Friday, August 31, 2007

Is Faith Hill Planning To Snub Radio? Why Do That?

Steve Holstein's Interprep Friday material included this question:
Did FAITH HILL’s actions at the Academy of Country Music Awards effect the fact that she wasn’t nominated for an award? She hasn’t had much out, but she and TIM MCGRAW were both overlooked for Entertainer of the Year when their Soul2Soul tour and the 2007 follow-up installment were among the biggest in
country music.
Personally, I'd bet that it came more as a result of block voting by the major labels of the winning nominees than anything as diabolical as that, but then comes this press release from Tree Paine at WB Publicity:

Faith Hill is in New York City today, where she'll appear at Lincoln Center's Allen Room, to tape the season premier of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Set to air on September 5th, the appearance will mark the broadcast debut of a new song entitled "Red Umbrella." Faith is also slated to perform her breakthrough #1 "This Kiss." "Red Umbrella," to be released as one of the new song's on Faith's soon to be released CD The Hits, was written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey, and Brett and Brad Warren. "It's always nerve racking to perform a new song on television," said Hill. "But we added 'Red Umbrella' to the set for the last three Soul2Soul dates and the fans reaction was fantastic. So at least that gives me a bit of comfort. Fact is that it has the ingredients of any great song - it's cleverly crafted and it's message is sincere." "Red Umbrella" was recorded earlier this year in Nashville. It was co-produced by Byron Gallimore and Faith. It arrives at radio on September 13th. Contact: Paul Freundlich, PFA, 212 334 6116

September 13? I gather this means they think more Faith Hill fans watch "Ellen" than listen to country radio? Keep treating us like this and that will be the case.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

How Could ANYONE Be Jealous Of The Lovable Guys At Paragon Research???

... but anyone with a blog gets green with envy when you see someone else come up with a great reason to pull blog readers back again and again.
#11: View the data with skepticism
#12: Promotions should be hyper-focused to the working person and working communities
#13: Don’t be shy about targeting men

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Be Like Blair

Take a lesson in creating an interactive experience for your 'user' community from Blair Garner:
"Our research shows that listeners want to give input into the design of this show by going to our show blog and letting Blair know what they want – text alerts, video clips, artist info, requests, etc. Blair provides your listeners multiple ways to win – e-mailing and texting vs. just a call-in."

Pictures Worth A Million Words

Jim McGuire just might be one of the finest portrait photographers in the business. The proof is in Nashville's Frist Center for the Visual Arts, where many of McGuire's best-known portraits of Country performers are on display through Sept. 9. Yet McGuire - until recently, at least - often waved off this sort of praise, demurring that he began taking these pictures "just for fun."
"I've grown up with Country Music," he said. "I've always been a fan. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but I can still remember the smell of the room I was standing in when I first heard Hank Snow sing 'Spanish Fireball.' I was a 12-year-old Boy Scout when I fell under the spell of his hypnotic guitar rhythms and that velvety voice coming out of that ratty loudspeaker. And just as he wrote 'I played the part and gave my heart to that Spanish fireball,' my love of Country Music started that day and has never left."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Your Area's Favorite Kind Of Music?

"The biennial mock election isn't just about generating interest in the issue. It also serves Missourians by bringing them in contact with the type of voting machines that are used in Missouri elections," Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said. "With a big election cycle fast approaching in 2008, it is important that Missourians have confidence in their elections and feel comfortable using their voting machines."

This year's mock election generated twice the voter turnout as 2005. The official election results out of 3,000 votes cast were: Branson Country 1,692, Ozark Bluegrass 553, Kansas City Jazz 396 and St. Louis Blues 359.

Would your voter registrar or secretary of state cooperate and permit you to use their voting machines at your fall fair booth to see what kind of music your fairgoers like most?

Monday, August 27, 2007

CHFX, Halifax's Denyse Sibley Gets One Of Those Gold Stars Life Gives Now And Then..

Thanks to PD Allan Gidyk for sending this email to me which Denyse got from a listener's boss:
"I am the Manager of Access Nova Scotia (also a Club FX member and loyal listener). On August 1st you talked about one of my employees (Pam Locke) on the radio and commended her on the great service you received. I actually have a clip of that and Pam will be receiving a Service Star Award for her Great Service. I have also played the clip to Pam and co-workers. My question is...I heard you read an email Pam sent you to Thank you on the following day and I thought it was also very nice and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to have a clip of that one also? I think you deserve a Service Star Award also, you are wonderful with people and it should not go unnoticed. Keep up the Great work!!"
We all know that every single time you crack the mic someone important could possibly be listening and even the smallest bit of content can make a difference in someone's life right now.
Need proof? Thanks, Denyse, for giving us some.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How Much Is 65+ Sample Worth To You? Anything?

ARB's timing, given the news that started coming out last Wednesday (Arbitron Blames Software In PPM Houston Snag, Arbitron Says PPM Data Are Reliable) was, depending on your perspective either very "fortunate" (lots of folks were right there to question it) .. or extremely UNfortunate (embarassing, to say the very least, and perhaps more importantly very frightening to the stations which have been sold PPM as their ratings currency for this fall!).

For example, a marketing email from Solutions Broadcast Media Group Friday couldn't resist the temptation to take a swipe at both PPM and diary audience measurement technologies ("...another reason why we (SBMG) only conduct our audits via phone recall methodology: Radio ratings tank with Arbitron PPM. Down 30 percent to 50 percent for top-tier stations Details...").

Not long after, Keymarket Communications VP Frank Bell sent us this PS to his notes on the Fly-in, which he was kind enough to share with A&O:
"One thing to watch for as I review my notes again: ARB keeps promoting "stable listening levels" with PPM regardless of the number of in-tab. They are citing listening for the entire market. But that "fact" is irrelevant to anyone operating a specific radio station. I'm sure the low in-tab can dramatically affect estimates of a single station (or format), which is, of course, what gives us all heartburn."

Join the club.

Speaking of heartburn, Mike O'Malley and I were recently commiserating over the terrible sample wobbles in many of our client markets after the Spring books that have become the rule rather than the exception, complaining how it seems Arbitron can't seen to consistently find country core listeners. He told me about a market he had just reviewed where fewer than 40% of the in-tab sample were non-ethnic 25 to 54 year olds.

That sent me back to Maximiser and my trusty Excel spreadsheets. I happened to have data for 12 of my client stations on my laptop.

After finding that one of my client markets had only 30.1% of its total Spring 2007 market sample from non-ethnic 25-54 year olds, I just HAD to check them all.

Only one of those 12 ARB subscribing stations I worked with this past spring had more than 46% of its entire market diaries from non-ethnic listeners between 25 and 54.

Why complain, since - thankfully - all of the A&O client stations in these cities had pretty good to even great Spring books?

Here's why: when you study the sample trends over the last two years, it becomes clear that two factors are combining to create huge problems from Arbitron....

25-54 Non-Ethnic Diaries - (% of All 12+ Diaries, Spring 2007 Survey)
Amarillo - 34.6%

Anchorage - 56.6%
Charlotte - 35.6%
Cincinnati - 41.2%
Eau Claire - 45.5%
Portland - 44.2%
San Diego - 30.1%
Santa Rosa - 35.4%
Seattle - 43.4%
Spokane - 45.4%
Topeka - 42.8%
Victor Valley - 30.5%

Shocking? Sure.

Surprising? Not really. Those two trends I referred to:

#1: More and more households are moving to "cell-phone only." This is especially true among 18 to 34 year olds, creating levels of weighting and proportionality which are nothing short of totally unacceptable in market after market.

#2: A larger and larger portion of the diarykeepers which ARB gets great response from are 65+, the very demo which is projected to grow in size over the next 15 years as leading edge boomers hit retirement age.

This makes the most reliable non-ethnic data in the Arbitron report, based on consistent sample size, the 55+ and 65+ shares. But, who cares?

It would be nice if we could convince our media buying clients that these people are worth reaching, but don't bet the future on it.

From now on, A&O will be tracking the percentage of all of our U.S. and Canadian markets' sample which is non-ethnic and between the ages of 25 and 54.

Get ready for your hair to stand on end as you see the direction that trend line is rapidly moving.

A (only semi-serious) question: how about proposing that Arbitron simply discard all diaries from 65+ year olds, stop wasting any time processing that unimportant data to the majority of our clients and count only 12 to 64 year olds as they benchmark in tab targets?

Do you have a better idea? I'd love to hear it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Brief History Of Multiplying Paychecks

Emmis' KZLA, to my knowledge, was the first to do it under the name "Double Your Weekly Salary" and thus they are the ones trying to protect their first use of the concept.

KUPL, Portland, and KMPS, Seattle did it next (in the early 2000's) and continue to do it at least several times a year as "Double Your Paycheck." Then, a couple years later, San Diego's KSON (more than) jumped in followed by WKIS, Miami and Atlanta's Eagle.

Now, in Vancouver, JR-FM kicks it up a notch with the start of the fall book!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Arbitron Goof: Rats Ate The PPM Data

If you're going to today's Arbitron Consultants' Fly-In in Columbia, MD., don't get bitten by a rat (and be sure also to wear your BS-detector!)...

Here's a great recap of the current problems (and you sure can't disagree with their final sentence!):

Said one broadcaster (email obtained by ftm): “Which is worse, a 30% drop in sample ... or an error of this scope that no one at Arbitron caught?” All of this is more than vaguely, but materially similar to 2004 episode in the life of RadioControl – another electronic measurement system – in Switzerland. Changing sample provider in the midst of one survey period caused numerous changes in the results, including the ‘disappearance’ of several stations. Neither Radiocontrol nor PublicaData, its marketing service, informed clients of the change in advance and waited until one station owner – also a prominent Swiss political figure – threw what could only be described as a fit. The result, three years later, was a complete reorganization of the radio audience measurement system in Switzerland. Sampling, apparently, is even more volatile with electronic measurement systems. Abitron said yesterday – and last week, last month and last year – that sampling problems with PPM surveys would be corrected. Media measurement services operate like public utilities, mediating – like accounting – a relationship between broadcasters and media buyers. Confidence, on both sides, is built on transparency. Where transparency is weak, quality control weaker and the science reminiscent of Enron derivatives broadcasters and advertisers need to re-think whether or not they are getting what they’re paying for.

Do You Want YouTube's Logo On Your Web Videos??

Even more troubling, do you want THEIR ten second ad to run before your web videos?

Ron Chatman, the guy who crafted CBS Radio/Detroit's web presence for many years is now available to all of us.
I recommend you bookmark his new blog, where he will be posting a listing of dirt cheap video hosting options in the next few days. Here's why you will want them:

Here's a heads up on a change at YouTube that may impact how you place videos on your website in the future. YouTube's owner, Google, has indicated that they are going to start adding advertising to all video streamed from their site. Videos streamed from the site will have an ad graphic splashed across the bottom edge of the frame, not unlike your local news station or a network news story.

While many stations were willing to accept the "YouTube bug" in the corner, not everyone will be happy with this latest turn of events. Google contends that the ads are not annoying because audiences are used to seeing ads like this on TV. For your web visitors it may seem a bit like a double dip, especially if your video page is ad heavy.

You may want to take this opportunity to move your videos over to a service where you have better control and can monetize them by placing your own advertising on them. YouTube has been an easy out for shows wanting to bypass the webmaster or smaller stations looking to avoid paying for bandwidth and hosting. There are plenty of solutions available now that are much easier to use and a LOT cheaper than before.

Ron's new business position statement: "...webmaster tools and twisted web based prep, tailored for DJ-proof use on your website and on the air..." gives more than a clue that he has been there, DONE that!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adjusting To Internet Time

Paul Parton writes:
"Even in the midst of a fast-changing technology and marketing environment, we respond the same way we always have to love, passion, fear and greed. As communications pros, concerned with changing (or reinforcing) behavior, we need to think about how to engage that love and passion and fear and greed. That job hasn't changed. It's the "butterfly effect," a shift in consumer behavior that's going to result in profound changes - the way we think about brands, the way we engage with people and the way we structure ourselves to do it."

He's talking about advertising in an internet age and NOT radio, right??

So, that means there NO's need for US to compress the periods of time in all our content which don't move listeners emotionally, while speeding up everything that isn't about connecting to our community, right?


Listen to an average quarter hour of your show.

Feel anything?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Listener Has Attention Deficit Disorder

Before you dismiss the latest report from as 'just for the newsroom,' take a look at how quickly the public moved on after Virginia Tech to the next talk topic and keep this quote in mind as you prep content for today:

Virginia Tech stands out as the most heavily covered event of the first six months of 2007, however, in the end the media didn’t stay on the story very long. During that time frame the narrative followed a fairly well-defined arc, turning from the actual shooting to trying to make sense of the enigmatic, uncommunicative killer, Seung-Hui Cho (which also involved a chilling and controversial manifesto from him), and then to Virginia Tech community efforts to heal.

How fresh is the topical "produce" you are serving up today? No one likes warmed over topics from last night's TV or today's newspaper. I love the news/talk position statement: " about it tomorrow, see it tonight, hear about it NOW, on..."

Are you delivering on that promise?

Talk about what's new right now. It's a matter of life and death for our medium.

Monday, August 20, 2007

"More Than A Memory" - Will It Leak Before Next Monday?

He retired in 2001 and has kept his word that he wanted to spend more time with his three daughters, meaning that there won't be a return to the full-court press he gave us all in the 1990's, but in Nashville on Saturday, Brooks pledged to promote the new greatest hits disc aggressively starting in October.

"You're going to see us everywhere. It's my job to let people know it's out there. And then after February, I'm going to go back to whatever I was doing before this." -- GB

Since it's simply terrific and it's due to hit radio next Monday (the single won't won't be available - at least for now - on iTunes, since Garth wants them to keep the entire album's contextual integrity). Thus, radio will be the only place to hear it! Will they be able to keep the very powerful "More Than a Memory," co-written by Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs and Billy Montana, under wraps this week?

I'll admit it: if I had a copy, I'd be playing it now.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pollstar Deems Kenny Chesney's Flip-Flop Summer Country's Biggest Tour This Year

“I've said it before, and for me, it's really true. We get out there to rock the fans. It's all about how good a show can we give'em - and I think what's amazing is how much they give us! Every summer, I think this is the year we can't get any more energy, any more sound, any more out craziness out of the fans… and then they show us!”

The only country act to play NFL football stadiums over the last three years - this year included sold-out stops in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Seattle, Boston and Detroit. For the last few seasons Chesney has sold more tickets than any other country act, but kept his average ticket price so low for his fans, he was not the highest grossing tour. But, according to figures from Pollstar Magazine, Chesney has already sewn up both the top ticket selling and top grossing titles this year. As of this week, Chesney has already grossed just under $57 million, with estimates of his final North American gross to be between $70 and 75 million dollars. And, once again, he’ll play for well over a million fans to rank as the top ticket-selling country artist giving him the double top country tour crowns.Also, Kenny is on track to be the #2 all-genre North American tour this year with Police projected to take the overall title.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Garth Brooks' Press Conference Saturday


□ Provide your listeners with a direct link from your station website to the Garth press conference video stream taking place THIS Saturday beginning at promptly 11:45AM CT LIVE from Nashville
►If you choose this option, access promo banners by emailing The following specs are available for your convenience: 166 x 230, 234 x 60, 156 x 284, 234 x 82, 306 x 155, 540 x 384, 580 x 60, 850 x 60, 125 x 100, 310 x 92
►IMPORTANT: The link to the press conference stream is already embedded in the banners; it will direct to
►NOTE: The banners will direct listeners to an edited version of the press conference following the live stream; you can keep these up on your site past Saturday

□ Access a live high-quality, broadcast-quality audio feed of Garth’s press conference taking place THIS Saturday 8/18 beginning at promptly 11:45AM CT LIVE from Nashville (Programming Note: Expected running time is 30 minutes)
►If you choose this option, please EMAIL ASAP and we will provide you a secure audio link and password to access the press conference no later than 12 Noon CT on Friday 8/17

□ Access edited audio highlights from the press conference beginning at 1PM CT on Saturday 8/18 to utilize elsewhere on-air. This is perfect content for your morning show on Monday!
►If you choose this option, please EMAIL ASAP and we will provide you a secure audio link and password to access the press conference no later than 12 Noon CT on Friday 8/17

Hank Jr. to Sing MNF Anthem for 19th Year; New Open Debuts Sept. 10

The names of the NFL superstars who have performed on Monday Night Football the past two decades are constantly changing, but one name has remained constant since 1989 – Hank Williams, Jr. The legendary singer has earned four Emmy awards (1991-1994) and national acclaim among fans for singing the anthem that kicks off the NFL's weekly primetime showcase game. That legacy will continue for the 19th year when Williams will perform the opening theme to ESPN's MNF this fall with a new all-star band featuring singer/songwriter Brian Setzer and other popular artists. Williams will again perform "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night" – based on his hit song "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight."

This year's version will offer a "boogie-woogie" and big-band music flare with the addition of Setzer and 13 members of the horn section from the Brian Setzer Orchestra. ESPN introduced the all-star band concept during its inaugural MNF season a year ago, and this year's diverse collection of musicians is scheduled to feature new artists representing rock 'n roll, pop, country and funk, including: Guitarists Brian Setzer (Stray Cats/Brian Setzer Orchestra), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), country music sensation Gretchen Wilson, and young phenom Drake Bell, the 21-year-old actor/singer/songwriter from the popular Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh; Keyboardist John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting); Funk bassist Bootsy Collins (Parliament Funkadelic); and Drummer Cindy Blackman (drummer for Lenny Kravitz).

"Bootsy Collins, Gretchen Wilson, Richie Sambora...these are definitely some of my rowdiest friends. With names like these in the open for Monday Night Football, this year's theme will get everyone fired up for that pigskin."
-Hank Jr

The MNF opening video will feature team-specific lyrics and visuals each week based on the 17 regular-season ESPN match-ups. The taping will take place Monday, Aug. 20 at House of Blues Las Vegas with all of the musicians.

Media contact at (615) 777-6995, Extension 30 is Kirt Webster

Luke Bryan Moves Into Heavy Rotations And The Airplay Top Ten

Luke's debut LP "I'll Stay Me" hit stores on Tuesday (14), so whoever's in charge of timing at Capitol Records Nashville is pulling everything together perfectly.

"You just chalk it up to things that were meant to be. I really feel like if I'd a-came when I was 19, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. When I did get here. I was ready. It was time for me to be here."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Internet News Audience Gets Their Radio News From Only One Station

A recent exclusive Web release of a McKinsey study suggests that consumers are thwarting the efforts of the media's significant investments in upgrading online news properties with digital technology in hopes of "owning" customers. The online survey shows that the respondents divide their time among as many as 16 different news properties a week.

Respondents answered questions about their news habits across five media platforms (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet) and about their preferences among 100 news brands. The survey found that consumers rely on a large number of brands: 12 to 16 a week across five different platforms.

Respondents reported using many of those brands daily or, in the case of Internet news sites, many times a day. The reasons given for visiting a number of sources included "every news event has at least two sides," to "get all the facts," to "form my own opinion," or to find specific types of content, such as local news.

This "Brand promiscuity" says the report, is the norm. The findings have implications for media companies as they refine their products and strategies.

Number of News Sources Visited in Past Week
TV (broadcast and cable) - 6
Internet - 3
Magazines - 1
Newspapers - 1
Radio - 1 (hopefully, YOU are that ONE!)
Source: McKinsey Survey, 2006

Respondents, however, expressed clear preferences for certain platforms.

Percent of respondents describing certain media most useful ranked as follows:
Television 45%
Internet 26
Newspaper 18%
Radio 10%
Magazines 1%

When asked to explain which sources of news were most useful, respondents expressed a preference for those offering convenience, comprehensiveness, or timeliness rather than quality.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Did Karl Rove Resign At Your Office Yesterday?

The media coverage (Pundits, bloggers go wild over Rove's resignation) makes it look like he did. The Taliban just released two hostages. North Korea is asking for aid due to floods. China bridge death toll rises to 22. Russia launches probe into railway explosion.

Who could resist the seductive pull of this modern news coverage?

And, the impact of this 'mass theater of the real' brought into our homes and workplaces precisely at the moment is was occurring and in all its tedious, exact detail is already having an impact in newsrooms. Events like this one change radio in the same way that Orson Wells and his Mercury Theater did with "War Of The Worlds" a half century ago.

The information superhighway brings an overwhelming stream of unabridged information, thought, opinion and ideas to the computer of anyone with an Internet address. It's up to the computer user to judge the validity and importance of the incredible spectrum of thought available at the touch of a button via modem.

9/11, Tsunami, Iraq, Afganistan, Bosnia, Paris Hilton, Global Warming, Rosie/Whoopie el al become whole-length events to experience in real time and as personal occurrences in our own lives in much the same way that film-maker Oliver Stone took factual liberties with the "J.F.K." story and permitted moviegoers to judge the difference between history and Stone's opinion of it.

Morris Massey has termed the generation that is growing up in these information overload times "the synthesizers."

Tomorrow's adults are going to be asked to pull together what we used to term "news" in new ways.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and ESPN are daily reminders of the fact that there is a sub-culture of people who desire a constant source of what's going on in the world now which can be tapped at any instant. But, the fact that Karl Rove is now old news after taking over mass media for 12 hours and captivated all of us, says that news just isn't the same anymore.

After all, how does coverage of an event like this fit into the hourly five minute newscast of the past, when millions of listeners and (page-) viewers simply cannot wait 55 minutes to experience the very latest rumors, details, speculations in the story?

They would no doubt say "been there, done that" if a newscaster tried to retell such a graphic story in journalistic language, without touching the personal feelings each individual took from their perception of what they saw transpire first-hand on the White House lawn with President Bush and Rove.

Massey's "synthesizer" listeners, heavy users of radio today, demand reality, authenticity and immediacy. They expect us to help them experience it immediately whenever it happens.

Radio remains "the immediate medium" at its best.

It's just that the immediacy is no longer being provided by Les Nessman with his lengthy, verbose news introduction and five minute news capsules. Every listener phone call with your morning personality responding to life here, now; every high-visibility stunt bit that your morning show producer does out in the community to create water cooler talk; every one-liner that touches people directly becomes a part of the "new news" that today's audience expects from us and looks to us for a strong emotional impact.

A 1994 editorial in the Seattle Times after the O.J. Simpson slow motion chase though Los Angeles with a bevy of helicopters showing it all live on television for a whole Friday evening noted: "There are no journalistic gatekeepers in these airborne newsrooms and reportage by rumor on the ground. The only editor is the viewer (listener) at home with an on/off switch."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

To Reach 18-34 (Men, Especially), Surround Them

One way marketers can keep the demo hooked is to literally "surround" young men with the message by using multiple media channels and leaning on branded entertainment vehicles to drive their points home.

Case in point: Axe's "Gamekillers" by Publicis Groupe-backed Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which plugged the men's deodorant and body sprays in an MTV show and Internet iterations.The effort's fun, multimedia approach helped keep it fresh and combat the "seen it, I'm over it factor that often plagues the demo," said David Rubin, director of brand development at Axe parent Unilever, and Greg Anderson, director of engagement planning at BBH.

According to Rubin, the year the show was on sales of the product rose roughly 96 percent. "Expect to see another show on MTV this September," he said.

Internet News Audience Trusts The Military, Not The Press On Iraq

If TRUST of information providers is important in a free country, this internet survey by the Pew Center should give us all cause for concern.

"Take Me Out To The... America's Country Station"

WUSN/Chicago APD/MD Marci Braun made the final 50 as the Chicago Cubs give one fan the chance to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch when the Cubbies play the Pirates September 22.
2,600 entrants auditioned and the Cubs are letting fans choose the final winner. Marci's video will be online Monday, Aug. 13. Vote for country. Vote for our friends at US 99.5. Vote for Marci!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take A Lesson From Reba

Home Made Simple is sponsoring a contest where one grand prize winner will win 2 roundtrip flights, 2 nights hotel acommodations, 2 tickets to a concert on Reba's 2008 tour, and a copy of Reba Duets and 15 first prize winners can win a copy of Reba Duets!

Nice idea. But, here's another one, in case you don't happen to be on her e-mailings: "Got a website or a myspace profile? Post a banner to promote the sweepstakes!"

.. words you should put on your promotional emails each time you have news of something exciting and new your fans will love!

Know Your Enemy: The New Mobile Marketing Medium

Ball State University advertising professor Michael Hanley has found that 56.3% of the students he has tracked over a two-year period accepted ads if they would get something for free - such as premium content or consumer promotions - in exchange.

About 37.4% of college students said it would only take the offer of a free ring tone for them to accept advertisements on their cell phones, while 21.4% preferred a discount or coupon to a restaurant, movie or grocery store and 20% wanted free minutes, upgrades, access to the Internet or music.

"Just a couple of years ago few college students accepted ads on their mobile devices because they felt it was an invasion of their privacy. Now all you have to do is offer free ring tones, cash or access to the Internet because this age group has grown up with cell phones and other mobile devices. It is the way they communicate with each other as well as with the outside

The study also found 36.7% of college students received a text message advertisement in 2007, up 13% from 2005.

David Letterman's alma mater is doing some very interesting work, well worth watching, on the future of radio and outdoor's (at least for now!) exclusive turf, mobile marketing.

Podcast: You HAVE TO Work Outside.. How Do You Keep Cool?

I admit it, I used that headline from a WSOC-FM podcast by Catherine Lane because if I had used the headline "Making Money With Podcasts, Here's How CBS Radio Does It In Charlotte" would YOU have have clicked on this item?

Friday, August 10, 2007

KMPS' Annual Salute To The "Class Of.."

Last year, it was Josh Turner, Little Big Town, and Danielle Peck. Two years ago, it was Dierks Bentley, Jessica Andrews and Craig Morgan. So the track record of new acts KMPS spotlights at this annual free (with admission to the fair) show is amazing.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

HOT: The Bourne Ultimatum, NOT: The Economy

The NFL and MLB (perhaps fueled by Barry Bonds’ quest for the all-time career home run record) follow Bourne, particularly favored among men.
Among women, Vitamin Water, Kelly Clarkson, and David Beckham (perhaps not so much for his soccer-playing skills) prove popular.

What else is NOT? Perhaps many just won’t admit to using them, but there’s no love lost between consumers and online matchmaking sites.

(KSON and KUPL) Girls Just Want To Have Fun

From Portland - "Alana's pledge to go without electronic media for 24 hours yesterday was a success! She did it at 9 o'clock yesterday, so we were watching to see if she could make it to 9 o'clock today. After not using her radio, computer, TV, or cell phone for 24 hours, she made it! Jim E. had to pay her $5 for it, but he contested that he probably saved her that money on her phone alone!" Alana says: "You have no idea how difficult it was…but good radio none the less. =) "

And, San Diego - KSON's Tori Peck is part of a charity bachelorette auction benefiting the Surfrider Foundation in San Diego. "It's a great cause, and I'm excited about my date package," Peck, morning show producer for Cliff and Company on the Lincoln Financial station is being ‘sold to’ the highest bidder for a date with Tori, which includes a private helicopter ride around San Diego, plus dinner for two at 94th Aero Squadron.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Radio With (Not Just Mental) Pictures

Great minds. Fred Jacobs' piece on the disappearance of Theater Of The Mind hit my computer at almost exactly the same time as this item from Englewood, Colorado-based talent coach/consultant Doug Erickson:

You’ve seen the video. Paul, the cell phone salesman from Cardiff. Pudgy guy with bad teeth who stutters a bit and wants to sing opera.

Now, Nessun dorma is pretty powerful. But, this performance moves you because it is unexpected. Because, once we hear Paul’s story, once we feel his vulnerability to judgment and shame, we are invested in his outcome. We can imagine how much courage it takes to do what he’s doing. We can imagine having a dream of a life different from the life we’ve led. And his story took 4:10 to tell, including the music.

Does your station have 4:10 to move your audience to a standing ovation? Can your Morning Show find a frog it can help turn into a prince?

I Now Pronounce You ... Embarrassed

R&R Street Talk Editor Kevin Carter is not exactly known for his sentimental and softer side, so you know a wedding story is indeed a grabber when he reports it:

Citadel Country WOKQ/Portsmouth, NH, was involved in a benefit concert this past Saturday to raise funds to support “a local park” with a concert starring Big Machine artist Dusty Drake.

Mark Ericson, ("Four-Time CMA Nominee, ACMNominee, Marconi Nominee, Wedding Crasher") explains:
“Dusty was about five minutes away from wrapping up his set with his wedding anthem, ‘Say Yes,’ when my girlfriend noticed a bride over in the garden — she has radar for these things. Needless to say, I crashed this small wedding of about 10 people, interrupted Dusty’s set, dragged the bride and groom up on stage, asked them who they were, then turned Dusty loose on them. Dusty sang ‘Say Yes’ to them, incorporating the couple’s names into the song while they danced on stage infront of about 2,000 people, who gave them a standing ovation. While all this was going on, their photographer came up and informed me that they reallywere hoping for the world’s smallest wedding ceremony....‘Sorry’ was the best I could do — but I did it in my radio voice.”

Is There Any Way To Measure "Engagement?"

Mark Ramsey's Hear 2.0 blog has an important thread going right now on the pro's and con's of PPM and radio audience measurement (The difference between "Listening" and "Hearing" ):
"...for many listeners radio isn't about high-testing songs and engaging personalities; radio is about comfort. Indeed radio is as much a part of the ambient soundscape as the whistle of the wind, the chirping of the birds, and the songs of the crickets. Something to be heard rather than listened to."

Monday, August 06, 2007

A&O At The R&R Convention: "2007's Best Ten Minutes Of Country Radio"

R&R Country Editor R.J. Curtis' Country Session will be on Wednesday (9/26/07) from 10:15 am to Noon and Michael and Jaye will kick it off with a new audio visual interactive presentation showcasing the very best audio and even web and TV video of country's top radio stations, and they dissect the targeting, values, content, entertainment and production elements to learn from these terrific moments of great country radio understand what makes them so compelling and engaging.

The format has gotten more competitive in many market situations over the last several years and the winning country stations have learned how to improve their game in ways that hold onto the traditional core, while building Gen X and Gen Y listening. You'll hear how they are doing it and what the latest strategies and tactics being employed are in this entertaining and enlightening session.

We will see you at R&R '07!

Neil Haislop's NASHVILLE IQ©: Carrie, Kenny, Tim, Rodney

Look for Carrie Underwood’s new single, “So Small” debut pretty big, at #25 Mediabase. Carrie is already proud of this “feeling song,” that is the lead off single from her upcoming sophomore album due in stores Oct. 23. Also, “So Small” will be available for download to your phone as a ring-tone TOMORROW (August 7).

All He Could’ve WantedAs his 13th number-one hit “Never Wanted Nothing More” is spending its second week at the top of the country charts, Kenny Chesney says he’s thrilled to see that his fans have added the song to their list of favorites. Kenny says, “The first time I heard it, it just made me feel good—the melody of it and what it said. I mean, there’s a lot of things that this song talks about, and I think that it talks about it in a way to where it kind of makes you think about other things that come into your life. And I can tell from the people that sing the song back to me already out in the audience that it’s making an impression on their life, you know?” (for a copy of the :23 second audio, email a request to Neil Haislop)

"Breathe," "The Way You Love Me," "Stronger," "Cry," "Piece Of My Heart," are just a few of the songs Faith Hill will include on her upcoming Faith Hill: Hits album particularly since these past hits are still garnering rave reviews on the Soul2Soul 2007 tour. While balancing both the personal and professional demands made of her whileout on tour, Faith has also been busy working to complete Faith Hill: TheHits, a 14-year compilation of the songs that made Faith one of the best-selling female country acts in history. It is slated for release early this Fall.

Tim McGraw had a rough time last week, a female fan gropped him, which infuriated Faith who berated the fan from on stage for her lack of class. And, it was reported that after that illegal use of the hands event, Tim’s pinky ring was grabbed by another fan. Turns out, it was reported on line that the ring had simply fallen off of McGraw’s finger because he’d recently lost some weight.

Word is the lady McGraw thought had his was just trying to tell him it had fallen off. TMZ reported the woman in the video, Monique, called in to 97.3 The Dawg in Lafayette, Louisiana to set the record straight.

According to her, the ring fell offbefore Tim even got to her. When he was asking for the ring back, Moniquesays she couldn't even hear what he was saying. A woman in the row behindher was trying to get Tim's attention to return it, but instead turned it into security, unbeknownst to Tim. Monique says that later, a member of Tim's entourage told her that Tim had recently lost a lot of weight and his rings weren't fitting right.

Nearly 14 years after he left Tennessee Tech, thinking he was just a few credits shy of finishing, Rodney Atkins has been awarded his college degree - without cracking a textbook. Turns out, Atkins had completed enough credits to receive a degree the University recently added.

Tennessee Tech University is now offering a new major, Interdisciplinary Studies. In doing research for those who are within a few hours of completion of their degree, the University found that Atkins would be eligible for graduation as an Interdisciplinary Studies major without taking any additional course work.

"When I was going to Tennessee Tech, my parents must have thought I was trying to become an astronaut with the way I was just taking up space!" laughs Atkins. "I think going to college was definitely a benefit to me (even before getting my degree) - but it's very satisfying to finally have the degree in hand - especially after paying back all those student loans!"

Dr. Robert Bell presented Rodney with his degree during Monday's performance at the Rodney Atkins Celebrity Golf Classic held in Cookeville

Trisha Yearwood On Living In Oklahoma

“I love it there! All three girls play sports, so it seems like we’ve always got a soccer or basketball game going on. And we go hiking a lot, or swimming. We’ll even go four-wheeling. It’s always an adventure. We just try to have fun with the girls and let them be kids as long as they can.”

Trisha is also having just as much fun in Nashville lately making music. The Grammy-winner just completed the video for her new single. Look for the clip to premiere in the coming weeks, and check out new exclusive photos from the Trey Fanjoy-directed shoot now on Trisha’s MySpace page.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is It As Simple As Finding A Hispanic Female To Sing A Duet With Tim?

From the Pacific Northwest to Arkansas and Tennessee and all states in between, there's no doubt that the fastest-growing population segment is Hispanic:

Need convincing? Some reading for you:
* Minneapolis: Growth at the Fringe

There were some other warning signs for country music: 41 percent of those polled said they believed country radio stations aren't interested in appealing to Hispanics. And most Hispanics -- 62 percent --didn't even know if there was a country music station in their area.

Turn up your computer speakers real loud and take a worthwhile hour to listen to the panel discussion. Kevin King of Cumulus/Nashville represented radio extremely well. Listen especially for his views on both the opportunities and likely problems this initiative may pose for country radio.

Notable for their absence in the audio discussion: reps from Sony-BMG and U-Music. And, I think I know why, don't you? If we were to ask today's country core if they would be open to country radio reaching out to immigrant minorities and welcoming them to their favorite station, they would not be positive on the idea. So, is it best to work around their
prejudices? Or, try to change them? Can an attractive young female Hispanic star do it for us? Big thoughts and questions indeed!

If you don't currently subscribe to the CRB Exec Memo, here are the login codes: Name: crbem Password: podcast.

...But, please sign up for it now (you don't want to miss another one)!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Country's Word Of Mouth Marketing Opportunity

Bridge Ratings’ this week released part 5 of its on-going two-year study of the changing landscape of radio listeners and it's great news for country radio... if we make the most of the information.

“We’ve been talking to listeners of all ages, all format preferences and all geographies and as with most consumer products, radio too has consumers who are far more active than what we’ve known to be called P1 – or Preference 1 listeners. P1’s are radio’s most devout heavy listeners, but there is a much more passionate group we call “The New Influentials” who are even more important. Find the Influentials for your radio station and market to them heavily. If you play your cards right, not only will they listen to you longer and more often, but they’ll be your most important advocates both on-line and off.”

-- Bridge Ratings’ President Dave Van Dyke

The New Influentials comprise about 10% of all radio audiences, but all formats are not created equal. Country has one of the highest composition of these New Influentials.

Buy John Rich's Corvette

WB PR flack Tree Paine: "...this is way too cool not to pass on to you....John has put his car up on eBay and anything over the book value is being donated to Vanderbilt's Childrens Hospital. If you have any questions let me know."

Welcome Back, Garth And Trisha

The Garth Brooks rumor mill is at it again with suspicions of a reported comeback. Dial-Global reports on a Country Aircheck hint that says, "Music Row is buzzing with rumors that one of the biggest stars in format history has recorded an album and is planning a return to the airwaves. While nobody's commenting officially, we hear this soccer dad's choice for a label vehicle is likely to foster spousal harmony." Since Garth is a soccer dad, and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, recently signed to Big Machine Records, the question lies in whether they'll also be label mates. Big Machine will neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

Prediction: we'll know what Garth is planning within 14 days. Hopefully, he's ready to really hit the road (with Trisha?) and get face to face with as many fans as possible. His last comeback attempt was stalled, not because of the quality of the music he put out but his inaccessibility to fans via radio, where they continue to wait for the kind of great personal service which made him famous in the early '90s. Ask anyone who knows him: if he sets his mind (and resources) to doing it, it's going to get very exciting quite quickly.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

"A Free Thinking Redneck" Writes His First Book

Trace Adkins has written his first book with an Oct. 23 release by Villard Books, an imprint of Ballantine Books.

"This book has been knocking around in my head for a while now. It's not exactly a memoir, but more of a look at the state of the country as I've seen it through the lens of my admittedly colorful life."

The press release says that topics in the book include the environment, immigration and the war on terror, making me suspect you'll hear more about this book on Fox News than on CMT or GAC, but I look forward to any book from this guy who freely admits "I'm just a fan who got really lucky."

You can be sure that Trace will be calling it as he sees it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007