Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Beauty and the Geek Beats Miss Universe

Check out: http://www.medialifemagazine.com/

Steep ratings slide for 'Miss Universe'
Off 14 percent: How much longer can American beauty pageants survive on the networks?

In all reality, it's 'Beauty and the Geek.'

As Michael O'Malley said during our Atlantic City talent seminar last October: "Real is in, Ideal is out as Austin Powers burlesques the perfect spy of the previous generation, James Bond."

Making Streaming Financially-Possible

WWYZ, Hartford sells their stream. Click on "listen live" and look at the banner ads. You do what you have to do to make it possible.

Clear Channel station websites like this one send a very irritating 'we're a very cluttered station' message, just the opposite of what they intend with "Less is More." Hopefully, their next corporate campaign will be to clean up their web efforts.. BUT, if that's what it takes to stream, I still think it is worth it.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Rawlco Saskatoon Breakfast Guy Leads Poker Team To Las Vegas

TEAM CANUCK POKER is a loose association of Canadian poker players who share a few common traits:

--- We play poker for fun. Although we are professional and semi-professional players, money is not the main reason we play.
--- We work hard at making the game fun. At the table, or away from it, we know that poker is a game. Games are supposed to be fun.
--- We intend to win the World Series of Poker Championship.

Who is C95's Dave Scharf?

Win or lose in Vegas, it's a fun stunt. If you ever consider doing Poker on the radio, it would be worth reaching out to Dave.

Most Of Your Compen$ation Is Not On Your 1040EZ

A great 'how to' profile on how to be a successful talk radio personality:

Jim Fisher, talk radio host for WOC-1420 AM, is arguably the best known radio personality in the Quad-Cities. Cadres of fans tune in or call every weekday from 3 to 6 p.m. Many of the politicians and government bureaucrats that he regularly jabs loathe him. Fisher says he wishes they wouldn’t take it personally, but a little anger and resentment comes with the job. His is not a news show, he says. It’s a combination of entertainment, pot stirring and a forum for those who want to vent their opinions on an uncensored platform where reporters and producers don’t pick and choose what gets aired (read more - Quad City Times)

But, I'll save you the click through and reprint the (sad, but true) data about the job at the very bottom of the article:

* Nature of work: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics describes those who perform on-air duties and other responsibilities at radio and television stations as announcers.
* Number of workers nationwide: 76,000
* Number of workers in Iowa and Illinois: 2,550
* Median annual wage: $20,612
* Median annual wage in Iowa and Illinois: $18,429
* Hours: The nature of the job requires announcers to put in long hours at unusual intervals depending on when they are on the air.
* education: Most have a bachelor’s degree in a major such as communications, broadcasting or journalism.

Let's face it: we do this for LOVE, not $$... and, I don't know about you, but I would not change my choice of this career field with anyone!

How about YOU?

AND, if that's not enough career motivation, try this profile on for size of "Radio Rich" Dalton. "I've had a magical life," said Dalton in a recent interview. "I've found out that if you do what you love, what your heart tells you to, it will lead you to the right place." (read more - Joe Holleman-St Louis Post-Dispatch)

Give me a job you can love and make a difference in the local community every time. There are no IRS deductions taken out of your check for the many real rewards of this gig! If you love what you do and put max passion into it, listeners can tell, as the careers of these two pro's prove.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

In-Box Room For One More Radio Newsletter?

Solutions Research and NewRadioStar collaborate on a very comprehensive weekly one, which I eyeball and would recommend to you too, if you're not getting enough media updates and news now. CLICK to subscribe.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Garth Post-Engagement Audio

Thanks to Chuck Clifford for this clip from Wednesday night's Buck Owens event where Garth proposed to Trisha: He says it's one of the best days of his life.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Idol Winner: Carrie Underwood/Inside Your Heaven

Read all about it:

Carrie Underwood in!
Ken Jennings out!
Neal Shapiro toast!
May sweeps ends!

CLICK: Carrie Underwood, All Choked Up (Washington Post) "Underwood, a college senior from Checotah, Okla. (population about 3,500), choked again last night, after show host Ryan Seacrest announced she'd won and she tried to perform the original tune "Inside Your Heaven," which both contestants had been forced to sing the night before. It will be her first single. Warbling through tears and fireworks, Underwood's rendition of "Inside Your Heaven" sounded just as lousy last night as it had Tuesday. Good luck with that, Clive Davis..."

I dutifully downloaded the BMG "Promo Only" version (wav) too and regretably it's not any better. (This "15 minutes of fame" may last only 2:56..)

The best thing about Wednesday night's show: Rascal Flatts performed and did not disappoint. THEY are the real deal.

The FCC Is Watching YOU

Tom Taylor at Inside Radio reports: FCC Commissioner Adelstein says Americans are angry over "overt commercial pitches" in the media.

From: Jim Carnegie at RBR - View the full text of Adelstein's prepared comments

Adelstein is in the Democratic minority on the FCC and so probably won't be able to get the GOP-dominated commission to do more than talk about it, but it's still a word to the wise - if you're getting paid or spiffed in any way to plug something on the air whether it's a product, service, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant or a song, full disclosure is in order!

Need More of Star Wars?

Check out http://theforce.net/.

And, if you want to laugh, search the site for the word "shertenlieb" (Kidd Kraddock's stunt guy).

Or, cut to the chase: Texas EP3 Screening Disrupted by Radio Station

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Pet Psychic

Sonya Fitzpatrick is her name, and she is quite a compelling guest as long as you don't overuse her. If you email or call her number, be sure to let 'em know that you are a radio station or they may try to $$$ charge $$$ you..

Two Of The Big Three Now Podcast

ABC News and NBC News announced plans Tuesday to offer podcasts, the rapidly growing mobile technology. ABC News launched its podcast through its Web site, ABCNews.com, offering immediately a combination of original and repurposed content (read more - Hollywood Reporter)

I'd sure be podcasting my "best of bits" too and also local news, traffic and weather updates branded for your station. BUT, remember that licensing issues are still murky, so avoid music and anything else that might involve copyright or ownership issues. Podcasting is happening. Getting sued or fined is NOT..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rose Colored Glasses On Hannity & Colmes

John Conlee joins the politically-opposed pair in-studio on Memorial Day for a discussion of what it means to truly support our Nation’s troops and the families and friends that are behind them – all the while never forgetting those that have passed on before us for the cause of America (visit Hannity and Colmes)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Behind The Scenes Of TV

Seattle TV news prodicer Corey Bergman's blog is always full of great gossip and readable opinions.

How old media can survive in a new world

The WSJ has published a special report with a collection of ideas on how traditional media companies can thrive in a digital world.

Do This In Your Community!


PARADE magazine notes that the students at Hornets Nest Elementary School in Charlotte have partnered with the organization "Historic Charlotte" to send their students to study the Davidson family cemetery, the final resting place of some of the city's founders.

It's just one of the projects supported by The History Channel's "Save OurHistory" initiative, which gives grants and awards to schools and groups that combine community preservation and education. According to the chief historian for the TV network: "Local history can provide roots for kids and help them appreciate their environment." You can learn more about the initiative by surfing over to saveourhistory.com.

Thanks to http://www.paraderadio.com/ for the tip!

Satire from Corey Deitz

(Has anyone noticed how both XM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio seem to be in a fevered competition to acquire and announce more "strategic partnerships" than the other? Every week these guys announce a new show, a new channel, a new host - in an endless hail of press releases. Well, here: this press release should put an end to that.)

In a bid to once-and-for-all out-position its competitor, SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced today a strategic partnership with God. According to the deal – heralded by trumpets with a special appearance by Gabriel himself - God confirmed he will be doing his own Sunday show beginning in July (read more - Corey Deitz-About)

Country Dance Club Promotion

Jeff Walker of AristoMedia ­(615-269-7071 ext. 123 /jwalker@aristomedia.com) wants to see country dance clubs start to network with each other, using a new website

Club Connection, a division of Marco Promotions, has announced the launch of Marcoclubconnection.com, a website designed for Country Music dance enthusiasts.

In addition to providing club and dance event news, the site also provides readers with the latest Country Music headlines, chat forums, event calendars, and an array of country music and dance resources. It will also spotlight artists currently impacting the club and dance communities with a special multi-media On Air section.

"Over the past year, we've seen a reinvigoration in the club and dance community," Jeff Walker, President of parent company, AristoMedia, said. "We've also seen an embrace of new media throughout the industry. We feel this new site is the next logical step toward bridging the gap between the artists, music industry, clubs and dance enthusiasts."

For more information about submitting press and calendar events to the site, email jg@marcoclubconnection.com.

Do You Remember Radio From 30 Years Ago?

If so, you will enjoy Jim Rose's web recollections from Houston.

Hopefully, some wise and observant folks will create some equally memory-filled and accurate memoirs someday of our biz in 2005 in a couple decades.. Jim provides a good how-to example for us all.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lorna Ozmon Gets It

If the very next post - on moving your content into the foreground - inspires you, but you feel you lack the tools to accomplish it and maybe you've spent the day with Jaye Albright and/or Mike O'Malley at one of our motivating, idea-filled "Extreme Personality Workshops" and now you're hungry for more, here's another great source of inspiration from talent coach Lorna Ozmon: Getting Them to Listen is Not Enough!

http://www.ozmonmedia.com/ is Lorna's home on the net, and her CRS-2005 seminar handouts (Creating Compelling Radio) are simply terrific: Download PDF

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Moving Radio From The Background Into The Foreground

When Jefferson-Pilot's Rick Jackson talks, I pay attention. For one thing, he is the only GM I know who hosts is own weekly country gold syndicated program, primarily because he has a passion for country's musical heritage. At the same time, he oversees "AC talk" WLNK (which calls itself an adult top 40, but plays very little music during daytime hours) and news-talk WBT, Charlotte and brags that although WBT ranks #7 and 'The Link' ranks #11 25-54, they rank #2 and #3 in Miller-Kaplan revenue rankers.

He told Carl Marcucci of RBR:

"To progress in coming years, radio will need to innovate at every level, and that includes radio sales. As we move away from 'the music box' sponge radio has so effectively squeezed these many years and move toward more innovative programming, the sales staff will also need to reposition themselves.

"TV has certainly experienced change in programming and sales - just ask anyone who works for cable these days. They're having a lot of fun and tremendous success with their 'niche' innovations.

"We boast that they learned it from us (radio) and some of that is true but it's time for radio to take it to the next level. I think our most effective innovations will start be downsizing our scope. Radio will continue to niche and splinter and smart operators will see this as an opportunity to adjust and prosper.

"Much of the value will come from the product. Radio can't produce the same kind of results with 'background'-based programming. Foreground (talk) radio functions very differently for the listener and our clients."

Are you a part of the 'music box sponge' which radio has been squeezing? If so, it's now time to think very differently about what you do between the songs, at the very least. Does anyone really need to hear what you are saying right now?

RSS Feed

If you'd like an RSS notification of new posts to this blog, check out: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BreakfastBlog

Artist Direct

Am I the last person on earth to discover this very helpful and interesting site?

Turn your pop-up blocker on before clicking on it and then scan your computer for Spyware and Adware after you check it out, but it's worth the trouble, I think.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Desperate Housewives and Choco-holics Party

WAJI/Ft. Wayne, IN is preparing its listeners for a long, hot summer without new Desperate Housewives episodes by throwing a “ Desperate Housewives Season Finale Watch Party.”

PD Barb Richards told R&R Street Talk: “We’ve joined forces with the local ABC affiliate and our local chocolate company, Debrand’s FineChocolates, who makes chocolate bars for Donald Trump! We’re giving away tickets to this exclusive event, where we will watch the season finale on large-screen TVs — while enjoying a chocolate buffet!”

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Killing Cliches Is Every Consultant, PD and ND's Gig

I just heard an unthinking air personality end his time on the air with the phrase "well, that about does it for me, I'm out of here."

Since neither I nor the radio was going anywhere, it made me wonder who, from this jock's perspective, is more important - me, the listener? Or, him? (the crutch makes it obvious that he's just mouthing words and not even thinking about saying something meaningful to me, unless he's contemplating suicide .. other of course than career suicide, which his choice of self-involved verbiage is "slowly, surely" - to use yet another cliche - doing)

The day of the radio 'show' ended with Arthur Godfrey and Art Linkletter, and even the biggest station that is aware of how folks consume our content today has an audience of just ONE LISTENER. Today's smart personalities talk to that person one to one, engaging them as if they were talking to a friend, not just a microphone.

Radio's strength is our ability to engage the imagination and emotions, creating intimacy and trust. But, it doesn't happen automatically. The words you choose to use either make it happen or do not.

The best pronoun to use is YOU, never the antiquated "editorial we."

News writing coach Mervin Block is the author of "Writing Broadcast News -- Shorter, Sharper Stronger" and I feel confident that he'd agree. He recently caught CNN News engaging in hackneyed writing too.

More Block tips and articles are at http://www.mervinblock.com/. You can reach him (or sign up for his free tips list) at merblo@aol.com.

Canada's AM Band - Is It Over?

Some eye-opening stats from M Street Journal on the amazing decline of AM in Canada.

DX’er Barry McLarnon in Ottawa has been keeping tabs on what’s left of Canada's AM dial and he says that there are just 237 AM stations still on the air (not countin glow-power relay transmitters under 100 watts).

Ontario leads the pack with 54 AMs, followed by British Columbia with 45 and just 28 each in Alberta and Quebec. Prince Edward Island has just 2 AM signals, as do the Northwest Territories and Yukon, and there’s just one in chilly Nunavut.

Barry says Canada now has fewer than half the number of AM signals per capita that the U.S. does — but notes that the pace of AM-to-FM conversions has slowed dramatically, with most of the remaining AMs in large markets where they’ll likely stick around for a while.

..which is why we were delighted last week to see radio awards go to our friends at Harvard-owned CKRM-AM, Regina. Best medium market newscast and the Charlie Edwards Award for Spot News at the Prairie Regional meeting of the RTNDA.

AM won't be viable if we don't offer unique, local, topical and compelling content. (nor will FM for very much longer!) Nice to see that GM Michael Olstrom's Regina crew gets that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Drive 'em to your website

...With a caption contest! ;->

What's On Your Playlist?

Used to be that folks would say: "your favorite radio station's playlist says a lot about who you are." Now, it's more personal and individual (according to SF Chronicle's Benny Evangelista and readers who responded to his article this week):

You are what's on your playlist - Experts say digital music library reflects listener's personality

What's On Jesus' iPod? Pt. II - Readers respond! Ministry, Moby, Metallica and Morphine, and of course, we are all going to hell for this

Z and C at ACM's

Not to be outdone by Access Hollywood and ET, A&O also has our celebrity specialist covering the ACM's too, Marty Thompson, PD at WUBE, Cincinnati:

"Was at the RCA After Party at Cili in Vegas... Kenny and Renee were there together. They looked very much in love-- at one point Kenny was "air drumming" at her with "chicken skewers". She grabbed one and they had a little pollo duel."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nighttime Benchmark Ideas

WGCI, Chicago, has just about the most dynamic produced intro on their website that I've heard in some time. Also, over their home page your cursor turns into their signature orange ball, which is mighty cool.

Their night team "The Bad Boys" (Mike Love and the Diz) do some fun features each night...

6:45: "Put 'Em On Blast" (listeners call in to vent)
7 pm: The topic of the day (Love starts it off with a rant of his own on something current)
7:45: Ghettoroke (hmmm.. countryoke?)
8 pm: The Birthday Bash (yes, even hip hop & R&B listeners have birthdays and want to wish their friends happy ones!)

Love told R&R's Dana Hall recently: "You have to stay ahead of the kids. You have to know what they talk about and what they want to talk about. You can't be late on things, because then you sound like their dad."

The Very First

Bob Magruder is a veteran Dallas-based actor of stage, TV, films, documentaries, commercials and talking books. His latest project is a fun book called "The Very First."

What was America’s longest running comic strip?
Where was the first traffic light?
Who was the first real movie star?
What was the first aphrodisiac?
When and what was the first Broadway musical?
Who used the first toothbrush?
Did Jesus turn the water into wine or beer?

The answers to these questions and a couple of gazillion more are contained in these pages, along with the fascinating stories behind them. You’ll find the very first crossword puzzle (ready for solving), the remarkable chronicles of the first postage stamp, the first horror movie, the first anesthetics, the first baseball and football games, the first women’s fashion magazine, the first condom, not to mention the world’s oldest profession (it’s not what you think). You will become privy to the origins of many timeless phrases and well-known events.

Perfect for your show's "fun and games" quiz!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Free Money Fugitive Tips

Google the above words and you'll find a lot of radio stations creating buzz right now with this contest. PD Reid Morgan and GM Rob Bye at B93, Lethbridge, have done it very successfully for two books in a row now and I know either one of them would be delighted to share what they've learned.

Thanks to an article in the 4/29/05 Billboard Radio Monitor by Katie Hasty, WRVW, Nashville's Promo Director Kate Guido lists these recommendations:

* Make sure your air staff is committed. Nothing else should appear to matter except finding the Fugitive.

* Include it in all of your more strategic sweeper, promo and air staff hype too

* Constant upkeep is required. Update your website constantly, in addition to the stuff on the air. New clues need to keep happening, to make people feel that they are on to something.

* Don't start blind. Talk to other stations who have executed the promotion. Learn about their best clues, how they generated buzz outside the station and how they involved advertisers. For example, to gain an important clue in the 96X, Edmonton, Fugitive last fall listeners had to patronize the drive-through of a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, causing lines so long that they blocked highways and got TV coverage

* Send listeners to other station events by having clues that will lead them there. Make sure everything the station does ties in to The Fugitive contest in some way. Competing for your listeners' attention with unrelated station events will hurt the impact of your promotion

* Pick a trustworthy Fugitive. The person can live a normal life, go to work and run errands, but they must know that they need to keep up with them without revealing too much to the audience or their friends and coworkers

* It isn't cheap. 107.5 The River spent thousands on nesting direct marketing phone calls, mailers/fliers and posters with the same theme as their website ("The Fugitive is On The Loose in Nashville, Find The 107.5 Fugitive")

* Imposters pretending to be the Fugitive can be a pain (sometimes competing radio stations encourage them just to mess with your promotion). Be prepared to deal with them

Four ELEMENTS Of A Great Morning Show

And, if Laurie Beth Jones book (The Four Elements of Success) is as on target as it sounds, I do mean ELEMENTS.

It caught my attention because I loved her last one, "Jesus CEO." Again, she applies powerful metaphors to the human side of business.

She types personalities as "earth," "wind," "water," and "fire." She says every successful enterprise needs a good balance of each one.

- Winds - like a fast-paced environment
- Waters - prefer predictability
- Earths - want stability
- Fires - can be combative but make things happen

I came away from the book feeling like a good morning show, in order to be as relatable as possible, needs at least one of each.

Her explanations of how to figure out which one of the four types you are, the strengths and weaknesses of each and tips on how they can productively work with one another would be a worthwhile read for a morning team and their PD.

Then, do something with the insights you gain by talking about it together.

Sending CARE packages to the troops

Dos and don'ts are at: http://www.thenationalguardexperience.blogspot.com/

Albuquerque's KAGM offers the "Runaway Bride" a job

Tom Taylor reports in www.insideradio.com that American General Media's KAGM is offering Jennifer Wilbanks a nightly talk show or the job of co-hosting its morning show. The gig promises a $30,000-a-year salary. A poll on KAGM's website finds listeners prefer she decline by a three-to-one margin.

I love it. They make fun publicity hay while the topical buzz sun is shining and literally have to actually do almost nothing!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Missing Info From The Arbitron Spot Loads Study

Two presentation graphics with very different persepctives on whether it's better to stop for two six unit breaks or three four unit breaks from what was announced yesterday were omitted. I happen to have obtained those two slides.

If you know why the decision was made to not announce the other side of the "fewer but longer breaks vs more but shorter ones" research, I'd love to hear about it. If you'd like to see the two missing slides from the public presentation, drop me an email and I will send them to you. Warning: the choice of whether to stop twice or three times an hour when you have a 12 unit commercial limit won't be quite as clearcut when you see them, as the info made public makes it appear.

Meanwhile, here are some highlights from Arbitron and Edison Media Research, Spot Load Study 2005: Managing Radio Commercial Inventories for Advertisers and Listeners.

Free Radio Is a Good Deal: Eighty percent of consumers say that commercials are a "fair price to pay" for free radio programming.

Fewer Commercials, More Listening: Forty-seven percent of consumers say they would listen to a radio station "a lot more" if that station had noticeably fewer commercial breaks; 44 percent say they would listen "a lot more" if that station had shorter commercial breaks.

Most Stay Tuned During Commercials: The majority of consumers say that they "never" tune away from radio commercials at work (63 percent) or at home (49 percent).

Button-Punching is Rare: Relatively few radio listeners say they switch stations upon hearing the start of a commercial break. Six percent of those listening at work say they switch immediately; 11 percent of home listeners and 28 percent of those listening in a car do the same.

Spot Reduction Awareness: Just under one-quarter of respondents were aware of radio stations that played noticeably fewer commercial breaks than they used to (23 percent) and noticeably shorter commercial breaks than those stations used to (23 percent).

The study includes recommendations on how radio stations can use the findings to develop a spot load strategy that boosts listening and reduces tune-outs. To download the complete study and see a recorded webinar presenting the study, visit http://list.arbitron.com/t/21142/136250/345/0/.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hear It Now, See It Tonight, Read About It Tomorrow

Radio's greatest strength against IPod's, the internet and satellite radio: localism and immediacy.

Howard Christensen of Canada's Broadcast Dialogue reports: The number of online adults who prefer the Internet as their main source of news has grown by over 35% in the last four years – and this at the expense of TV and newspapers.

Market research firm Jupiter Research says more than 26% of online adults prefer the Internet for national and international news, up from 19% in 2001.

But the survey also shows that overall numbers using the Internet for daily news has stayed flat over the last few years, at about 50%. The number of online adults preferring to use the Internet for local news is also growing, but has yet to exceed 10%.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations says US newspaper circulation has experienced a 1.9% drop in daily readership and a 2.5% decline on Sundays over the last six months compared with the period a year ago. Analysts say it’s the largest circulation loss in more than a decade. The rate of decline has been 0.5% to 1% since newspaper circulation peaked in the mid-1980s.

Note to all voices prepping to talk on terrestial radio: there's a new basic which must be added to your tool kit - information. Does your audience trust that you know what's going on in their world right now?

There is only one way to be sure of that: talk about it, relate to it, with fresh point of view and interaction on the latest info which they care about affecting their life at this moment.

Are You Planning To Do A Runaway Bride Weekend?

Yes, I know it's Mother's Day and giving away copies of the DVD of "Runaway Bride" seems like a very original irreverant turn on the traditional holiday in light of last weekend's Jennifer Wilbanks story.

However, note those two words "last weekend" and pat yourself on the back if you did something fun to capitolize on the event when it was news. I just clicked on Yahoo's Most Popular news story search and it now doesn't even make the top ten.

Timing is everything, and rather than do a stunt which is based on last weekend's big event, please do some scenario planning now that assures that you won't be the third station in your town to do the same try for publicity in just the last few days.

(end of rant, thanks for listening)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Paula Abdul To Be Voted Off Idol?

Far be it from a straight and narrow company such as A&O to ever pass on unsavory rumors that might possibly drive viewers to ABC-TV this week. BUT, should your curiosity get the best of you, we can keep our reputations intact and still refer you to The Drudge Report's recap of the latest.

KSON Operation Helping Hand

KSON, San Diego's Cliff & Company is...

* giving away free gas for two hours each morning. At 7 a.m. they announce that day’s location, then pump free gas for two hours.

* doubling a military paycheck each day

* on Thursday morning the station will surprise 50 military moms by taking them for a day at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California.

Morning host Cliff Dumas has a wonderful resource they call Cliff's Kids as well.

For more info, contact PD John Marks or click on KSON to see photos of the stunts.

WUBE "Taste of Cincinnati" Country Lineup

B-105.1's Free Country Music Stage at Taste of Cincinnati will feature Blaine Larsen, Miranda Lambert, Jeff Bates, Hot Apple Pie, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Keith Anderson and Steve Azar.

This is the 15th year WUBE has produced the B-105 Free Country Music Stage at Taste of Cincinnati, the nation's longest running culinary arts festival (Memorial Day Weekend on Central Parkway in downtown Cincinnati).

For advice on booking talent for an event like this, email PD Marty Thompson or APD Kat O'Conner, who've been working on it for many months.

ACM Awards Trivia

Q: Why might Brooks & Dunn be receiving a thank you note from a fit and free Martha Stewart?

A: Thanks in part to a lot of line dancing to the duo’s hit “Boot Scoot Boogie,” Martha Stewart dropped 20 pounds while serving time at a cushy correctional facility in Alderson, W. Va. A favorite activity of Stewart’s was attending line-dancing lessons.

.. and lots more like the above, thanks to Tree Paine at the ACM by clicking on TRIVIAKIT.doc

Academy of Country Music Awards
Tuesday, May 17
8:00 PM (ET/PT)

40th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, May 18
7:30 PM (PT)
Scheduled to air in December on CBS

"Honkytonk University" - Toby's album special

Toby Keith's forthcoming LP is titled "Honkytonk University."

Dreamworks has a radio special on the new LP available now. Sign up with Sharla McCoy at 615-504-1268 or 615-529-1088 (or email sharlam@dtccom.net).

The first tune to be released to radio is now available from Promo Only: "As Good As I Once Was." Call your Dreamworks rep or email VP/Promotion in Nashville, Bruce Shindler to find out who your rep is.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Old Stunts Are The Best Stunts

A&O is proud to consult both KIX 99.5, Kitchener and also BX-93, London. So, far be it from ME to take sides in a hockey bet. However, I have to take my hat off to KIX's Joel & Linda who lost a bet with BX's Dave & Jacquie and not only (reluctantly) paid off.. but also had the good sportsmanship to share what it sounded like with us..


For more info, email LMartelli@KICXFM.COM (Linda Martelli)

Bisla: What It's ALL About

"You have the ability to influence and shape the lives of your audience and that's an immense power. You need to keep an open mind and remember that the audience thinks without blinders and follow the same protocol. Don't limit your ability. Use the power of radio to inspire and build a sense of community because .. if you truly believe in something, that can really connect to people on an emotional level (and) will get a great reaction. You can balance art with commerce, but broadcasters need to remember that all the audience cares about is great content." -- Executive VP/Creative & Media, A&R Worldwide Sat Bisla to Erica Farber in 4/29/05 R&R Publisher's Profile