Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kenny Chesney Sells Out, Adds Omaha and Des Moines Shows

It's been happening pretty much everywhere Kenny Chesney tickets are put on sale: the box office opens, the tickets are gone. Holly Gleason handles the tour's PR and is a great source of info on it.

Tim & Faith Soul2Soul, (On)Sale To (On)Sale

As successful and immensely entertaining as the 2000 Sourl2Soul tour was, it’s hard to believe it took Tim McGraw and Faith Hill this long to put their musical souls together on the road once again. But, the good news is they will mount SOUL2SOUL II 2006 this spring with more than 70 concert dates.

It kicks off April 21st at The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Soul2Soul II puts to end a nearly six year hiatus away from the road for Hill and puts McGraw back onstage in front of the loyal audiences that have served to make him one of the music industry's biggest touring acts.

Tickets for select performances will go on-sale to the general public on Saturday, February 11th and fans can expect a great seat anywhere in the house with "Soul2Soul II" Tour's' unique in-the-round set design that will put fans closer than ever to the concert action.

Fan club presale tickets will be available as of February 6th at www.faithhill.com or www.timmcgraw.com.

For the "Soul2Soul II" Tour, McGraw and Hill have also combined their efforts to create Club SuperSoul, an interactive fan package that grants fans access to both artists' online fan clubs, an exclusive behind the scenes look at the tour, presale access, pre-show party lottery and limited edition merchandise. In addition, "Soul2Soul II" Tour media partner AOL will offer fans the opportunity to buy tickets in advance on the Web through AOL Tickets at www.aol.com/tickets as of February 8th. The "Soul2Soul II" Tour is being presented by The Hershey Company.

April 21 - Columbus, Ohio Nationwide Arena
May 12 - Buffalo, New York HSBC Arena
May 27 - Greenville, South Carolina Bi-Lo Center
June 4 - Sunrise, Florida Bank Atlantic Center
June 25 - Boston, Massachusetts TD Banknorth Garden
July 1 - Cleveland, Ohio Gund Arena
July 22 - Houston, Texas Toyota Center

Albany, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Birmingham, Alabama
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Detroit, Michigan
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacksonville, Florida
Kansas City, Missouri
Knoxville, Tennessee
Las Vegas, Nevada
Little Rock, Arkansas
Los Angeles, California
Memphis, Tennessee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee
New York, New York
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Raleigh, North Carolina
Richmond, Virginia
Sacramento, California
San Antonio, Texas
San Jose, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
Seattle, Washington
State College, Pennsylvania
St. Louis, Missouri
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.
Washington, DC

Natalie Maines Doesn't Want To Be A Part Of Country Music

Entertainment Weekly makes it sound like she likes being in the center of controversy more than she likes being successful with our mass audience.

I think [the song on their new LP titled ''Not Ready To Make Nice''] is just very honest.

Let's say the album comes out and everyone who was outraged about your comments embraces it with open arms. Are you gonna go back to Nashville and say, ''Hey, we're back!'' Or has this completely altered the course you guys were on?

For me as a person, [The Incident has] completely altered the course I was on. For me to be in country music to begin with was not who I was. I liked Martie and Emily's playing, but I did not grow up liking country music. And I guess I was ignorant to the fact that the stereotypes behind country music were true — and it was disappointing. And so at this stage, I can never... I would be cheating myself and not setting a good example for my children to go back to something that I don't wholeheartedly believe in. So I'm pretty much done. They've shown their true colors. I like lots of country music, but as far as the industry and everything that happened... I couldn't want to be farther away from that. And it's easier when you're financially set, because you can be a little more ballsy, and just do what you want to do. I don't want people to think that me not wanting to be a part of country music is any sort of revenge. It is not. It is totally me being who I am, and not wanting to compromise myself and hate my life. All of my anger... I've pretty much gotten past that. Writing the album was therapy.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Multitasking Deadly?

Tobi Elkin, Executive Editor at MediaPost has some observations and advice for you:

1. Jeffrey Frumin, a marketing consultant in New York: "I would say simultaneously I would have three things going at once," he said. "I'm on the phone, I'm instant messaging, and reading and responding to e-mails," he said. Sound like you?

2. A Basex report finds that the average "knowledge worker"--someone who is part of the growing information economy--loses 2.1 hours a day to interruptions. If those workers make an average of $21 an hour, that adds up to $588 billion a year--more than the gross domestic product of Argentina.

3. "If I didn't multitask, it would be a very, very long day," said Heather Dubuque, a client relations manager in New York.

What's the answer? Just stop. Pause. Everyone deserves a chance to think and prioritize.

Sign Language: This One Talks To Your Radio

The radio signals adjust advertising messages to specific consumer demographics. The network will also enable consumers to interact with advertisers to receive promotional offers and coupons via mobile phones.

"These technologies will generate the high-impact effect that we think will clearly differentiate this medium from what is currently available in the outdoor advertising arena," explains Tom Langeland, president of Smart Sign Media.

Tricia Despres writes: "Picture yourself searching for a parking space at the local mall while singing along with your local fm oldies station. As you walk to the door, the digital signs above the mall entrance run an ad for a new and improved anti-aging cream. Coincidence? Not necessarily...." - Read the whole story...

Rick & Bubba's Best Bits Are For Sale On CD

.. for a good cause. They have all the info on
their web site.

Disrupting the Super Bowl

What does it take to stand out from the hype and the hoopla of the Super Bowl? By Tom Carroll, vice chairman, TBWA\Worldwide. (download PDF)

* Force it
* Shill product
* Have tunnel vision
* Assume people CARE
* Abandon identity

WSOC's TV Campaign Makes Tanner A Video Star

Click here to check out Charlotte's #1 country's 30 second commercial produced at Nashville's Filmhouse for the Tanner in the Morning team and get ready to laugh.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Winning Every Day

Lou Holtz, the motivational miracle worker who revitalized the Notre Dame football program by leading the legendary Fighting Irish to nine bowl games and a national championship wrote this book in 1999. I just picked it up in paperback and recommend it to you in the event you have people working with you who talk a good game but fail to put their intentions into action.

During his twenty-seven years as a head football coach, Holtz garnered a 216-95-7 career record. Each new assignment brought a different team with different players, but, invariably, the same result--success. How did he do it? By designing a game plan for his players that minimized obstacles while maximizing opportunities.

Holtz's Game Plan for Success:
1. Every Victory Is Won Before The Game Is Played: The Power of Attitude
2. The Best Part Of Getting Knocked Down Is Getting Back Up: Tackling Adversity
3. Putting the Why Before the Where or What: Create A Sense of Purpose
4. Getting Game-Ready: Make Sacrifice Your Ally. You Have To Give Up Something To Get Something
5. Adapt or Die: The Perils of Being Number One. Attack Yourself.
6. Run for Daylight: Competing on Your Field of Dreams Means They Are All Chasing You
7. You Are What You Think: Nurturing Your Self-Image
8. Can I Trust You? This Is Not Automatic. Leaders EARN Trust.
9. Are You Committed to Excellence? Lou Himself Is A Example Of The Kind Of Self-Discipline It Takes
10. Do You Care About Me? Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Do Your Coworkers KNOW You Care As Much About Them As You Do Yourself?

"Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it."-- Lou Holtz

Friday, January 27, 2006

Call Me A Member Of The Matt Timothy Fan Club

He has been Vice President of Streaming Media for CBS Radio for almost a year now, and the impact of his work is starting to be audible and visible, both online and in top line revenues too.

For a lesson in how to do a radio web presence, click here.

(I sense Matt's finger prints all over it..) It would be nice to see those imprints starting to appear on CBS Radio country stations' web efforts in 2006. If the biggest companies in our format don't lead, who will?

KSON Mixes Cash And Caring To Build Loyalty

With the announcement from Jefferson-Pilot's San Diego country leader that KSON will give listeners $1,000,000 in 2006 just for listening, you'd think that there would be no need for warm, fuzzy values. You would be WRONG.

Hal Jay - 25 Years at WBAP By Being A Master Of Change

I remember when Hal was a country disk jockey .. and for awhile was so important to the transition from country music to talk that he did both morning and afternoon drive shifts every weekday. Now that he's celebrating his 25th at
WBAP and anchors the 5-9 am morning news, it's a tribute to his professionalism and adaptability as well as the most recognizable laugh in the Metroplex. Hats off, Hal! I wish I could be there for 'Happy Hour."

Join News Talk 820 WBAP for a Happy Hour for Hal Jay's 25th Anniversary with WBAP, Thursday, February 2, from 5-7 pm at Los Vaqueros in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Radio - The Ultimate "Background Media"

This fascinating research report from the respected media minds at Ball State posits that print media are more engaging than broadcast or online media because people focus more on the medium when they are using it.

Think about this: are the words you use engaging the imagination, evoking theater of the mind? If not, you're certain to STAY in the background. There's lots of radio which makes listeners turn up the volume and pay attention. Is that what YOU are doing?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hank Jr. To Open Super Bowl XL for ABC Sports

Hank Williams Jr., 4-time Emmy award winner for his rendition of Monday Night Football’s “Are You Ready For Some Football?” will make his fifth Super Bowl appearance in his 16 year run with ABC Sports.

Hank Jr. was in Los Angeles, California, Tuesday filming the opening intro to the 2006 Super Bowl face-off between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks.
“Not many people can say they have performed during five Super Bowl openings,” says Hank Jr. “I am so happy to have been part of the ABC family since 1989, and with my love for football, this was a win-win partnership.”Hank Williams Jr. is set to attend the Super Bowl in Detroit. “My rowdy rebel son Kid Rock and I will be making some noise in Michigan…everyone should be listening.”

Hank will be appearing on ESPN’s Cold Pizza on Thursday, February 2nd, CMT Insider on Saturday, February 4th, and ESPN’s Sport Center sometime throughout the Super Bowl festivities. He will also make an appearance on GAC's Country Music Across Americ.

If you are wondering which team Hank Williams Jr. is pulling for…well lets just say the colors are black and gold!!!

For more information on Hank Williams Jr. contact:
Webster & Associates Public Relations
Kirt Webster, 615-777-6995 x24

Women 40+ Are "Revolutionaries," "Connection Cultivators," Pragmatic Planners," or "Security Seekers"

A nationwide study conducted for More magazine by research company Frank About Women revealed that as a population segment, females between 40 and 60 years of age are wealthier than any other group of women in America. There are also 71 percent more of them than in the segment ages 20-39, traditionally one of the most coveted by marketers.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Are You Planning To Do April Fools Pranks?

Nancy Mace at KLAW in Lawton-Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, shared this one with Steve Holstein's Interprep:

On April 1st (last year) we invited listeners down to the studio to register to win 1 of 2 "grills" that we were giving away. We were broadcasting out on the street in front of our studios. We also told them they could have their picture taken with Kevin Harvick's #29 NASCAR. The fun part was the look on their faces when they saw the "grills" which were from a local salvage yard and from a Cadillac and Lincoln Town Car. They were complete with side burners as we attached candles to them with duct tape! The NASCAR was a die cast model. It was a great photo op and everyone had a great time! Lots of pictures for our web site. We also gave away coupons for a free sandwich at a local sub shop!

Holstein adds that the key here is giving the listener something for showing up. This year April Fool's Day is on a Saturday, so consider incorporating a prank into a scheduled remote where the victims who show up get a prize from the client.

Oaks' William Lee Golden Runs Into Himself At Disney World

During a break in the Oak Ridge Boys touring schedule, William Lee Golden vacationed with his family at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort. At Crocket’s Tavern, William discovered a highly sought lithograph of himself as famed frontier artist David Wright’s “Golden Mountain Man.” William Lee said, “I was humbly stunned to discover that the painting of me was included in Walt Disney World’s collection of frontier art.

My son Solomon seemed more impressed by me being a part of Mickey’s house than any of my other accomplishments.”

The original painting is owned by the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

FYI: PR for the Oak Ridge Boys is handled by Sanford Brokaw
The Brokaw Company
9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 804
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Office: 310-273-2060
Fax: 310-276-4037
E-mail: brokawc@aol.com

Mothers And Daughters.. Maybe They Don't Understand Either

Georgetown University cultural linguistics prof Deborah Tannen has always provided great topics for talk on the difference languages being applied by men and women. Now, she takes on mothers and daughters too. Tannen identifies what's being unsaid. Mothers and daughters: Is any relationship as close or complex? She's on the interview circuit right now and if your listeners don't relate, I'm from Mars AND Venus..

It was Tannen who first showed us that men and women speak different languages. Mothers and daughters speak the same language–but still often misunderstand each other, as they struggle to find the right balance between closeness and independence. Both mothers and daughters want to be seen for who they are, but tend to see the other as falling short of who she should be. Each overestimates the other’s power and underestimates her own. Why do daughters complain that their mothers always criticize, while mothers feel hurt that their daughters shut them out? Why do mothers and daughters critique each other on the Big Three–hair, clothes, and weight–while longing for approval and understanding? And why do they scrutinize each other for reflections of themselves? Deborah Tannen answers these and many other questions as she explains why a remark that would be harmless coming from anyone else can cause an explosion when it comes from your mother or your daughter.

Way To Go, Dan!

Dan Halyburton can speak for me any time. Here's what he told the Feds this week in Washington.

"NAB believes there is no need for legislation at this time. Rather, the parties should have the opportunity to explore options and attempt to come to consensus. It is of utmost importance not to disrupt the digital radio roll-out currently underway. NAB remains willing to discuss developments and mechanisms to afford some agreed-on protection for content owners that will not threaten the digital radio transition that has been so long in coming to America’s radio listening public and America’s broadcasters."

Is David Lee Roth Blowing His Opportunity?

Former VAN HALEN front man DAVID LEE ROTH has angered broadcast bosses with his diva antics on his new radio talk show.

Give me an hour of Penn Jillette any time. He packs more into one hour than many take four times as long to get to. Prep: what a concept!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Toby Keith Did NOT Catch On Fire In Tacoma

A version of this story already circulating on the internet suggests that Toby Keith nearly caught fire Saturday night, but here's what really happened from the Seattle P-I.

When the lights went down at the Puget Sound area's Tacomadome, Keith introduced himself not by stepping onstage but by showing a Ford commercial on three stadium-sized screens.

The commercial featured the singer turned action hero battling aliens with his Ford truck before taking off like a bull through a chute to ram into the alien ship. Keith then burst onto the expansive Tacoma Dome stage in a mighty display of lights and explosions.

Let it be known that Toby Keith is a cowboy, damn it -- he knows how to make an entrance!

Without missing a beat, Keith and his 10-piece band dived right into "Honkytonk U." The thrilling rendition was replete with pyrotechnics blasting streamers and sparks and all manner of explosive excitement into the audience.

The momentum went right into "Get Drunk and Be Somebody" and "Whiskeygirl" before the flashy show almost caught one member of the band on fire. Not once but twice. (The second time forcing him to jettison his guitar and pat his shirt and face.) He soon moved to another part of the stage. (Note: A previous version of this story suggested that it was Toby Keith who nearly caught fire.) He soon moved to another part of the stage.

3 Of 5 Will Have More Marketing $$ In 2006

A BtoB online survey "2006 Marketing Priorities and Plans" of 366 senior marketing executives, conducted during the last week of November and the first week of December, found that 60.7% will be working with bigger budgets in 2006. Kate Maddox of BtoBOnline reports that 31.6% said their budgets would be flat. And only 7.7% said their budgets would decrease. The optimism is eleven points over last year.

- 81.0% of marketers plan no changes in their broadcast spending
- 80.0% will not change outdoor spending
- 46.0% plan no changes in their print and event marketing budgets
- 21.0% of respondents will decrease print advertising
- 15.0% will reduce outdoor advertising
- 14.0% will decrease events and telemarketing spending

Primary marketing goals found in the study included:

- 60.0% of respondents who said their primary marketing goal will be customer acquisition
- 20.8% who said brand awareness
- 11.5% who said customer retention

For the complete article , or charts and data, please access here.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Women's Armpits Are SEXY?

That's what the KUPL, Portland, Waking Crew was talking about this morning, according to "Executive" Producer Jim E. Chonga.

Not Even The NFL Minds If You Say "Soup"-er Bowl

The Salina Media Group and KYEZ's (Y-93.7) Souper-Bowl promotion is now in progress. The goal is togather 40,000 cans of soup by February 5th. The soup is being gathered in a large van located on the parking lot of the Sunrise Presbyterian Church. The soup will be distributed to the Food Bank, Salvation Army, Ashby House and the Rescue Mission.

So, take that, NFL laywers! They said "Soup-er Bowl" and are not sorry.

Can You Have Too Much Brevity?

Mediapost's George Simpson worries that you can indeed. So, in the last quarter hour, what did you do to make folks stop and really care, really listen?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekly Music Decisions: Moody's Bible

From the "what makes country different" department:

Bob Moody, VP/Programming of Regent Communications, has a hard and fast music rule which he feels helps his stations perform better with ultra-core diarykeepers. Back when he was VP/Programming for WPOC and Nationwide Radio Group he would drive record promoters nuts with his '12 weeks and off' rule. Just as their songs were starting to 'test,' and chart at the top, Moody would drop them. With today's more crowded media environment and lower average time spent listening he has modified it to be 26 weeks: "In general, I get concerned about songs that have been played for over six months, regardless of the rotation pattern."

Yes, Bob knows that many callout driven decision-makers like Cox Radio CEO Bob Neil would say that he's taking his best cards off the table too soon in a very competitive game. Cox country stations are legendary for keeping songs in power current and recurrent rotations for as long as a year or more.

Those folks might want to check Bob's ratings track record in markets of all sizes, from Chesapeake Bay to St. Cloud to Sacramento. Maybe his consistent success is due to his "XX weeks and off" rule or not, but it is true that Bob does many things to make his TSL above average and that rule is absolutely one of them.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

CRS: It's A Lot More Than Just An Annual Seminar

.. as much as, at this time of year, it starts to seem that way. A&O has been attending the
Country Radio Seminar since 1973. If that makes us a big booster of it, so be it. To put it bluntly: NO other format has anything like it!

Check out: Interep's
Country Radio info and sales kit

Red Cross PSA's:
Sugarland, Brooks & Dunn, Andy Griggs, Kenny Chesney

The CRB Video:
Windows Media Quicktime

Register for this year's event (Feb. 15-17, 2006)

Why Aren't Country Artists Visiting The Troops In Iraq?

"Country Insider" writer Phil Sweetland says that he ran into DALE EARNHARDT, JR., RICHARD and KYLE PETTY, ERNIE IRVAN, and artists TRISHA YEARWOOD, VINCE GILL, MICHAEL McDONALD, CHELY WRIGHT, and MONTGOMERY GENTRY at Nashville's first ever "Sound and Speed" event last week. He makes the statement that Chely Wright was the first artist of any genre to go into Baghdad and play live and then quotes her as saying “When we first went, it was kind of the sexy thing to do, it was on ABC-TV. It was a big deal. Then it waned, and people aren’t really going over there anymore. We’re being desensitized.”

But she told Sweetland that it is vital to keep helping and supporting those brave Americans. “A lot of artists are called to play for the troops, and it feels great to do it,” Chely said. “There’s nothing like those guys and gals.”

If it's true that "people aren’t really going over there anymore. We’re being desensitized...” I'd submit that it's time to RE-sensitize them! If you're looking for a mission, I'd commend that one to you right now.

To receive 52 issues of the Country Insider E-newsletter, send $26 payable to: PHIL SWEETLAND, PO Box 291346, Nashville TN 37229-1346.

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Better (ARB Scorecard) Mousetrap

Bill Hennes and his All About Country crew have come up with a nice to wrinkle as you compare your station's shares with others nationally. Now, you can track the total country format shares (requires free log-in) in various markets as well.

And, with response rates as inconsistent as they are and ethnic weighting adding an additional variable, this is a way to see how you did not just against the total market but also what percentage of the country share you got.

For example, if all country stations were down .. perhaps due to poor non-ethnic proportionality in your target .. but if your share of the total country shares trended up, I'd call that some good news worth running to the sales department with. Very cool.

Jacobs Media Knows Both Male Listeners AND Detroit

So, when I start thinking about going to Detroit for the big game.. I knew where to go. And, as usual, I was right about Jacobs' crew being ready. Check out their Super Bowl site.

Albright & O'Malley Pre-CRS Seminar On Valentine's Day

Albright & O’Malley present yet another reason to attend this year’s Country Radio Seminar and arrive a day early to attend the DJ Hall of Fame banquet. Lyric Street Records will open the event with a reception and buffet lunch to showcase material from the new album from Shedaisy which is due to be released on March 14. The talented trio is coming off a Gold Album and three top 10 hits. Their newest release, “I’m Taking The Wheel,” is nearing the national top 30 this week. The agenda for the session, to be held in the Ballroom of the Nashville Hilton Hotel on Tuesday, February 14, 2006:

Noon: Luncheon buffet, presented by Lyric Street Records
1:00 pm: Shedaisy live
1:30 pm: “Meet Your Target Listener” - Jaye Albright & Michael O'Malley reveal the results of the first-ever national format study of the 15,620 country radio listeners among the 117,737 consumers sampled in the last year by The Media Audit’s 87 markets. M.A.’s Phillip Beswick will assist in the presentation, which highlights qualitative profiles of mainstream country, alternative country/Americana, male country as well as classic country listeners and also details conversion ratio trends by narrow demos to show which age groups within our audience are growing and which ones are now listening less as their favorite stations than before. The advertisers to target as the best match for our listeners and the key characteristics of the specific markets where country is strongest will also be detailed.
2:15 pm: “An HD Radio Update” from Ibiquity’s Don Kelly. Learn about the newest devices, fresh from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and find out what it will take for this new technology to hit the tipping point, what you need to do to make it happen, as well as why it’s important to you.
2:45 pm: “Stationality 101.” Programming expert Mike McVay of McVay Media Consulting gets down to the basics of branding, focus and brings examples of stations who have defined their target’s values so well that listeners can hear and feel it consistently.
3:30 pm: “National Country Perceptual Trends.” FMR Research’s Bruce Fohr brings us up to date on the very good news for country as well as what drives country music preference in 2006, radio usage overall, new media’s impact on our core and he highlights potential opportunities and problems emerging on our strategic horizon.
4:15 pm: “Today’s Cross-Sectional (Diary) Ratings Vs The Coming Longitudinal (PPM) Survey.” dmr’s Tripp Eldredge reveals information collected by dmr and the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research at the University of Wisconsin, which dismisses some of the common myths of People Meter audience measurement while sharing the unique insight the A.C. Nielsen Center brings with years of experience using panel research. Eldredge will also share insights on what will and will not change with marketing in the PPM world.

Admission to this meeting is FREE and open to the public working in non-competitive situations with Albright & O’Malley clients, but is by invitation only. To receive an invitation, contact Michael O’Malley at 732 937-5757/Email:
Mike@radioconsult.com or Jaye Albright at 206 498-6261/Email: Jaye@radioconsult.com.

Reminder: CRS 37 (February 15-17, 2006) advance rate ENDS TODAY (January 20th!) Advanced Rate Registration is $550 - Register Online Here or download PDF form to fax or mail here

I Am Devoted To Kevin Carter's R&R Street Talk Daily

.. for heart-warming little tales like this one:

As the NFL playoffs head into the climatic “Final Four”weekend, CC/Denver Director/FM Programming JoeBevilacqua continues to stretch his 15 minutes of ST Daily fame — as long as his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers continue to win, that is. However, since he’s now living in the heart of enemy territory (Bronco fans), he’s been forced to downplay his Steel City allegiance, at least for business purposes: “So, after celebrating with many PatrĂ³n Silvers after the Steelers’ win over the Colts last Sunday, I had to go back into ‘serving the Denver listeners mode,’ so I’ve spent the week finding all kinds of ways to make fun of my beloved Steelers and the people of Pittsburgh,” he says, winking. Down the hall, KBPI is hoisting a Ford “Bronco” with a crane and will be dropping it on — you guessed it — “The Bus.” (Get it?) “Of course, I’ve also made many bets within the building,” Joe B tells R&R. “The most notable bet is the big one I made with KBPI PD/morning guy Willie B: If my Steelers win, Willie has to play the ‘Steelers Fight Song’ every morning, at my choosing, until the Super Bowl — plus, he has to fetch me breakfast. What he doesn’t know is that he’s going to have to call Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh for some overnight delivery. However, if the Broncos win, Willie — gulp — gets my Super Bowl tickets! Here we go, Steelers!”

In a related football tale, it’s no secret that KALC (Alice105.9)/Denver morning member Rich Stevens loves press— TV, radio, print — you name it, he friggin’ loves it. Stevens must have been head over heels this week when his voice and mug were plastered all over the local media when itwas revealed that he had been one of many victims of a Denver Broncos ticket scam that bilked him out of $600. With the Steelers in town this weekend to meet the Broncos for the AFC Championship, tickets are at a premium, so when Stevens spotted five tickets on eBay for $600, he pounced. “I got the confirmation e-mail telling me that I won the five tickets,” said Stevens, who, instead of using the recommended PayPal method [Ed. note: D’oh!], wired the money via Western Union to what he thought was a company called Square Trade. Oops. It soon became apparent that the $600 had actually been funneled to someone in London — and no tickets materialized. “When [morning cohorts] BJ and Howie realized it was a scam, they were amused,” says Stevens,who tried, unsuccessfully, to make them each cough up $200 to help defray his costs. “Suddenly, I’m getting calls from the Denver Post and every local TV station, wanting to do thestory,” Stevens says. “It was everywhere — people are suddenly recognizing me in public. I was in line at Target yesterday, and this lady said to me, ‘Hey, aren’t you tha tradio guy that got taken on eBay?’ then she started laughing. Then all these other people in line overheard, and everyone enjoyed a big laugh in Target! Geez!” Happy Epilogue: Sadly, while Stevens never did get his tickets, he did receive a more priceless gift: “That $600 bought me over 30 grand’s worth of TV time!” he says. “So far, the story has been on 19 times that we know of and will be onKDKA/Pittsburgh today!”

I love Kevin's headline: "Caller #9 gets invisible tickets." And, his take on the debut of the many ultra-niche HDRadio side channels yesterday: "Hybrid Polka/Klezmer HD channel debuts— no company will take credit."

Don’t Just Sit There, Contribute Something Big & Dumb To ST Daily.

Here's mine: Thanks, Kevin.. you make me smile every morning."

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sugarland Splits

Statement from Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush (1/17/06): "Kristen has decided that she wants to stay home and write songs, and we support her in that decision"

Keeping a group together is never easy.

The Future Of Radio

Yes, it's from a Libertarian political persepctive, and I sure don't agree with everything they posit, but whatever your politics, I think you'll agree that this is 16 thought-provoking pages you need to read and ponder from the D.C. think tank, The Progress and Freedom Foundation.

We Are The Chicken, Not The Egg

If terrestial radio doesn't 'lay' HDRadio, no one else will.

Call me a huckster for
Radio World, if you want, but they are covering the story in ways that no one else seems to be:

"For some time, Ibiquity Digital has been telling stations they need to "promote, promote, promote" HD Radio. Now, members of the new HD Radio alliance share the mantra, but RW's Leslie Stimson reports that "Confusion Reigns About HD Radio."

If we don't commit some major resources to fix that problem - and soon, 'ain't nothing good gonna happen!'

Bonneville Thinks They "Get" Gen X News

And, their new WTOP-FM news website certainly sets a good example for the rest of us, from the fact that they stream, to the writing style and vocaubulary (for example, they'd never make use of a big word like that one and would say instead 'the words they use') .. to web video traffic reports.

Next, they need to work on that AP copy that is RSS'd to the site. (Too many passive verbs to start with..) More compelling: everything must be active and immediate, with some sarcasm added too for good measure. CBC's Much Music DJ turned news anchor George "Strombo" is setting a good example of how to seriously cover today's hot topics without becoming the Daily Show or Stephen Colbert, imho.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I Am Groundhog. Hear Me Roar

When I hear that promo idea-meister Doug Harris is on McVay Media's website giving away free ideas, I start clickin'.


Tim McGraw On Tonight's Golden Globe Awards

He is one of 45+ stars confirmed as presenters at the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, telecast live on NBC-TV.

Meanwhile, that comment from McGraw last week stating that he'd like to run for Tennessee's Governor at some point picked up an endorsement over the weekend from Former President Bill Clinton.

A New Market Opportunity Every 14 Seconds

The resident population of the United States, projected to 01/10/06 at 15:24 GMT (EST+5) is 297,880,995 according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census. And, since it's not a static number, here's how to stay current:

Add one birth every 8 seconds
Subtract one death every 12 seconds
Add one international migrant every 31 seconds
Or, just round to a net gain of one person every 14 seconds
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division

The world population clock displays estimates produced by the bureau's International Programs Center. As of January 1, the world population stood at 6,488,578,564, a figure rising by 6.3 million a month.

Cheryl Russell, editorial director, New Strategist Publications, writes that at this rate the U.S. population will surpass 300 million on December 20, 2006. Russell reports that for a developed country, the United States birthrate is high. In the world as a whole, the average woman has 2.60 children during her lifetime, according to data published by the CIA. From the highest fertility rate to the lowest, the United States ranks 131 out of 226 countries. Niger was number 1, with 7.55 children born per woman. In the United States, the average woman has 2.08 children. The U.S. fertility rate is higher than the rate in 42 percent of the world's countries, including Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, and Brazil. Hong Kong has the lowest fertility rate, with the average woman having only 0.93 children in her lifetime.

In 2004, the United States recorded 4.1 million births, rivaling the numbers during the peak of the baby boom, says Russell. While the higher fertility rate of the nation's Hispanics (2.82 children) sometimes gets the credit (or blame) for this, in fact the fertility rate of non-Hispanic white women (1.85 children) is higher than the fertility rate of 31 percent of the world's countries including most of Western Europe and Canada. The fertility rate of non-Hispanic white women is higher than the fertility rate of women in Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, and Iran. For more on American Consumers, visit this site or this one.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

St Jude's Training Session Keynote: Tony La Russa

In you were in Memphis over the weekend, you probably
want to know more about this guy La Russa who did such a great job motivating everyone to focus on getting the job at hand done in a professional manner, excluding distractions. If you weren't there, all the more reason you need to know more about this guy who took 11 teams to the playoffs and his take on winning: "People generally set their standards below capacity. We all have a lot of stretching that we're capable of."


Cat Country 98-7 (WYCT), Pensacola, colors everything identified with the station a very bright yellow, including all of their station vehicles. The theory: see yellow, think about The Cat.

Y-93.7 (KYEZ), Salina, gives fans of the Bill Ray and Dave Foor morning show a nice certificate, suitable for framing on hard stock paper. (If the name "Barnyard Bunch" offends you as a country stereotype, I'd suggest a drive through central Kansas for a quick reality check!)

Five Tips For Managing A Creative Organization

Tom Freston was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as he takes over as chief of the new Viacom:

1. Put great creative people at the top.
2. Ensure ideas flow from the bottom up with a minimum of hierarchy.
3. Maniacally know your audience.
4. Hire passionate diverse employees.
5. Have a lot of fun.

The changes in the organization have already started.

A Million-Dollar Ah-Ha

editorial in Friday's Financial Times is about a lot more than just a smart and lucky student who figured out how to make money on the internet.

It's about the content on your website (and ours too).

MillionDollarHomePage.Com is the creation of British college student Alex Tew. He wanted to use the internet to earn money for college and came up with the idea of selling 1,000,000 pixels on his website for $1 each. Most of the pixel blocks are used for advertising logos linking to other websites. Alex describes himself as a pixel hustler and apparently it's working because he's sold more than $900,000 worth of space on the million dollar homepage, and international media including the Wall Street Journal, and now the FT too, have written about him.

Help the kid make another few $$ now with a click.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Five Powerful Words To Work With

"Accountability, Initiative, Innovation, Teamwork, Knowledge"
-- under the signature of Jim "JJ" Johnston, incoming General Manager for Corus Radio, Vancouver (who is heading west after holding down the same responsibilities in Toronto)

Big Research: What's Hot?

HDTV just barely edges out larger savings accounts as consumers’ choice for what’s hot this month (72.7% to 72.6%).

The Chronicles of Narnia, iPod Video, and the NFL playoffs follow, edging King Kong out of the Top 5.

Among those 18-34, satellite radio is also out of this world, while those 35+ also get a kick out of ballroom dancing.

What’s Not?

Brangelina and TomKat who? Celebrity sleaze and trashy tabloids are just that – garbage.

Consumers start 2006 off with a bang…confidence is up! 48.2% now say they are very confident/confident in chances for a strong economy, up about 4½ points from last month, and down only half a point from last year (48.7%).

With the late December announcement to reduce the number of US troops in Iraq, those concerned with political/national security issues on the decline…16.1% continue to worry, down from 20.2% last month and 19.0% in January 2005.

The holiday shopping buzz still hasn’t worn off…with post-holiday bargains still to be had, fewer consumers contend they’ve become more practical and realistic in their purchases, now at 45.0% (v. 45.5% in December), although an increase from the same time last year (39.7%).

Data from BIGresearch, 100 Old Wilson Bridge, Suite 205, Worthington, Ohio 43085 • 614-846-0146 • 614-846-0156 • info@bigresearch.com. If you'd like their free monthly trends briefing: SUBSCRIBE

Cox's Justin Case: WZZK New Lineup "A Home Run"

Cox, Birmingham PR: "WZZK now has a hot new attitude and a great new stable of local personalities."

(The current country ratings champion, CCU's (102-5 The Bull) WDXB.
And, in this corner, the challenger: WZZK)

A&O doesn't have a dog in this fight, but having worked extensively in the past with both Clear Channel OM Doug Hamand and Case - two very strong programmers - this battle will be very much worth watching!

Mediabase 24/7 reports the most spun songs in the last seven days on the two stations, showing that both stations are slicking closely to callout and nobody's taking any chances with the music in Birmingham:

102-5 The Bull - 7 day spins

SUGARLAND/Something More - 48
KEITH URBAN/Better Life - 44
CRAIG MORGAN/Redneck Yacht Club - 44
KEITH URBAN/Making Memories Of Us - 43
TOBY KEITH/As Good As I Once Was - 39
GEORGE STRAIT/She Let Herself Go - 39
GEORGE STRAIT/You'll Be There - 38
RASCAL FLATTS/Bless The Broken - 37
BILLY CURRINGTON/Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right Mercury - 34
MONTGOMERY GENTRY Something To Be Proud Of - 34

WZZK - 7 day spins

KENNY CHESNEY/Who You'd Be Today - 63
BILLY CURRINGTON/Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right - 63
SUGARLAND/Something More Mercury - 62
MONTGOMERY GENTRY/Something To Be Proud Of - 62
LEANN RIMES/Probably Wouldn't Be This Way - 62
DIERKS BENTLEY/Come A Little Closer - 47
GEORGE STRAIT/She Let Herself Go - 45
CARRIE UNDERWOOD/Jesus, Take The Wheel - 45
JOE NICHOLS/Tequila Makes Her Clothes - 32
FAITH HILL & TIM MCGRAW/Like We Never Loved At All - 32

Friday, January 13, 2006

Kenny And Renee Together In Nashville

You might think that after such a sensational marriage and quick annulment, Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger might not be the best of friends. Yet they continue to be seen together, including in the Nashville area like last Friday in a Franklin, TN sub shop according to the Tennessean. When asked if the friendly meeting might mean reconciliation, Kenny’s publicist, Holly Gleason said, “They’re must friends.The media made so much more out of everything that the public has no clarity about any of it. And that's the tragedy. They're two nice people who don't choose to live in public."

Where does Neil Haislop learn this stuff? If you see Neil and Holly Gleason together, keep an eye on who is paying for the drinks..

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Financial Page

BIA reports this morning that radio ownership dealmaking remained flat last year: “This trend indicates that potential buyers are looking for strategic acquisitions in smaller markets since there are few, if any, radio stations available in the larger markets where most of the strong stations are already part of local clusters. Also, by developing a cluster of radio stations in an unrated market, groups can work with Arbitron to establish it as a rated market.” (In 1996, there were 261 Arbitron markets, and now there are 296)

Meanwhile, Inside Radio's Tom Taylor reports Harris Nesbitt's Radio Airtime Monitor detected 7.7% less commercial time in December 2005 compared to December '04: "Analyst Lee Westerfield says revenue yield per minute grew an estimated 7.7% and notes that Clear Channel was the group that cut back the most on inventory among groups in the survey - 19% less ad time. The average top ten market radio station ran 11 minutes of commercial time a year ago in December, compared to ten minutes this year. (These are the same financial folks who are sounding very bearish on radio right now)

It's Time To Enter The ACM Radio Awards

The Academy of Country Music's Radio Station of the Year award will now include winners in Major, Medium and Small Market divisions and the On-Air Personality of the Year trophy will now be awarded to winners in National, Major, Medium and Small market categories as well. In the past, there was only one winner for each award.

To enter a station or on-air personality for consideration or for more information click here.

The 41st annual Academy of Country Music Awards will be held on May 23 in Las Vegas.

Morning Show Boot Camp Awards II

The Morning Show Bootcamp is now accepting entries for its Second Annual Awards. The awards are scheduled to take place on August 12 at Chicago's Swissotel. For rules, registration and details, go to www.morningshowbootcamp.com.

What Women Want (In Seattle AC, At Least)

Look around you on the dial. AC is changing, and it's important that you know what impact that may have on your audience. Do you know who The Fray, Anna Nalick, Lifehouse and O.A.R. are? Do you know which hits of the 80's your 24-44's love?

Here is what one of Seattle's best adult contemporary programmers is thinking right now, thanks to the Seattle P-I's radio columnist Bill Virgin.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Garth Including Trisha Duet

countrynation.com is reporting a new duet from Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. The title of the song is "Love Will Always Win." It is set to go to radio next week. The site is also reporting that Yearwoods' Jasper County will be re-released with the song included. The release date for that album is February 7, 2006. Brooks will release the song on a new album from him that will include the single and 5 additional new tracks. There is no release date available at this time for that new album, but rumors are saying "very soon."

I also have it on good authority that there may be a Garth Brooks tour '07!

The Radio Funny Book

Bob Doll wrote the book on radio. Reach him at 830-379-7549.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Growing Web of Ideas

Funny. Some folks do such great email marketing that I actually look forward to their missives. Like TAZ (click that link to see his latest). Here's a highlight:

It’s becoming apparent that Radio is finally starting to realize the earning power of their websites. I'm blown away by your imagination and creativity.

Somebody who doesn't get the web told me "We want to keep our web ideas to ourselves." Dear friend, that's tough to do; put it on the World Wide Web - AND - keep it a secret? The web is very much about "Can you top this." That’s a good thing - not bad.

The point is to tell more people, not fewer. That's how we start an Idea Virus. Every new twist on a new idea brings more ideas.

Email Jim Taszarek.

Seahawks Playoff Fever (Newspapers Need Cume Too)

Ya have to hand it to Entercom's KIRO Radio and the Seattle Times. I guess you could call this promotion, "Read, Listen and Win." This cardboard sign was inserted into every Seattle Sunday paper.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Giving Away "Your Two Cents' Worth"

Longtime promotion vet Ken Van Durand, whose email address says it all for what he is doing these days, can't stop thinking about his specialty and fortunately A&O is a recipient of his ideas:

See this story for the setup

"Not an original idea---but still seems valid. I think the new two cent stamp comes in a sheet of 20. So, for forty cents a radio station can give away enough stamps to take care of most of the 37 cent stamps people have. Giving away "your two cents worth" does not cost much...but what listeners actually win is time...and no one likes spending time in line...especially in line waiting for a government worker to go into action. You can give away to first five callers every break and never go broke! So, give away stamps...the gift of time. Have the morning show or an intern stand in line to get the stamps (and of course do that live on air too)...everyone wins."

Bad Music? Prejudice? Or, Both? (Give Me A Break)

Wouldn't you know that this angle would come from New Yorkers at The Village Voice?

"Here's the thing: pop music, as it exists in 2005, is basically black music, and it has been for some time. Country music is enormously popular. But country music is hugely, overwhelmingly white enough that it becomes an obvious target for the people who don't buy it, almost a punchline in itself. No matter how many millions of albums Nashville's country industry sells every year, it still has a massive jones to sell to the people who don't buy it, who treat it like a joke. And so they do stuff like holding the CMAs in New York and bringing in Elton John. But Nashville executives know that country won't stop being such a huge target until it stops being so goddam white. And there's the problem."

If this is the PR fallout from taking the CMA Awards to Gotham, I can't wait to get back to Music City next year. (The best part of the story are the comments folks are adding in response to it, so read all the way down to the end.)

Tix In '06

WMIL, Milwaukee,
OM Kerry Wolfe turns the phrase first to my knowledge. It caught my ear!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Want To Be "KIng" Of Your Local Media?

Study at the feet of the master: Did Stern Get Married? We'll Know On Monday.

I learned a new phrase from Pete Curtis, News Director, at Country 95.5, Lethbridge today. They test every story with "ICE." Is it interesting, compelling, entertaining?

Now, Edmonton's "Big Earl" Shows His Hand Too

Crack the Code debuted in 2004 on Johannesburg, South Africa’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo and aired nationally in Australia’s major markets the same year. The game is built on patent-pending Tone Activated Game Technology that enables listeners to control the game, live-to-air, with the keypad on their phone.

Here's the hype:

“Crack the Code immediately puts us in mind of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire in terms of its stellar production, stand-out branding, and exciting on-air execution,” says Shawn Smith, President of Vancouver's Momentum Marketing. “We’re delighted to bring the game to programmers here.”

“We are thrilled to be the first station in North America to air Crack the Code,” says Rob Mise, Operations Manager of The New Big Earl 96.3. “This promotion is a TSL Machine and it comes complete with a web game, promos, beds, liners – everything we need to make it our own. We’re rushing it to more of our stations!”

Canada's BBM "S-1-2006" Begins Monday And They're Ready In London...

Click here to read the rules and regulations of this contest

Julian Breen's Champaigne Toast

Thanks to Inside Radio's Tom Taylor (609 883-3321) for taking time to print this today:

Julian Breen, the consultant, researcher and former Greater Media programmer who died last Fall (October 31 Inside Radio), will be remembered with a “celebration of a life well-lived, and a champagne toast” on Saturday, January 21, 3pm at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Pennington, NJ.

If you can't make it to Pennington on that date, here's another nice toast to Julian, a true gentle man.

Is Country At The Station Saturation Point Yet?

Kevin Carter's R&R Street Talk nails it this morning:

Could this be the end of The End?
While Citadel Alternative KKND (106.7 The End)/New Orleans has been off the air since Katrina hit last August, ST Daily stumbled upon some alleged sales department info floating around the market that suggests that when the station turns the power back on, it may reappear as “Rockin’ Country 106.7,”dishing out a steaming hot plate of, well, rock and country hits. PD Sig and MD Vydraare reportedly still in mornings as The Morning Train Reck and Mike Shannon in afternoons. But are those who forget history doomed to repeat it? The same thing was done on the same frequency in the mid-’90s ... with limited success: WGTR (106.7 The Gator) blasted the bayou with rockin’ country — which lasted a whole year before flipping to Smooth Jazz. Cue our pukey announcer: “Staaaay tuuuuuuned!”

In spite of Big Earl, Willie, Hank, and lots of new Cats, Dogs, Wolves et al, country remains the one format where fragmentation has not been a successful attack strategy. Taking on a strong incumbant requires lots of marketing dollars (and some smarts in deploying them!), a great on air crew (especially a morning show which "gets" evolving contemporary country values) and a great strategy based on perceived weaknesses of the leader.

Carving off a piece of the country target pie may get you some trade publication headlines for a few months, but unless you know how to turn small shares, or upper demos into dollars, I'd advise caution, or at least a realization that two or three year turnarounds don't often happen in the country format.

It has always been thus: a form of music gets hot, just like country is now, and then too many hopeful lemmings change to it, causing cume to increase but average TSL to dip. The longtime leaders have been through this cycle more than once.

It takes lots of staying power and stamina to win the country race. That's a theorem which remains as true today as it was during the last format boom in the early 1990's.

Some friendly advice: if you're looking at taking that road, get a roadmap.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

In The News Biz "Speed Kills Reputations"

When it comes to drugs, they used to say, speed kills. When it comes to journalism, they still say, speed kills reputations. In Philly, we went to sleep counting two victories - Penn State over Florida State, and the Sago miners over death. We awoke to the mind-rocking shock that 11 miners had died, and one survived, the opposite of what was broadcast a few hours earlier - and printed in early editions of American newspapers, including this one. A journalism cliche they also used to say warns, "If your mother says she loves you - check it out."
-- (read more - Stu Bykofsky-Philly Daily News)

Murphy Martin's Most Meaningful Mindsets

The Six most important words are: "I admit I made a mistake!"
The five most important words are: "You did a good job!"
The four most important words are: "What is your opinion?"
The three most important words are: "If you please!"
The two most important words are: "Thank you!"
The one most important word is: "WE!"

May we be resolute in our resolutions for 2006 and may our conversations contain many positive we actions instead of wee works! Working together at home, at city hall, or in Washington will provide a more enjoyable year. May it so be!
-- Murphy Martin

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Check Your Signal In Hot Zips From Your Office Chair

Thanks to Morris Radio Group Director of Engineering Jay White for this tip. I could spend the whole day today clicking on this page!

I Still Favor Faxing To Workplaces

As long as you have a notice on any fax you send to listeners that says at the bottom of each page: "This fax from radio station XXXX is in response to a request from a loyal listener, but if you'd like to be removed from our mailing list simply fax this back to (phone number) with the word "stop" (or something similar) written on it."

AND, you simply must purge that number from the list before refaxing anything else to it. I know it's a lot of work. But, if your competition stops faxing to workplaces just because it's a little too much work, don't you want to be the one who goes that extra mile to stay in touch with your listeners? But, of course, I don't give legal advice, so be sure your attorney agrees with my position too.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Neal McCoy & Wrangler® Get “Tough” on Breast Cancer

Are you tough enough to wear pink? That is the question Neal McCoy & the Wrangler® brand, the western wear icon, asks consumers as it launched the Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP) initiative. Proceeds from a special-edition pink shirt benefit breast cancer research.

As the leader in western lifestyle apparel since 1947 and the originator of the Cowboy Cut® jean, the Wrangler® brand is using its strength and association with the rugged cowboy lifestyle to honor breast cancer survivors and the brave women and men who continue to battle the disease.

“Breast cancer touches everyone,” said Phil McAdams, president, Wrangler® Specialty Apparel. “Tough Enough to Wear Pink is our way of recognizing the courageous women and men who face the disease and the family and friends who face it with them. We hope to use the strength of the Wrangler® brand to help lead the western industry to raise money in the fight against breast cancer and support such a universal cause.”

A redesigned Wrangler® rope emblem in the shape of the renowned breast cancer ribbon signifies the parallels between the cowboys who won the West and the brave women and men who are determined to win the battle against breast cancer. The initiative culminated in December at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the 10-day western extravaganza in Las Vegas. Rodeo contestants wore the special-edition TETWP shirt during the Friday, Dec. 9 rodeo performance. Additionally, the Wrangler® brand along with TETWP partner brands – the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), Justin Boots, Coors, Dodge, Jack Daniels, Las Vegas Events, Montana Silversmiths and Resistol Hats – made monetary donations for each winning performance from that night’s rodeo to breast cancer research.

“The concept of tough cowboys wearing pink might sound funny, but that contrast is what makes Tough Enough to Wear Pink so special,” said Karl Stressman, director of sponsorships, Wrangler Specialty Apparel. “Pink will symbolize courage, strength and determination when the western industry comes together in the fight against breast cancer.” The Wrangler TETWP shirt is sold in western specialty retailers nationwide where Wrangler Western Wear is found.

The TETWP program extends through Wrangler’s 2006 rodeo sponsorship program benefiting local breast cancer research organizations chosen by local PRCA rodeo committees.Wrangler® Western Wear is available at over 2,500 western specialty, mid-tier and workwear stores nationwide that provide quality men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.

For more information on Neal McCoy contact: Jim Havey, 615-251-8802
For more information on Wrangler contact: Sarah Allen, 919-832-6300
For more information on Wrangler/Country Music Initiatives contact: Kirt Webster, 615-777-6995 x24