Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fewer Than 2% Of Your Listeners Determine 90% Of Your Ratings

Research being done by Arbitron and DMR at the University of Wisconsin posits that heavy radio users drive nearly 90% of the ratings.

Almost a full year's PPM data from Houston is being studied to see what role listener loyalty and preference has in the actual ratings.

DMR is giving a first look at the headlines today and it's a little frightening. Even for what might be called "mass appeal" stations in Houston - like AC and country - fewer than TWO PERCENT of all listeners determine the final rating shares.

According to UW-Madison’s Ty Henderson PhD, "The listening preference patterns in this analysis mirrors what we see in many consumer products: a select few drive the majority of the category. Knowing who matters and who to target will be critical to stations’ marketing and programming."

Another finding: not all P1's are created equal. Although this was more or less known to be true in the diary world, a new measure, "percent of listening" (POL) uncovers the select few who REALLY matter the most.

In fact, even stations with the highest metro cumes derive the majority of their listening from a tiny, but very important, group: less than 2% of their cume drives nearly half of the listening of, for example, a leading AC (SUNNY 99.1 -- KODA-FM ).

Bill Rose, senior vice president of marketing at Arbitron says, "Understanding P1 listening is crucial for radio programmers and this study will provide fresh insight into the dynamics of how it works in the PPM world."

A few reactions to this info:

1. Panel management is the KEY to reliable PPM numbers. Ask the folks in Houston and Philadelphia: if your heaviest users aren't in the panel this month or if one of those folks catches a cold and stays home from work for a week, it's going to be a tough thirty days for you. Or, more, since only roughly ten percent of the panel turns over each month.

2. Good news: it's always been like this - perhaps even more so - in the diary measurement system. It's just that the PPM data is so much more granular, we can see it more clearly than ever now.

3. MORE good news: if you know the names, addresses, email contacts, workplaces, etc for your Ultra-Core Listeners, you are off the a great start. Now, what ELSE can you find out about them, which will make you even more valuable to them?

A friendly tip: If you don't know these things, NOW would be a great time to start obtaining them. A&O can help prioritize tactics and even vendors to help cut the job down to a manageable size.

The Share That Really Matters

Tom Taylor's item in this morning makes it sound like some of us folks who are rooting for LA's GO Country to do very well are starting to gloat a bit, based on the latest monthly 12+ ARB trend:

"Go Country" is beating "MOViN' 93.9. One country radio friend highlights the numbers: Saul Levine's country KKGO grew from a 0.8 share 12+ in the Winter Arbitron to a 1.2 in this new Phase I. KMVN stays flat at a 0.9 share. My country expert also points out that before Emmis took country KZLA to rhythmic AC, it was doing a 1.7 share a year ago. So there's definitely open highway ahead for Go Country. Also: Note that Riverside-market country KFRG dropped 1.1-0.6 in this week's Trends, probably because in-market KKGO is picking up a head of steam."

Some history: Bonneville traded KZLA to Emmis, as I recall, because in spite of the fact that they had spent something north of a million dollars on television and got the cume up to more than 750,000, the revenue was $12 million behind the station just one place above country in the rankers. Emmis did manage to get the revenues up from the $18-million range to something like $28-million, but then they dipped to $25-million or so and a public company simply can't grow the stock price with 'negative growth.' Thus, I don't think anyone has ever questioned that country radio has an audience in Southern California.

Key: can media buyers be convinced to give country radio its fair share of the market's radio dollars?

Saul Levine probably never billed $18, let alone $28-million in any of his radio ventures, so of course he has to be very happy already with his decision to put K-Mozart on an HD side channel and country on FM, but will he put more resources into the programming and marketing to make it the very best it can be, improving the image of country among ad buyers to the point that it bills what I think most country supporters would say is its potential, something above $40-million annually?

Thus far, as exciting as the ratings uptrends are, to my ear, the consistency and relatabilty of what is coming out of KKGO right now still sounds like Levine simply sees country as another "Long Tail" format, something he can make a nice profit on without spending any 'real' money on.

If the growth stops here, we may never know what country radio could possibly have done in Los Angeles in the year 2007 and, more importantly, 2008.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music System Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Mark Patric burns the midnight oil as A&O's music software and client training/support guy (in addition to his 'day job' as MD/Assistant PD at CJJR, Vancouver).
His blog is where our recommended coding approach on new songs resides, but of course he also reviews new music, especially all Canadian content material. He also shares ideas on other topics of interest to folks who spend their days scheduling music...
How far apart should an artist play from itself? Should tempo always start an hour? How about two slower songs in a row…is that ok? What about sound code and too many of the same sounding songs back to back? Is it that important to make sure superstar artists fill out a certain percent of every hour? Rules…there can be many and maybe too many. How strict are you with your rules and how many rules do you have? Which are important?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Photo I Never Thought I'd See.. Eddie, Troy and Maya

Unique Lives & Experiences hosted ‘An Evening With Dr. Angelou’ on Monday, May 21st in Nashville, Tennessee at TPAC’s Jackson Hall featuring her friends country music duo Montgomery Gentry.

The evening opened with a special performance from the Jubilee Singers, followed by a collaborated effort with the performance of “Some People Change,” where duo Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry were joined by the Singers for a memorable and moving performance.

Dr. Angelou originally heard “Some People Change” and its powerful message in 2006 when she caught a glimpse of their video for the single. The imagery in the video features a man standing up to racial prejudices. Prior to taking the stage for the performance the duo joined Dr. Angelou backstage.

“Dr. Maya Angelou is an inspiration I am honored to have shared a moment in time with,” says Gentry. “Her presentation is a life experience that no one should live without!”

“When I listen to Montgomery Gentry they are young men I can claim as my sons--they don’t know that, but it’s alright,” said Dr. Angelou.

The evening concluded with a second standing ovation for the Renaissance woman, a true testament that she truly is one of the great voices of contemporary literature.

"What an incredible night," Eddie commented after the show. "You can just feel the energy around Dr. Angelou, and there is no doubt in my mind, before I meet the man upstairs, Dr. Angelou will be the first one to greet me with open arms. I will never forget that moment!"

Media Contact:
Webster & Associates Public Relations: 615.777.6995 (Kirt Webster or Ebie McFarland). Press images available by visiting

Laura Ellen Hopper, I Wish I Had Told You Something

Have you ever had a competitor you so admired that you listened to their radio station not just to play defense but because you simply loved it? That was me, back in the days when I worked at AM 1370 Radio KEEN, in San Jose. Our 'real' direct country competition was Metromedia's KNEW-AM, Oakland. Yes, those were the days, three decades ago, when AM radio got the big audience shares.

Yet, there was this amazing little FM in Gilroy that even showed up in the San Francisco book. They played everything from Billy "Crash" Craddock to Billie Holiday. Emmylou Harris loved it too. She was a core artist on my station and yet she was quoted more than once as saying that she wished she owned KFAT.

I felt the same way. It was a station with unique character and values at a time when the rest of us barely knew that those things had a role in branding a radio station. My hope today is that Laura Ellen knew I felt that way. I let her know I was a fan, both of her on the air and also of her crazy quilt creative brand of 'progressive country,' but now I hope she knew how serious I was. Sadly, I'll never find out now.

She's gone (incredibly, at age 57!) and I am going to be among the folks who'll miss her a lot.

Fortunately, she built and nurtured something great with a very loyal audience all over the world, which will last. Ironically (or perhaps not), it's in Freedom, CA.

"Laura Ellen was the heart, soul and glue of KPIG. Losing her is like losing an old-growth redwood tree."

-- Sleepy John" Sandidge, a longtime KPIG on-air personality and friend

Hopefully she knew that too. I'd bet that St. Peter is helping her fill out an application for a new radio station in the great FM band in the sky right now.

A Relaunch To Capture Country's Values; At Least They Didn't Just Cry Wolf..

At a time when it's relatively fast and 'easy' to become a Wolf, thanks to a long list of very creative people who created something new for Dallas in 1998 and have been copied and recopied many times since, resulting in a private website full of quickly-adaptable Wolf stationality once you pay for the licensing, you have to admire WBTU-FM/Fort Wayne as new owner Russ Oasis relaunches as "A Whole New Country" under new PD Scott Roddy.

Most recently, Roddy, served as APD/MD at Country WLHK-FM (Hank FM). Prior to joining Hank FM in March, 2006, Roddy was with crosstown WFMS-FM and it's nice to see them build something fresh, soaked in country values. (Of course, WBTU has been launched and relaunched as a 'new' station many times over the years, so it will be interesting to watch and see if this one is creative and unique enough to be more than one more cry of "Wolf" for Ft. Wayne area country fans.)

Do You Google? Yahoo? Or, Are You The Other 14%?

According to a recent Hitwise report, 47 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.86 percent of U.S. searches, while Google and Yahoo! captured 86% in April.
Heck, "that's almost as good" as radio's reach (of the total 12+ population, not just search users!!).. and then of course there's all the time they still spend with us... If you're feeling down on radio, the RAB has good news for you. If we blow this lead in delivering content listeners want, shame on us!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Space, Facebook et al .. I Would Love To See YOUR Face

CJJR, Vancouver, GM Gerry Siemens: "(our staff "techie geek") Dan Motut started a JRFM network on Facebook. It's growing like a weed. Nearly 300 sign-up in 24 hours. Make sure you join the official network. Some listener has also started an I (Heart) JRFM network which isn't ours! What a great way to interact with your listeners and get instant feedback!

other client stations have put of MySpace pages or had listeners (or competitors!) do them FOR THEM, (warning: watch out for this dirty trick, of course), but this is the first time I have seen one on Face Book. Please send me a link to yours, so I can see what your network is up to!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Day Of Rememberance

The National Moment of Remembrance, established several years ago by an act of Congress, asks Americans wherever they are at 3pm local time, on Memorial Day (May 28) to pause in an act of national unity for one minute.

Radio can participate and help to promote this annual event by airing the official anthem "On This Day" as sung by Sara Evans, at 3pm local time.

For a free download of the numerous versions of it, including one by the U.S. Army Band, click HERE.

Out Of Afghanistan And Into Baghdad

The tour started off with a performance at a remote Forward Operating Base on the Pakastani border in Afghanistan. Two separate mortar attacks served as a sendoff from the region to Baghdad, where he arrived with a big welcome as nearly 200 soldiers, airmen and marines greeted him at the airport.

Toby took pictures and signed autographs with hundreds of soldiers from the 1st Calvary and the 3rd Infantry Division as well as members of Task Force Troy. A couple more mortar attacks only served as a reminder of why Toby sets aside at least two weeks each year to perform for our armed forces. The day was completed with a performance for more than 5,000 troops at Camp Victory in Baghdad.
Toby said. “I am honored to perform before the brave men and women in the military. It is one of my greatest pleasures to get to play for them”.

The native Oklahoman previously traveled to Africa, Cuba, Belgium, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Germany and numerous times to Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

NOT What Any Of Us Wants To See..

(click on the chart to enlarge it) “Regarding your personal financial situation, compared to this time last year, are you…”

Better Off 22.8%
Same 43.9%
Worse Off 33.3%

For additional information by Census Regions and other BIGresearch samples, go to: and click on Complimentary Top Line Findings. Contact: Phil Rist, BIGresearch, Worthington, Ohio:

When You're An Aussie Just Out Of Treatment, Temptation Goes With The Territory

"I knew I was back in South Australia when the host came up to me, smiled, gave me a bottle of red and said, 'Welcome to Adelaide Mr. Urban,'" the country music star told a packed stadium on Sunday, according to a report in News Ltd. newspapers Tuesday. "So I drank it," he quipped.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Josh Turner: It Won't Ever Be 'Me And Apollo'

Josh Turner says there's one reality show you won't catch him on: "Dancing On The Stars." Says Josh,
"I used to be a dancer, but my dancing days are over....I've been there, done that. I was in a show called 'High Steppin' Country' in Myrtle Beach. We would sing and dance for three hours straight, right there on the beach in an open air ampitheatre, with all the heat and humidity. It was pretty intense. You had to stay hydrated and stay in shape. So 'Dancin' With The Stars, don't call me!"

Songs, Soap and Soda?

In Tom Taylor's column today:

"In the wind - Would a syndicator sell naming rights to a 24/7 music format? Believe it or not - I hear a major syndicator's thinking about branding not one but two of its formats with sponsor names. Big bucks for the syndicator. What will the execution sound like, and how will affiliates feel about it? And will they get a taste of the revenue? Sounds like one of the formats is a popular country offering. Naming rights are cropping up more and more, as managers look for NTR (non-traditional revenue) at their own stations. All-news WTOP recently sold a quick mention for a local pizza chain adjacent to its legal ID."

The mind reels:
Dial (Soap)-Global? Jones (Soda) Radio Network? Blair Garner's "After Midnight" Velvet? Hmmmm. Now that I think of it, some syndicators and networks are "Naturals" for co-branding opportunities..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Gas Prices, Stupid! (And, Five Major Hurricanes To Boot)

As you plan your summer promotions schedule, a few factoids to ponder:

2. The recent increase in fashion-oriented shoppers hit a bump in the road in May as 22% fewer consumers than in March said that “newest trends and styles best identified their fashion feelings,” according to BIGresearch’s May Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey (CIA) of 8,353 consumers.

The percentage of fashion-oriented consumers grew 92% from 9% in May 2005 to 17.3% in March 2007. As gas prices began to escalate in March, the number declined to 16.9% in April. With the additional gas hikes in May, the percentage tumbled to 13.5%, a decrease of 20% from April. (view the complete chart)

“Fashion-conscious consumers who prefer the newest trends and fashions tend to be younger, single females who favor name brands and are willing to pay more to look fashionable,” said Gary Drenik, President & CEO of BIGresearch. “The fashion forward consumer is a lucrative high margin customer and their wallets seem to be pinched by higher gas prices. As a result, retail sales of fashion clothing would be impacted as shoppers switch to less expensive brands, look for sales, shop online and / or closer to home,” said Drenik.

How Have Fluctuating Gas Prices Impacted Your Spending?

Fashion-Forward/NewestTrend Shoppers All
Spending Less on Clothing 28.6% 24.1%
Reduced Dining Out 35.7% 31.1%
Driving Less 40.2% 40.0%

Additional information on CIA and other BIGresearch samples may be accessed by going to: and clicking on Complimentary Top Line Findings.

Lang: Underwood's Online Hit The Death Knell For CDs

George Lang writes in The Oklahoman:
The single is only available through the iTunes Music Store, and while it is hardly the first digital-only single, "I'll Stand By You” is the first of its type to become a Top 10 hit. Underwood's success with this song proves that consumers will buy online at the same rate they will at record stores. When the obituaries are written for the compact disc, this will likely be cited as a key factor in its demise.

Mary Chapin Carpenter Update

The Rounder Records artist officially canceled her summer tour three weeks ago, with this info in a press release:
She recently finished the Spring 2007 leg of The Calling tour during which time she experienced pain from a recent back injury. She was subsequently hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism, possibly as a result of her limited
movement during the spring tour.
Having been released on April 27 from Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA., Carpenter is well on her way to recovery. She hopes to resume touring sometime in 2008. It's great to see some fresh news releases on her personal website that already indicate that she's back in action as she recuperates!

How Many Country Stations Can Boise Support?

With 43 radio stations within close listening range, Boise has to be one of the most over-radio'd markets in the world (Salt Lake City has 60!), which is why a format change there (especially a change from 'my country' to 'wow country') isn't the big news it might be in a market with fewer format changes historically. So, R. J. Curtis' R&R story on the flip had an angle which actually caught my interest more than the change in identity:
'And, if all that doesn't make you belch out an involuntary "WOW," they've even hired "The official WOW Country song tag girl" -- Wendy. Her only job is to tell listeners the title and artist of every song played.'

A&O is aware of at least four other Clear Channel stations which have been doing this tactic for more than two years, (A&O client) Paul "Coyote" Neumann, PD at KIXZ-FM 96.1 (KIX 96) in Spokane reports "I started doing this 2 and half years ago and I do believe it’s made a difference." And, after that, the same snap drive library, I hear, then went to Anchorage, where it can also be heard on KASH as well. Clear Channel country stations in Bakersfield and Yakima also did the tactic for awhile, but eventually took it off the air.

Meanwhile, Citadel (which owns KIZN and KQFC) is not standing still in the face of this attack, as the Idaho Statesman reported a week ago: "Citadel Broadcasting accuses former executive and other ex-employees of stealing company information"

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rochester Gets A New Country Station: The "Wheel Of Formats" Spins Again

Clear Channel's "WSNP" tosses in the towel and changes format to become "My Country 107.3," a direct attack at Entercom's heritage longtime leader, WBEE. The station is jockless, but not commercial-free. Both stations are streaming, so this emerging battle will be audible where ever you are.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley News & Quotes

Carrie Underwood isn't hiding her relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo anymore. He accompanied her Tuesday night to the Academy of Country Music Awards, where Carrie took home Top Female Vocalist of the Year honors, as well as Album and Video of the Year. The two have been linked together since December but had never talked about their relationship until the night of the awards show. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that when asked about her date, Carrie smiled and said, "We're really good friends and we hang out and we support each other in everything that we do. It's great to have somebody here who's got your back." GAC calls him her "purse-holder."

Brad Paisley was punked pretty hard at the beginning of his new tour by his three opening acts Jack Ingram, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift. Known as country music's biggest prankster, Brad admits he is planning to get them back in a big way. "They played a joke on me where they dressed up as ticks and Jack was an exterminator and he came out and sprayed them and they died," he tells Dial-Global.
"They fell on the stage and they had to pull them off all through the song, which was great for my current single. But at the same time, they have no idea the battle that they're gonna be in. This is it, this is dangerous!" Still, Brad admits he appreciates the gang's pluckiness. "It's fun having these new people," he says. "They are so gung-ho, and they wanted to get me first."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Can Nashville Reinvent The Music Business Faster Than New York Or LA?

Music City's Digital Future: The music business is enduring its most difficult period in generations, and Music City is not immune. At last month's Digital Summit in Nashville, participants agreed that the business is being forced to change in fundamental ways. At the same time, many questioned how ready Nashville is to reinvent itself. WPLN's Craig Havighurst reports. Listen to Article (yes, I know it's Public Radio, but take your medicine, it's urgent and please do listen to it!)

Go Daddy, Bob Parsons!

Thanks to JRN's Danny Wright for turning me onto this guy, his program, podcasts and website.


I'll bet you intuitively 'knew' this already, but now there's new research to prove it: memorable phone numbers make radio more effective.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Country Fans: Share Your Story & Win a Trip to Nashville

Would you like to go to the CMA Music Festival June 7-10 in Nashville to see all the artists perform live? If you think you and your friends are Country Music's biggest fans AND you have an amazing story to tell, write a brief paragraph about your story and email that, along with a recent picture and contact information (click for the address). You may also NOMINATE someone else who deserves to go to the CMA Music Festival, but hurry: Deadline is this Monday, May 21.

"A Mix Of Sun And Clouds" (ugh!)

It's amazing to me that so many radio personalities still talk about "considerable cloudiness," "mostly cloudy," "30% chance of this, that or the other thing" at a time when specific weather for MY life today is so widely available right on my cell phone.

Please, if you do weather forecasts on the radio: take a good look at what is now available from The Weather Channel online, for one example, and stop doing weather at the airport or at the radio station. Start doing "weather for YOUR life" for your listener!

2.9 Million Add High-Speed Internet in the First Quarter of 2007

In case you are still on the fence about streaming, podcasting and creating a powerful portal/search engine your listener community can trust, hopefully this new info will convince you that it's (past!) time.

According to Leichtman Research Group, Inc., the nineteen largest cable and telephone providers in the US, representing about 94% of the market, acquired over 2.9 million net additional high-speed Internet subscribers in the first quarter of 2007.

The top broadband providers now account for 56.2 million subscribers, with cable companies having over 30.7 million broadband subscribers, and telephone companies having over 25.4 million subscribers.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

XL 96 Delivers Christmas Trees To Listeners On Arbor Day

Dan Martin's press release from Moncton (NB) in Milkman..

The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources donated 700 seedlings for the Big Breakfast to give $away May 17th, Arbor Day in N.B. Despite the freezing rain and ice pellets (welcome to the Maritimes), people came down in droves to get their free seedlings. Between 7-9am, Jen Hudson handed out over 500 seedlings in some seriously inclement weather. Demand was so high, Jen went back out at 10 and gave away another 200 trees. Thanks to Jen, Terry and the XL 96 Big Breakfast, the Greater Moncton area is about to expand by about 700 trees. me to the XL-96 website, where I saw (and loved) their latest stunt, "The Homeless Hotel." (The concept is that "guests" will purchase a room (Standard, Suite or Penthouse) and stay for the night. Within the park several areas are marketed with a “Hotel” theme.)

Best-Ever ACM TV Show Scores Worst-Ever Ratings

Daily Variety's headline says it: "Fox A Titan,"and makes country fans wonder if this great show couldn't get decent ratings, what can.

According to preliminary nationals from Nielsen, "American Idol" (8.9 rating/25 share in adults 18-49, 23.0 million viewers overall) again was in season-low ratings territory, and figures to come in about 15% below the same night a year ago; still, it beat ABC, CBS, NBC and CW combined in young adults. "House" followed with big numbers (9.2/23 in 18-49, 21.6 million viewers overall), up slightly vs. the same night last season despite the softer lead-in.

ABC assumed second-place honors on the night, as the "Dancing With the Stars" results show hit a season high at 9 o'clock (4.7/12 in 18-49, 18.1 million viewers overall) one week removed from its season finale. Closing out the night, "Boston Legal" (2.8/8 in 18-49, 10.7 million viewers overall) ran second and was up week to week. At CBS, the "Academy of Country Music Awards" hit lowest-yet scores on the network, averaging a third-place 2.7/7 in adults 18-49 and 9.2 million viewers overall. It was off more than 20% year-to-year.

Music City gossip guy Jimmy Carter nails it, I'd say: "You can NOT schedule a show against "Dancing With Stars" finals and "Idol" and expect to walk out alive! The ACMS used to be in APRIL and they should go back..outside the heavy May book and get off the IDOL competition's insane....they were doing against the FINALS not semi finals....LORD!..CBS is mad because they don't have the CMA's and don't want to throw any of their CSI's into the reality slaughter house..."

My two cents' worth: Jimmy is right of course.. but also they do have to fault the Nielsen meters' sample too. Country listeners are probably under-represented in the Nielsen sample, due to their residential zips on the periphery of the large metered TV markets. Then, there's the age and non-ethnic composition of our audience, ie. this post this morning on Martina's blog site.

Canadian Radio Local Ad Sales Grow 5.7%, Top $1 Billion; In The USA, March $$ Weak

Canada's Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had great news yesterday for the Canadian private commercial radio industry. From 2005 to 2006, total revenues for AM and FM radio stations increased from $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion, while sales for local advertising rose by 4.6%, to reach 1.04 billion dollars in 2006, compared with $990.9 million in 2005. Sales of national advertising increased by 9% in one year, rising from $322.6 million to $351.5 million.

Profits before interest and taxes (PBIT) increased by 2.7% to $284.5 million in 2006. The PBIT margin remained steady at 20% in 2005 and 2006. Total spending by radio stations rose by 6.1% in one year, up to $1.1 billion in 2006.

Since the USA's public radio companies have already reported their Q1 results, you could pretty well figure that the RAB pool numbers for March were not going to be on the plus side. Indeed, in America, local revenues were down 3%, national was off 2% and the combined spot sales total for local and national was down 2%. The only bright spot was non-spot, which was up 8%. But that didn't alter the overall revenue picture much. Total radio revenues were down 2% for the month of March, following gains in both January and February.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Post ACM Bits And Pieces

The official Press Release with all the winners and some great trivia info too.

AP's Tom Gardner's story has some fun insider quotes.

Tim McGraw's moving "Lay Me Down" vidio from CBS-TV is already on his website.

Faith Hill really did just complete the production of the song "Lost" just last week.

And, yes, you have heard the song Reba and Kelly Clarkson did as a duet, "Because Of You," before.

CMT not only has the winners, but also a quote from each one's acceptance speech.

Concert Review: AJ + Brooks & Dunn

The Hampton Roads Pilot was the first to review the new, enlarged tour:
"It was a night of firsts: the first concert for the 2007 season at the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater and the first stop for the hot double feature of Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. It was the rare country superstar concert where the fans, for the most part, remained seated. It's a safe bet that the rest of the amphitheater's country presentations this year will see the chairs used only as props. Even so, the fans Thursday night were enthusiastic. The idea of double-bill featuring the tall trio was a good one. Their concert was thoroughly enjoyable."

-- Frank Roberts

Reba & Clarkson Duet Tonight On TV

Tonight, Reba McEntire hosts the 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. The fun starts at 8/7c on CBS. Look for Reba to perform her new single "Because Of You" with Kelly Clarkson on the show as well.

MCA Nashville will release an unprecedented project titled Reba Duets September 18. For the first time ever, McEntire joins forces with some of the biggest and best names in music to round out an 11-track album, produced by Tony Brown and co-produced by McEntire.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Martina McBride Receives Protection Order Against A Man Charged With Stalking Her

AP has this story of the frighting side of stardom. Anyone who knows this wonderful lady has to be sad that she and her husband are forced to endure this.

Ricky D. Fissel, 42, is charged with stalking the 40-year-old country singer after he came to her home twice in early April.

42nd ACM Awards Gets Ready To Roll In Las Vegas

Country Music's best and brightest stars have gathered in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel in preparations for tomorrow night's ceremony to crown this year's ACM winners.

Neil Haislop reports rehearsals are taking place in the Grand Garden arena for performing artists and celebrity presenters, while nominees are rehearsing in their minds what to say and who to thank if their name is called.
The celebration began over the weekend with the annual celebrity motorcycle ride, as well as label showcases in suites, Lee Brice, for instance performed in a Curb suite and GRETCHEN WILSON did a rockin' take over of Fremont Street last night.

Gretchen tore into set that included songs from her new One of the Boys CD (in stores TOMORROW), with the confidence and raw energy that's come to mark her performances. And she was rewarded by true Gretchen fans that filled the street and sang all of her signature songs back to her.

For a few minutes it was the "WILSON TRIO" as Heart joined Gretchen on stage.

Gretchen has always acknowledged Nancy and Ann's influence on her music, and you could see on Gretchen's face she was loving being on stage with the sisters, who were just as glad to be there with Gretchen.

BIG&RICH, the guys that discovered Gretchen, stopped by to cheer.

John grabbed a guitar and joined his Muzik Mafia associate to the delight of the crowd, many of whom remember John and Kenny's great show on Fremont last year where Gretchen stopped by to support them for a couple of songs and wow the Fremont Street Experience crowd, estimated to be more than 25,000.

MONTGOMERY GENTRY HAD PERFORMED EARLIER in the day following the Motor Cycle Ride...and before Gretchen's set, Phil Vassar had cranked the crowd to a high pitch as well.

The Academy of Country Music Awards, honoring country music's top talentand hottest new artists, will broadcast live from the MGM Grand in LasVegas on Tuesday, May 15, at 8 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

There Will Be Two Members Of The Tillis Family On The 'Opry' In June

I would have BET that Mel Tillis has been a member of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry cast for many, many years. (I would have LOST that bet!)

"When you look back at Mel Tillis' career, it is really incredible what he has accomplished," said Pete Fisher, Opry vice president/general manager. "We feel he is very deserving of Opry membership."

Mel, 74, will be the second member of the Tillis family to be an Opry member; his talented daughter, Pam, became a member in 2000.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Charlie Daniels Is Serious About Horsing Around

Daniels was honored for his work over the past 25 years in breeding American Paint Horses and spotlighting their beauty, versatility and athletic talents. APHA also issued him a lifetime membership certificate.

KISS Country, Fresno, Takes A TV Spot + Cash Contest And Makes It Viral

Hear the promo: Win Your Share of $25,000. Last month Greg Lane was found guilty of trying to write off $25,000 worth or fake tax deductions! Now... he's been given an ultimatum... Give away all $25,000 by the end of May, or go to JAIL! We we're hoping for jail, but then we realized that it would be fun to giveaway all $25,000 on the air!

Friday, May 11, 2007

What's Hot and What's Not - May Edition


Expect moviegoers to shell out the greenbacks to see that friendly green ogre...Shrek the Third as well as “going green” [environmentally] are what's hot this month!

The third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean follows closely behind (and rates particularly high among 18-34 year olds), while women cite babydoll tops as the hottest summer fashion.


Espadrilles…although women are a little more amenable to this trend, 75% of consumers overall are shying away from this summer sandal style.

BIG American Idol Prediction: Among those watching the show, 45.6% predict Melinda Doolittle will take home the top prize, while Jordin Sparks will likely be runner-up (22.0%).

KWNR's Brooks O'Brian Sings Soprano

Country Aircheck reports: HBO's acclaimed series The Sopranos draws to a close this season, but not before one of Country radio's own gets a quick vocal cameo.

"Out of the blue one day I got an e-mail from the production crew asking if they could use a 'station ID' as a way to show what city Tony is in (obviously they won't be on the strip!). So of course I used my voice and they liked it. Don't blink or look away because it's quick, but hey it's my three seconds of fame. I know the scene it will be used in but don't want to be a spoiler so I'll just say that it is the last scene of the show before the credits roll. And how about this: I won't even get to see it in real time because I'll be immersed in ACM events here in Vegas. But the TiVo is set to record!"

The "Y" In Y-98 Is The Same One Used In K-E-L-L-Y (At Least It Is In St. Louis)

A very clever and timely stunt by KEZK & KYKY/St. Louis PD Mark Edwards' crew: KYKY - KELLY

Have You Checked To See If Your Station Is On ""

Smile, you are being monitored (commercials too, in many cases)!'s mission: "Turning broadcasts into communities allowing audiences to interact with 2,600+ radio stations."

It looks to me like they use Mediaguide as their source for immediate monitors in real time. Now, monitoring your competition just got even easier.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Book Names Top 100 Country Music Fan Clubs

Writer Amy Jordan, offers an inside look at America’s top country music artists and their fan clubs, including superstar entertainers like Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, George Strait and Rascal Flatts.

Each listing includes free stuff like music, download and photos that fans can get without joining a club.

The top 100 are named alphabetically from Trace Adkins to Trisha Yearwood. The book includes perennial favorites with informal clubs like Garth Brooks and Reba, along with newcomers like American Idol Carrie Underwood and The Wreckers.

Among the book’s more controversial picks is the Dixie Chicks, whose comments about President Bush and the war in Iraq have become a lightning rod for debate in the country music community.

“Country music stands for freedom. That the Dixie Chicks are free to write songs that speak from their hearts makes the music all the more special,” Jordan said. The Dixie Chicks do not have a formal fan club but you can sign up for free email news. Free is good. And country music fan clubs offer a plethora of freebies for their fans. “Country music fan clubs are just a wonderful, secret treasure-trove for fans,” Jordan said.

Want free music and free photographs? Visit a fan club website. Want to meet your favorite country music singer? Join the fan club and you may get a meet-and-greet pass for the next concert in your town.

Country music fans can get free screensavers, photographs, newsletters and even new music online. Most new bands have street teams that can be joined for free. Or pay to join the official fan club and receive extra benefits like the chance to meet your favorite singer or autographed merchandise.

The book includes a chapter with tips on how to join a fan club. Each fan club entry includes:

• How to join and the cost
• Contact information
• Who offers backstage passes, and how many
• How to get free music, photos and autographs