richie figures will hit stores in August and will sell for $10-$12.

* Billy Currington has a new band member out on the road with him: a 9-week old chocolate labrador retriever puppy he named Paco. Billy bought the pup from a breeder in Minnesota and is already working with Paco on his basic obedience commands. Billy reports that the training is going well; earlier this week, Paco made it through the whole night without any potty-training "accidents" in the house.

-- Katie Dean

Bridge Ratings Says Country Will GROW 24% In The Next Five Years

According to Bridge, the top formats that will benefit from "Internet drift" are Rock, AC, Modern Rock, Adult Hits and Smooth Jazz. Looking at projections for five years from now, the greatest terrestrial radio gainers will be Country, News/Talk, Urban, Spanish and CHR.

A&O Will Be At The ACM Awards And I Hope YOU Will Be Too

You are the first, other than our clients, to hear about this, even as final details are being confirmed:


MGM Grand Convention Center event adds Warner Brothers artist Joanna Cotten for finale

Country radio specialists Jaye Albright and Michael O’Malley are presenting yet another reason to be in Las Vegas for the 40th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards events.

The country radio specialists have created a terrific slate of presentations, seminars, workshops and special events for their clients and friends who are attending the ACM Awards, and now they are opening the meeting to the public free by invitation only.

Warner Brothers/Nashville introduce attendees to the label’s newest artist, talented songwriter-storyteller and singer Joanna Cotton who will perform and share her personal stories, how she turns them into hit songs.

Where: MGM Grand Hotel Convention Center, 3rd Floor Premiere Ballroom
When: 9:00 am-1:00 pm, Monday, May 14, 2007

Admission to this meeting is FREE and open to the public working in non-competitive situations with Albright & O’Malley clients, but is by invitation only.

To receive an invitation, contact Michael O’Malley at 732 937-5757/Email: or Jaye Albright at 206 498-6261/Email:



This is about the power of getting your audience to market for you – getting them talking about your show and leveraging the power Word of Mouth can deliver. Good story telling not only has the ability to make you stand out and be remembered, but it also can help you feel better about your performance overall…


· Sales: which is more effective way to sell – telling a story about how your station recently helped a business generate immediate cash flow with a promotion that had customers bidding on surplus furniture and that the crowd was so big that they had to call their family members to come to the store to help park cars…or by giving facts about how many people listen in an average quarter hour on Saturday between 10am and 3pm

· Or for programming where we tell the story of how we befriended a mutt from the pound and found a home for him with a lonely little girl, new to the neighborhood, who hadn’t made friends because when she and her family moved here last month most of the kids in the neighborhood were at camp or away on vacation. Or the fact that we have a public affairs show on Sunday morning from 5-6am that addresses issues like animal over-population.

The entertaining and informative seminar will teach you..


…using entertaining examples of some of radio’s most entertaining, compelling and effective storytellers. Though A&O developed this in-depth seminar and workshop primarily for radio personalities and programmers, writers and artists of all types will find it useful, fun and informative.

By the end of the seminar, you will be telling YOUR stories, for fun and profit!


In preparation for the Pre-ACM event, Albright & O'Malley has commissioned MJI Interactive in the U.S. and Mediascore in Canada to conduct our second national online test of almost 700 country songs. This research project is in the field now and has already involved over six thousand country radio listeners.

See what country radio listeners all across North America are doing right now. TAKE THE SURVEY yourself. Click on this link or paste it into your browser and sign up as if you were one of your listeners:

A similar study was conducted exactly one year ago, so A&O will not only have the most up-to-date information on country music acceptance and targeting trends for 2007, but they will also be able to track trends in artist, era, genre and music style familiarity, compatability and popularity for the last several years in both America and Canada.

Attendees will also learn new insights from A&O’s ongoing nationwide, web-based perceptual studies of the country audience, which have been dubbed “Roadmap ’07,” created with the assistance of Mercury Radio Research's Mark Ramsey. New findings on music era/genre preferences, technology issues including streaming, voicetracking and HD, how stations can best engage their listeners will be analyzed and an Action Plan developed based on the studies.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

USO Honors Trace Adkins, Nashville's Eggstravaganzoo

More than 30,000 plastic Easter eggs were hidden in the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere at the 9th annual Eggstravaganzoo's Festival Field today (4/7) and about 8,000 guests showed up to hunt for Easter eggs.

The 2007 USO Merit Award was presented to Country singer TRACE ADKINS on March 27, 2007 in Arlington, VA. On behalf of the USO, TRACE has traveled into combat zones many times to sing for our troops and sign autographs. ADKINS related, Whatever I do to show support to our troops is so small by comparison to what these men and women do for us. Previous Award beneficiaries include STEVEN SPIELBERG, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, WILLIE NELSON and BOB HOPE.

-- Jim Rose

A&O Gets Served A Piece Of Humble Pie By "The Internet"

A big helping of 'thank you' to the many folks who have written to let me know that our old website ( and all of the email addresses associated with it are KAPUT.

Sadly, I must confess: we know. (sigh) And, it involves a long story and a great lesson on how naive we were in 1995 when we first set up the original domain.

Just a few weeks ago, on a Friday evening, it became obvious that our site registration had expired quite suddenly and in spite of frantic efforts to salvage it through Network Solutions, our trusty webmaster and our current web provider, the protections built into the system which are designed to prevent someone maliciously stealing your internet address were going to mean that we have to wait 90 days to gain access to the web addresses we have been using for more than eleven years.

The lesson we learned: be sure YOU own your domain name and not a middle man/reseller.

Due to our ignorance when we created in 1995, we allowed the first web designer we hired back then to register the domain for us. He went out of business several years ago, leaving no trace of his whereabouts.

Under construction now: It's not quite ready for viewing and emailing to or, but it will be very soon.

We'll let you know as soon as we have something to "show."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Writing A Promo Or Commercial? Talk To The People In Your Head

At least, that is what Jay Suhr, senior partner and senior vice president of creative services and account planning at T3, claims he does!

The Other Side of Moms

A series of research studies finds that marketers are missing the mark — big time — in reaching today’s moms.

by Gigi Carroll. (download PDF)

Research And The Real World

IPod owners want an FM tuner built in? Why didn't they BUY one, then?

Just askin'...

"Capitol Records Nashville Idol"

44% "Are Not Interested In Anything On The Internet"

All of us who do broadcast content for a living know how true the axion "they don't care and they aren't paying attention" is, but as someone who is hopelessly addicted to info from all sources, that factoid (Offline Americans see Internet of Little Value) simply took my breath away.

Suddenly radio's 94% average weekly reach, viewed in that context, made me very proud!

A Crash Course In Comedy

Aspiring comedians can go to school--online--with's new "Crash Course in Comedy," a series of 10 broadband video classes for wannabe comics. A new three-minute class will appear each week on the site.

The video episodes, taught by professional comedian Ted Alexandro of "Comedy Central Presents" and "The Late Show with David Letterman," feature Oddcast's animated avatar technology to enable students to create, build, voice and post their acts on Students can tap the site's library of video standup acts to research their acts.

Monday, April 02, 2007

You Think You Know How Great Someone Is.. And, Then...

..the newspaper does a feature on him and you REALLY get to know them, understanding even more about why you admired them before and now you look up to them even MORE. Such it is with my friend, Chris Harding, Music Director/Assistant Program Director at BX93 (CJBX-FM)in London. ("From never before being able to run, to preparing for his first full marathon at 53, Chris Harding has come far")

"I may have mentioned the lung/asthma study I was involved in three-four years ago - it is being published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, and after reading last year's London Hospital Annual Report which included a story on my involvement, someone in either South Africa or the UK suggested that they use me as a spokesperson when the NEJM story hit. I've done TV and Cable TV news plus seven radio interviews over the last two days including CBC...the PR folks expect more."

You GO, Chris! I am so proud to know you, an inspiration!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Brad Paisley, Sugarland, Andy Griggs, Phil Vassar and Josh Turner Headline Gainsville K-Country Benefit

They were smart enough to invite reporter David Hackett, who obviously had a good time:

A sea of chairs and blankets flowed out hundreds of yards from the towering stage as an estimated 10,000 cowboy-hat-sporting, pony-tailed music fans enjoyed perfect spring weather and nearly eight hours of live music by country's top artists, headlined by multiple Country Music Award winner and Grammy nominee Paisley.

You Have 30 Days To Catch The Stagecoach

Gary Demaroney, GM (and owner) at Copper Mountain Broadcasting's KXCM 96.3 FM in 29 Palms-Joshua Tree-Yucca Valley is excited about the upcoming huge outdoor event in their neighborhood on May 5th and 6th:

"These are the same people that do Coachella Fest. It is the same grounds. They may do ticket trade with some of your stations. You may have stations interested in sending people on a weekend. Tickets are $169 a piece for both days!"

Barry Gibb Moves To Nashville

The following info is for people over 50 only: Barry Gibb now calls Nashville his home. He has purchased the Johnny Cash house. A "Welcome to Nashville" party was attended by 150 people at the BMI offices. T.G. Sheppard and his girlfriend Kelly Lang have become close friends with Barry and his wife. Barry said, "T.G. and Kelly are a part of our family."

Thanks to Sanford Brokaw, press agent to the stars in LA (310-273-2060/Fax: 310-276-4037) for this photo and the fun facts.

There will now be a brief pause for anyone who came to country music in the last five or six years to say "Barry WHO? T.G. WHO?"

"Wake Up Laughing" This Week

After 16 million in sales and 22 top 10 singles, some artists might be afraid to tinker with success and tempt fate. But not Martina McBride. Following up on her platinum-selling Timeless album, a poignant collection of country classics representing her first effort as solo producer, she's at the production helm again for her ninth studio release, due out on Tuesday.

A great Martina story: It's said that everyone has their "six degrees of separation" and ABC's Primetime is set to prove Martina McBride is no exception. From small town Sharon, Kansas singing in her family band, moving to Nashville, recording demos and soon after signing a record deal. Who are the people who helped Martina McBride fulfill her dreams? Correspondent Jay Shadler visited with Martina in Nashville this week to trace back the early days of "wanna-be-country-singer" and how knowing one person who knew another person led to McBride's lucky break.

Everybody you've ever met is connected to Martina McBride by the 6 degrees of separation theory. To prove the 6 degrees theory, Primetime has selected six people who have three things in common -

A- They do not personally know Martina McBride
B- They live in small towns and remote places around the country and
C- They have the desire to sing and be heard.

The six wannabes will use the theory to meet Martina (who's becoming an accomplished producer) and have her produce a demo on them. Primetime and Sony BMG have teamed up to allow those demos to be heard by music executives - something Martina knows from experience that ain't easy to do.
"To get the chance to be heard in this business, it takes talent first and foremost but it also takes a lot of determination and even more luck," admits McBride. "Looking back, the naiveté it took for me and my husband John to move here with only a few contacts was crazy but one connection led to another and I think you have to believe it will happen and take that chance."

will capture the journey from their most immediate connection through each step leading them closer and closer to the superstar. They are not allowed to call anyone at random but must use the six degrees of separation concept (made famous in 1967 by social psychologist Stanley Milgram whose experiments suggested that two random US citizens were connected on average by a chain of six acquaintances). No airdate set yet.

You Are Invited To A&O's Pre-ACM Seminar In Las Vegas

Save the date: Monday, May 14!

Where: MGM Grand Convention Center, 3rd Floor, Premiere Ballroom
When: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
What: A seminar and workshop designed for air personalities, programmers, creative artists on "Storytelling, Using The Power Of Narrative To Improve Your Content."

It may sound like it's going back to school, but don't worry. We will have lots of audio and video examples of some of broadcasting's best story-tellers to get your creative juices flowing, it will be lots of fun and soon I'll bet you will be telling us YOUR stories!

Cost? FREE (but you need an invitation)

If you are reading this, you are invited. For now, just save the date and make plans to get to and stay in Las Vegas. Soon, we'll send our invitations out and begin getting RSVP's. I hope you can join us!