Monday, October 31, 2005

Toronto's Temp Gets Down To 2-4 Degrees These Nights...

98.1 CHFI, Sleep Country Canada and the Ontario Science Centre are working together on the annual "Give a Kid a Coat" program.

For a total of 98 hours starting on Wednesday November 3 CHFI's afternoon drive home guy Bob Magee will be camping out in the parking lot at the Ontario Science Centre.

Not that they are competitive or anything, but in the wake of the above, keep an eye on what Standard's Easy Rock 93.7 FM has in store to follow up Halloween's "Boo At The Zoo" and their new morning team, Stu & Colleen (formerly of Country 95.3).

"The Twelve Dogs of Christmas"

Author and producer available for interviews.

CONTACT: Emma Kragen (Author) and Ken Kragen (Executive Producer) are available for interview. Contact Ken Kragen at 310-854-4400 or via E-mail at

DETAILS: Emma Kragen, author of the holiday book "The Twelve Dogs of Christmas" is available for interview this holiday season. The book has been turned into a full-length, live-action feature. The book has sold more than 400,000 copies. Emma wrote the book on the back of a restaurant placemat at the age of seven. Now a teenager, the title song from the film will be featured on more than 100 radio stations this Christmas season.

Ms. Kragen is the daughter of superstar manager and educator Ken Kragen. Ken has been Involved with the careers of many major stars (Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Olivia Newton-John, Travis Tritt, Trisha Yearwood, The Bee Gees and many others). He also had a great time producing television shows and films as well as big events such as “We Are The World,” “Hands Across America” and parts of “LiveAid.”

Kragen said "Few things have ever been as close to my heart or as important to me as the November 1st release of the movie “The 12 Dogs Of Christmas” on DVD. Visit, to view the movie trailer and all sorts of fun things. You can see Emma's documentary, read Ken's daily production diary and much more. The DVD is available everywhere 11-1-05, especially on-line and in 3400 Wal*Mart stores.

“The 12 Dogs Of Christmas” Is a movie for the whole family that was made by two families, the Kragens and the Merrills. Academy Award winning writer/director Keith Merrill has give this project a beautiful look and it’s a very special story for the holiday season. This film has a lot of love in it. Interestingly the same young men who did “Napoleon Dynamite” produced it but other than their mutual low budgets there is little similarity between the two movies.

RASCAL FLATTS Breakthrough Touring Act

NEIL HAISLOP reports they received a Billboard Touring Award as Break-Through Touring Act during Billboard's "Roadwork '05" Touring Conference held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York this week.

The band, whose "Here's To You Tour" is currently ranked as the #2 country tour, behind Chesney, and #8 in all genres, took the '05 trophy besting out Coldplay, who were also eligible.

The award recognizes an artist or band in its first decade that cracks the top 25 tours listings for the first time. The Billboard Touring Awards, which recognizes the year's highest achievements in the concert industry, are based on data provided by the Billboard Boxscore reports. Rascal Flatts 2005 "Here's To You" continues with shows in Salt Lake, Boise and Spokane next weekend an runs through December 3.

For up-to-date information on Rascal Flatts, click.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Toby Keith: Oklahoma Music Hall of Famer

Keith was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame on Thursday. Toby performed some of his biggest hits acoustically at the induction ceremony, also attended by honoree Carrie Underwood and fellow Show Dog artist Scotty Emerick. In other Toby news, A&E is working on a Biography segment expected to air before year’s end.

Toby hosts CMT: Outlaws, premiering this Friday night at 8PM EST on CMT. Merle Haggard, Billy Joe Shaver, David Allan Coe, Shelby Lynne and Jack Ingram also join the party.

The Josh Turner Fund

Turner has established a non-profit account to help music programs which are threatened by a lack of funding.

The Josh Turner Fund is a non-profit account set up to help keep and get music into our schools, and is now accepting donations of gently used instruments or cash/checks.

Youth Action, Trick Or Treat For UNICEF

Click here to launch an animated Halloween e-card from Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

- Remain highly visible. Carry a flashlight or glow stick, or wear reflective tape.
- Trick-or-treat only in neighborhoods with which you are familiar, and don't go out alone.
- Make sure your costume falls no lower than your ankles to avoid tripping and falling.
- Use crosswalks. Look both ways when crossing the street and do not cross from behind parked cars.
- Carry a slip of paper with your name, address and phone number in case you get separated from your group.
- Discuss with your parents what time you will be home.
- Never go into strangers' homes.
- Dispose of any candy with loose wrappers — "When in doubt, throw it out!"
- Be polite when Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF

Bill Whyte "Off The Wall"

The B-105, Cincinnati morning guy took a bunch of the fun, novelty songs (like his current and very topical one "The Dipstick Song") to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville a few months ago and the result is a funny album that any morning show is going to want to tap into. The first clue that Bill takes his music seriously, but does not take himself all that seriously is the name of his label: "Whyte Trash Records."

Get a copy by calling Alan Rommelfanger at 805 492-0707.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Walk The Line - Watch For This Flick Locally

He picked cotton, sold door to door, and served in the Air Force.

He was a voice of rebellion that changed the face of rock and roll.

An outlaw before today's rebels were born and an icon they would never forget. He did all this before turning 30.

And his name was Johnny Cash.

WALK THE LINE explores the early years of the music legend, an artist who transcended musical boundaries to touch people around the globe. As his music changed the world, Cash's own world was rocked by the woman who became the love of his life: June Carter. Thursday November 17th JRfm, Vancouver, presents an exclusive premiere of Walk the Line starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. They are giving away the tickets on their website: Enter here

Here's another way to use your station's internet site for giveaways, as London's CJBX invited its email database to answer a trivia question to gain entrance to a Road Hammers' private listener showcase (the "BX93 VIP Concert Series").

Aaron Tippin Armed Services YMCA National Spokesperson

Since the Civil War, the Armed Services YMCA has consistently provided educational, recreational, social and spiritual programs to military members and their families. The Armed Services YMCA, an affiliate of the YMCA of the USA and headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, has more than 150 program locations around the world.

Aaron Tippin will be serving as the organization's national spokesperson. The announcement was made Friday during an event for military families and supporters at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, where Tippin helped to kick off ASYMCA's 10th annual Military Family Month.

Formally established by ASYMCA in 1996, Military Family Month is a time to demonstrate the nation's support for and commitment to the families of military personnel.

For more info on ASYMCA or to donate: 800-597-1260

Media Contacts:
For Aaron Tippin: Kirt Webster / 615.777.6995 x24
For ASYMCA: Allison Gilmore / 202.715.1524

This Is True

If you get this column in your local paper, you probably don't need me to tell you that it can be a wonderful source of "Knuckleheads in the News" type stories. But, if you aren't aware of it, and find stories like:

An unnamed newspaper carrier in Jacksonville, Fla., was confronted by a man who said the carrier had forgotten to deliver hisnewspaper. When the 56-year-old carrier asked the man for his address to check his list, the man responded by pulling a gun. "Give me a paper," he demanded at gunpoint. The carrier handed over a paper, then called police. Officers found Christopher M. Cooper, 26, hiding in a cooler at a gas station, a gun in his car, and marijuana in his pocket. He was charged with armed robbery of the 50-cent paper, and drug possession. (Jacksonville Times-Union) ...Actually, the more interesting edition of the paper was the next day's, which contained this story.

..tempting as 'talk-abouts,' you will want to get Randy Cassingham, the crazy guy who accumulates these items and edits the "This is True" column as a show guest, email him.

Want to subscribe to his weekly email? Click here.

If you do this type of benchmark, please keep in mind that thousands of other air personalities around the world do exactly the same thing. So, have you created a unique way to really make it YOURS? Are you localizing it? If not, are you simply doing "the Randy Cassingham show?"

Personality is NOT just saying cute or even very funny things. It's conveying your perspective, values and point of view in a way that your listeners RELATE to it and CARE about it.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Are you in compliance with the FCC?

Walter Powers at JRN/Seattle puts together a great weekly e-package for their clients each Friday. He was kind enough to give us a peek this week and this item bears forwarding along:

FCC Checkup: Get Right With "The Man"
Are you in compliance with the FCC? FCC Legal ID: ID should be run as close to the top of each hour as possible and should include station's call letters, immediately followed by the community or communities listed on the station's license. The name of the licensee, the channel of operation, and the frequency may be inserted between the call sign and the community -- but nothing else may be inserted there. Translator ID should run 3 times per day and include call sign and location. The identification must occur 3 times daily: once between 7 A.M. and 9 A.M., once between 12:55 P.M. and 1:05 P.M., and once between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M.

For more info on Lia, Danny, Bill Cody's weekly classics show or other JRN offerings, call Walter at 800 426-9082.

Pyro Marketing

PyroMarketing involves four simple, but effective steps.
-Gather the driest tinder: Promote to the people most likely to buy.
-Touch it with the match: Give them an experience with your product or service.
-Fan the flames: Help them tell others.
-Save the Coals: Keep a record of who they are.

This is an idea-filled new book, worth a read. In a nutshell: it's great for radio, because you already have the community of users. You just have to start treating your listeners as if they are members of one.

EBay Can Be Hilarious

Retired music biz exec and promotion vet Ken Van Durand coped with the aftermath of the latest Florida hurricanes by shopping for clothes on EBay and shares what he found with us:
The "Description" is laugh out loud funny and there are some good chuckles in the Q&A.
Enjoy, - KVD

Proud American

Rob Tanner, Cara & Chris at WSOC-FM, Charlotte are saluting Proud American listeners.

Politics and Religion

.. have always been good topic areas for most (but the most skilled) of us to avoid. Now, that appears to be more true than ever as Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham has thrown out claims by Initiative 912 backers that the reporting of KVI talk radio hosts’ on-air support as political campaign contributions has had a “chilling” effect on free speech rights.

“Their relationship to the campaign and their open advocacy of the campaign demonstrated their intention to use valuable media time to support the campaign. Their actions were not accidental and the impact on the campaign was not incidental,” Wickham added. “Anything less than the facts in this case might well not be a reportable contribution.”

The lesson, as this Washington State judge says radio talk shows can be campaign contributions, for the majority of us:

...point of view (how you feel, your perspective) = good, important.

BUT, opinion = potentially dangeorus (even in this age when John Stewart is seen as a newscaster and 'old news' is attracting smaller audiences).

A WORD TO THE WISE: Passion and perspective is in, but controverial politics (unless that's what you want to be famous for) is not. Or, do you have a different spin on it?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The IPOD Will Die By 2007?

Marc Freedman, a Consulting Analyst to The Diffusion Group, is predicting an early demise for the IPOD.

He calls it “the creation, and victim, of its own success” and that it will die by 2007.

Freedman says that only in the last two months, AOL, Yahoo, and Apple have integrated podcasting into their Web sites and software. It’s only a matter of time, he postulates, until podcasting is integrated into all major media players, much like other media technologies. And because of the widespread availability of podcasting services, podcasting will enjoy rapid growth over the next 12 months as these services and products build upon one another. Despite widespread publicity, podcasting remains unfamiliar to most North American consumers.

Podcasting, he says, will become less about MP3 players and more about consuming subscription-based audio programming on desktop PCs, laptops. PDAs, and cell phones. But Freedman says the technology and tenets of podcasting will be permanent. The underlying technologies and the concept of subscription-based digital audio distribution will survive through many generations of consumer platforms and services.

Hats off the Canadian broadcast trade journal publisher Howard Christensen, for spotting the story.

People's Choice Awards move to Tuesday

RBR's Jim Carnegie remembers when Sunday was a "safe" night for awards shows - - a female-skewing genre that didn't have to worry about competition from pro football? No more. ABC's "Desperate Housewives" is apparently making other nets look for other nights on which to air award show specials. CBS has announced that the People's Choice Awards will air on January 10th, a Tuesday, with "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson as MC. "The 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards" is being produced by Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. The People's Choice Awards is fully sponsored by products of Procter & Gamble.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good Ride Cowboy = Leroy the Redneck Reindeer??

Steve Holstein on his WIXY, Champaign, morning show played the new Garth Brooks. As it played a listener called to say she thinks the music is a rip-off of Joe Diffie's "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer."

He shared the story with his InterPrep subscribers this morning: For your own use, here's her call. You can figure out what to say in between her cuts.

To see if she's right, pretend you put together this back-and-forth montage of Good Ride Cowboy and Leroy the Redneck Reindeer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time Spent Listening Rankers

If you're not an Inside Radio subscriber, you probably haven't visited their website lately. Which means that you have not seen Mike Kinosian's great tracking of the stats that Canadians call "hours tuned."

You do not have to be an IR subscriber to see them, and until the PPM arrives, TSL is the diary survey ballgame:

Minute By Minute — the latest on TSL by format

Time Spent Listening — market by market.

Country's average TSL on a per station basis: 63:53 (minutes:seconds) per day.

The top 10 major market country TSL stations in the Spring 2005 ARB:

1. KTHT-FM/Houston 75:15 (The original Cox-owned Country Legends major market station)
2. WPOC-FM/Baltimore 73:02
3. KYGO-FM/Denver 73:01
4. WDSY-FM/Pittsburgh 73:03
5. KNCI-FM/Sacramento 73:02
6. KMPS-FM/Seattle 71:01
7. KMLE-FM/Phoenix 71:04
8. KUPL-FM/Portland 71:02
9. WGAR-FM/Cleveland 71:01
10. KEEY-FM/Minneapolis 69:03

More than three of four Top 25 Market Country stations last spring (77%) had 12+ TSLs between 60-75 minutes a day.

PS, FYI - If Mike had looked at it 25-54 instead of 12+ that #1 station would have been quite different, but the rest of the ranking would have been very similar.

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Trend I Want To Encourage

Sara Evans recorded an open-ended interview that came with her RCA "Real Fine Place To Start" LP and American Idol winner/Arista act Carrie Underwood also just did one. To me, this makes so much more sense and is much more customizable, usable material than wasting time putting out a one hour album preview special that will either not get run at all, or get buried late at night.

A quick :30-:45 second interview bit along with a song can add lustre to almost any time period. Anything longer, talking about songwriters, the video shoot and which record producer and musicians they used is simply boooooooring.

Tip for talent: look constantly for quick B and A artist snippets on every syndicated show your station runs and repurpose them with strong production values to make them "yours." And, be watchful for those open-ended interviews. They can be golden, if you're selective about what you run and edit them with your listeners asking the questions or other creative ways.

Ditto with those live via satellite interviews. Never do them live. Always record and edit them before airing so every artist on your show always has great content, never rambles or comes off as anything but compelling.

Donald, Martha.. You're Fired; Pensacola's WYCT, You're Hired

The Cat Country 98.6 Apprentice is paying out big money for the third book in a row. Each weekday they’re ‘hiring’ Cat Country Listeners to become the Cat Country Apprentice. Listeners can make "big money" just for listening to the radio and it's their "only duty" to ‘fire’ the person who’s place they take.

Apply now to be a Cat Country Apprentice or you can enter to be an Apprentice at the Pensacola Interstate Fair at the Cat Country Tower. A listener email says: "All the money we’re giving away is going to LOCAL listeners, only people in Cat Country can win!"

Click here to learn more about Cat Country 98.7

REMINDERS: It's NOT Daylight "Savings" Time, But It IS This Sunday Morning

Thanks to the only "Anglophyle" (so into things British that he was allowed to walk inside Stonehenge during his last visit to England, while the rest of us are now restricted to the perimeter) and bonafide Kentucky Colonel that I know, Regent VP/Programming Bob Moody for these two reminders:

* Daylight Saving Time (note that it is not Savings) will end in most of the U.S. at 2am next Sunday.

* Suggestion: begin reminding listeners on Wednesday that they will need to turn their clocks back one hour before they go to bed Saturday.

* Remember: Spring forward, Fall back.

You will also need one MORE hour on your music logs Sunday morning. Contact me if you’re not sure how to make that adjustment on your music scheduling software.

Toby Keith Is The Only Country Artist Nominated AMA Artist Of The Year

One of Toby Keith’s 3 American Music Award nominations is for Artist of the Year, an overall category, and he’s the only country nominee.

Fans wanting to promote country, Toby or both can vote through their T-Mobile phones or online between now and show time. TOBY is up for Best Male Artist country, and Best Country album for Honky Tonk University.

COUNTRY AMA NOMINEES FOR Nov. 22nd Awards Show on ABC-TV are..

Favorite Male Artist:
Kenny Chesney
Toby Keith
Tim McGraw

Favorite Female Artist:
Martina McBride
LeAnn Rimes
Gretchen Wilson

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Rascal Flatts

Favorite Album:
Honkytonk University (Toby Keith)
Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)
Here For The Party (Gretchen Wilson)


Toby Keith will be among those inducted into the "Oklamoma Music Hall of fame" in Muskogee, this Thursday night. Joining Keith will be former Buddy Holly guitarist, Tommy Allsup, disc-Jockey/performer, Billy Parker and Tulsa's Cain's Ballroom, made famous by Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys. The 9th annual induction ceremony & concert will take place at the Muskogee Civic Center.

Thanks to NEIL HAISLOP for the story.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Research Director and Coleman - Diaries vs PPM

Coleman has completed an analysis of Arbitron data from the first three months of the Houston PPM trial and found that the ratings for many stations varied significantly between the PPM and Diary methodologies. How big were these differences? Were some formats impacted more than others?

Download the free Early PPM Insights report at

... which reminded me of a report, first created in 1994 and updated annually since then, from Julie Heath and Charlie Sislen at Research Director on the impact of heavy users on diary-based ARB and BBM ratings.

* Nearly three-quarters of all station quarter hours come from just over a third of the average station's diaries.

* Exclusive audience, people who report listening to only one station, gives more than double its share of quarter hours, compared to its percentage of diaries.

* A small number of diarykeepers makes a big difference in the average station's ratings.

* Those heavy listeners who give the average station 100 or more quarter hours per week of their time are less than ten percent of all diaries, but account for four of ten of ALL quarter hours of listening.

* THE ballgame is decided at work! On average, it would take almost twice as many at home and four times as many in car listeners to equal the contribution to the normal station's time spent listening that at work diarykeepers make.

* The first and second day of the diary week ARE almost ten percent more likely to have reported listening in the diary, but don't forgot those other weekdays too. They are written down by more than half of all diarykeepers. Two out of three diarykeepers write no listening on Sunday.

* There are really two ways to increase your time spent listening, by increasing the number of listening occasions (the average is 6.2 times per week which are written in 3.4 days in the diary) and the length of time spent each time.

* If you do any special marketing to diarykeepes, do it in the last phase of each survey, focusing on week 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12.

* Finally, outside marketing efforts appear to have only a very small (but positive) impact on your P-1 listeners. However, your P-2, P-3 and P-4 listeners devote almost twice as many quarter hours to the average station when you do TV, telemarketing or direct mail. For example, Research Director has long reported, for example, that one station received 24% of ALL their quarter hours for the entire book in one week, the week that their full market direct mail piece hit mailboxes, for example.

To win in the ratings, as long as diaries are the scorecard..

1. Develop a relationship with and appeal to first preference listeners.

2. Recognize the impact of heavy listeners. Include them in all research and marketing efforts designed to improve TSL.

3. To improve TSL...

increase the number of listening occasions
more days
more locations
more reasons to tune in at specific times

increase the duration of listening
give reasons to continue listening
remove tune-outs

4. Market to develop and cultivate new listeners.

Sara Evans Cuts Foot During Video Shoot

Sara Evans was home in Nashville yesterday during her brief break from touring with Brad Paisley to shoot the video for her latest single "Cheatin."

After the last video shoot in the desert where she almost stepped on a snake and almost fell off a cliff, Evans was thrilled that Peter Zavadil chose a safe location like Nashville for their next project together, but that proved not to be the case...

During a wardrobe change in a dark old trailer with cables and cords, Evans cut her foot.

Initially thought to have been shocked or electrocuted, everyone was relieved to realize it was a cut likely from an old copper pipe connected to an air conditioning unit.

Not wanting to delay the shoot further, Evans' band leader and brother, Matt Evans, along with video producer Peter Zavadil, patched up the foot, stuck it back in her high heel shoe and kept shooting.

Still not 100% sure what the culprit was, Evans will unfortunately be enjoying a tetanus shot within 72 hours.

I love the title of the press release on Sara's website: "There's No Real Fine Place To Safely Shoot a Video.."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

With Further Consolidation On The Horizon...

There is a hidden cost to the hyper-change going on in our industry (see Digital "RadioIQ" below) and managing the not-so-subtle personnel, human, effects of merger-mania, consolidation and bringing upwards of 45% to the bottom line with the justification 'that's what we have to do to pay for this of rapid growth' may determine success or failure in tomorrow's radio business. It is a loss of passion among our worker bees.

Small and medium market managers have been complaining for almost a decade about the almost impossible task of finding qualified air talent. The former entry level jobs - small markets and overnights - are increasingly filled by satellite and syndication. As a result, the career path from Youngstown to New York for jocks is less clear-cut.

Imus started in Palmdale. He also got fired in Palmdale. But, today, would there even be a job like the one Imus used to hone his personna?

Major market air personalities come increasingly from show biz, the local club scene, comedy and TV as often as they do from medium markets. Largely, this is due to the fact that today's media-hip media consumer cares more about 'content' than 'professionalism.' Taking five years in small and medium markets to learn to operate a board smoothly and sound like a DJ just isn't required. Being real, compelling, having something to say and a point of view is the prime skillset needed by air people today. That traditional climb up the ladder of market size to the big jobs of the past tended to squelch the abilities we need most right now.

These facts aren't lost on young people who are our interns and broadcast school wannabees. The people who work weekends for our companies, who report the traffic on our radio stations, who toil the nightshift waiting for a fulltime gig to open up are spreading the word -- radio isn't a career path. They tell the kids who hang around the station that the owners are greedy and unappreciative, isolated and uncaring.

So, what else is new? That's exactly what Chuck Crouse told me almost 45 years ago when I was a teenager hanging around WSOM, Salem, Ohio, and he was doing nights there. (Today, he's the owner of WLNE, Kane, PA.)

Low pay and no benefits are not new phenomena in our industry. High risk jobs are the ones with high reward, and that factor is what makes the white water that is the radio business to fun and challenging. Perhaps that is what makes the kind of people who are drawn to our business so unique and special.

However, optimism, hope and passion for the fun of the job -- the incubators of creativity - are being drawn out of many employees today like a heat sink by overwhelming demands and pressures. More responsibility, less control.

This atmosphere is making zombies out of our midday jocks, copywriters, office staff and production directors who tell me as I visit clients that ownership's attitude is often perceived to be: "if you do a great job your reward is that you get to keep your job."

The radio companies who are making the most money in three years will be the ones who know how to keep all three - profits, fun and passion - growing.

Employees who prosper in the next three years will be the ones who inoculate themselves against the "us vs. them" virus. Understand that happiness is in your head and we are all in business for ourselves. The only person who can motivate you is YOU.

Digital "RadioIQ"

Deals may be near on media biz with Susquehanna Radio and ABC Radio on the trading block and if you wonder why the continued escalation in stick values and seemingly-amazing prices being paid for radio properties isn't making sense to you, consider this: perhaps you are thinking simply in terms of cost efficiencies of combining operations and eliminating marketing budgets. And, I must say that I agree with you if you are feeling that there simply isn't enough potential cost savings there to fund what is happening right now over the long-term. Luckily for the broadcast business, there is a lot more to it than that.

Yes, there is also the prospect of increasing radio's share of ad revenues at the expense of other media, rather than wasting time trying to take small change out of another radio station's pocket. But, there is even more upside potential involved.

AM and, especially FM, spectrum value can only increase in the future as digital technology opens up a plethora of potential uses.

Some very smart people feel that, no matter whether, in the future, they are in the radio business as we know it today or NOT, tomorrow's digital world means that the unique properties of radio and TV bandspace will make them extremely valuable!

It's a great time for those of us who know what business we are in .. entertainment and information.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gretchen, Sugarland and Rimes To Present AMA's, Chesney To Perform

Gretchen Wilson, Sugarland and LeAnn Rimes will present awards during the 2005 American Music Awards on Nov. 22 in Los Angeles. Kenny Chesney was previously announced as a performer on the ABC telecast.

Want To See Garth This Weekend? Go To The Opry

Garth Brooks will be performing at the Grand Ole Ory this weekend in celebration of the Opry's 80th birthday. GAC will be carrying the Opry live this week. Also, has a free audio stream of the Opry every week.

Released just last Thursday morning, Garth's new single, "Good Ride Cowboy," a tribute to Chris LeDoux, will debut higher than any other country single (except ONE) on this week's charts. FYI: "The Thunder Rolls," debuted at #19. "Good Ride" ties the modern record for highest debut in this week's Billboard. The previous record was set by Eddie Rabbitt in 1978 with his #18 debut with "Every Which Way But Loose."

Behavioral Economics

Englewood, Colorado-based talent coach/consultant Doug Erickson (303.290.8839) has a way of getting me from thinking into ACTION:

It's not like I have to tell you that Radio is amazingly behind the curve in terms of marketing itself, and you can double that distance for many individual radio stations. When we compare our knowledge of our own customers, of what motivates them to action, to -- say -- Proctor & Gamble's knowledge of its customers and what motivates them to buy Tide rather than Cheer, this becomes shockingly clear.

We buy TV spots based on their "success" for other stations, in other markets, generally not spending lots of time analyzing the forces that shaped the other stations' success -- like individual market competition, format longevity, schedule dominance, etc. We buy Direct Mail pieces the same way, paying less attention to the outside than our HUGE CONTEST inside, believing that CASH must be king in moving consumers.

Well, check out this little piece from the current issue of FORBES: "Behavioral economics (is) an emerging branch of the field that seeks to integrate psychology with economics." Apparently, "tiny psychological effects can have potentially enormous impact on demand, more of an impact than price."

One example: In a Direct Mail offer "...having a wholesome, happy female picture in a corner of the letter had as much positive impact on the response rate as dropping the interest rate (advertised) by four percentage points."

"The practical takeaway is that an insurance company can probably sell more auto policies by featuring Reese Witherspoon in its brochures than by slashing margins and sending out letters that scream: 'Unprecedented Low Rates!' "
-- FORBES, Oct. 17, 2005

When Radio begins investing the same amount of time and money understanding what motivates our listeners to act, as it does in paying to see the results of those actions, maybe we'll round that curve and start moving forward again.

Invest in Research.

Get as close to your listeners as you can.

It's time to grow.

Congrats to the CMA Broadcast Personality Winners

Some friends and favorites who got the notification phone calls and a lifetime CMA membership:

National - Lia Knight - "The Lia Show" - Jones Radio Networks
Major Market - Lisa Dent - WUSN/Chicago, Ill.
Large Market - Gerry House and The House Foundation - WSIX/Nashville, Tenn. (Gerry House, Mike Bohan, Duncan Stewart, Al Voecks)
Medium Market - Andy & Alison and the Morning Crew - WIVK/Knoxville, Tenn.( Andy Ritchie, Alison West, Jimmy Holt)
Small Market - Dex & Kim - WUSY/Chattanooga, Tenn. (Bill Poindexter, Kim Carson)

CMA Radio Station of the Year:
Major Market - KEEY/Minneapolis, Minn
Large Market - WSIX/Nashville, Tenn
Medium Market - KSSN/Little Rock, Ark
Small Market - WUSY/Chattanooga, Tenn

Hear and see the winning entries.

Dave Van Dyke Has Some "Good" (sort of) News

Van Dyke's Bridge Ratings has been tracking traditional radio listeners' use of new media for several years now, and in the latest tracking audience erosion is slowing in most demographics.

Audience Attrition Study Updated through September '05: Click Here

For example, where a 16% increase in alternative media use by Adults 35-64 was reported in February 2005, in September 2005 use had risen only 13%. Meanwhile, listening to traditional radio by this age group continues to rise from 70 quarter hours a week (Q4 2004) to 75.

The cuts in clutter which started at Clear Channel on 10/1/2004 certainly appear to be making a difference. Is your station still running the same commercial and promotional/value-added load that you were a year ago? Shares are a zero-sum game, and when one cluster of stations inproves their time spent listening and goes UP, someone else must go down. Unless everyone cuts clutter. Then, average persons using radio will go up.

Sounds like a very good plan to me.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

keith urban Goes Silent

Urban was forced to cancel his Thursday night show (10/06) in Evansville, Indiana, after doctors detected a haemorrhage in one of his vocal cords.

Keith Urban Concert Re-Scheduled

Friday, October 07, 2005

CMA Seeks Country Radio’s Help

Is it possible that you are the only person in country music or country radio who doesn't receive at least two or three copies of the CRS daily emails? In the event you haven't seen THIS one from Becky Brenner, PD of KMPS, Seattle and board member of both CRB and CMA, I commend it to your attention. Click to read it.

To cut to the chase:

1. Cross promote with your local CBS TV Affiliate, run a watch listen and win
2. Host a CMA Viewing Party at a local Sponsor location and invite TV to do cut-ins or tape a report for local news coverage post the awards show
3. Partner with a sponsor to give away a trip to the CMA Awards in NYC.
4. Place a “Pick The Winners” Ballot on your website and award prizes
5. Feature a banner on your web page promoting the date/time of the show
6. Incorporate a: 05 mention each hour in your legal ID for 2 or 3 days leading up to the show.
7. Do an e-mail blast to your e-mail club reminding them to Watch the show

Need assistance doing these things? Pick up the phone and dial 206 498-6261 and I'll brainstorm with you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Doug Stone Gets 6 Months in Jail

* reports that being charged with civil and criminal contempt of court for not signing a release for financial records, Doug Stone found out gets you 6 months jail time. Stone began serving his sentence on September 28, 2005.

* George Strait Announces Tour Partners for 2006
It's becoming a tradition it seems for George Strait to announce his tour for the next year about this time of year.George Strait will be joined by Miranda Lambert and Tracy Lawrence this year. The 2006 tour will be twenty-five dates only and the dates will be released soon. When they are, due to the demand in previous years, a "breaking news" edition of Country Music Alive will be released. George Strait's Website

* Martina McBride will perform a concert live from the CMT studios premiering Saturday, October 8 on CMT at 10pm EST. The one-hour special McBride will perform the hits and will preview songs from her new album, Timeless, set to hit stores October 18.

* The Nashville Show, featuring the return of legendary broadcaster Ralph Emery and popular sidekick Shotgun Red, debuts in Music City at the Nashville Nightlife Theater in front of a studio audience on Wednesday, October 19. The show will feature country music stars and celebrities, a live band, music and entertainment. The commercial free show can be seen live in studio, downloaded by computer or fans can purchase a DVD version of the program.

The new show will feature current and past performers including artists such as Country Music Hall of Fame members Porter Waggoner, Little Jimmy Dickens and Bill Anderson, as well as superstars John Conlee, Jeannie Seely, Stella Parton and Vern Gosdin just to name a few. The Nashville Show will mirror the hugely popular Nashville Now with Emery interviewing the stars, live performances, a segment featuring some of the top musicians in town, and much, much more. To subscribe to the program, fans can simply download The Nashville Show on-line each week for $2.99 from the web site, If fans do not have computer access, it is available on DVD by mail for $4.99, which includes shipping and handling. To order by mail, or for more information about the program call 800-822-8522, or visit

Vancouver's CJJR, an influence for good

Here's what JRfm sent their (huge!) email database today:

When we send you a JRfm Online Insider message, we are usually offering you free tickets or advance concert information or easy ways to win cash. We don't take up your time with email unless it is important. This message is a gentle reminder that Thursday, October 6 is Feed The Hungry day on JRfm.

From 6am through 6pm, we are asking JRfm listeners to help us help Union Gospel Mission feed and care for the hungry and homeless. One meal can make a difference. 46 dollars can feed and care for 20 people this Thanksgiving season at Union Gospel Mission.

Even though meals are the primary reason people come to Union Gospel Mission, once they are there they are intorduced to a variety of other services such as counseling, education, shelter, rehabilitation and job training. Not just in the downtown east side but throughout the Lower Mainland. As you will hear from the real life stories when you listen to JRfm Thursday, hope begins with a meal.

We hope you can help. The phone number is 604-215-5444. Or click on Feed the Hungry at

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and thank you for your help. Over the past year you have been asked to help people around the world. Now, it is time to help people around the corner.

-- Clay St. Thomas and Karen Daniels, The JRfm Waking Crew

Good Ride Cowboy

Now, THIS is how to use exciting new music to drive listening, in this lesson from FM 106 WMIL, Milwaukee:

"He's Back....

Be listening tomorrow, Thursday morning, between 9:00am - 10:00am as FM 106.1 debuts the brand new single from Garth Brooks. The new single is a tribute to Chris Ledoux. "Good Ride Cowboy"

Have a great day and thanks for listening!

-- Karen, Scott, & RadarThe Moo Crew, WMIL FM-106

Big Shoe Stu = Yul Brenner??

Are you leveraging all of your talents, not just in support of your show .. but also all sides of a well-rounded life and career? Check this out from KMLE, Phoenix afternoon legend Stu Evans:

Please join Me for “The King and I” at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre
The beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “ The King and I ” is at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre, October 7 th to November 6th. My daughter Maya and I would love to have plenty of support in the audience, so please make your reservations now to see this wonderful musical about a stubborn King and a determined English governess, charged with educating the King’s many wives and children. Show times are 7:30pm Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm and 6pm Sundays. Maya plays one of the King’s wives and I play the “Kralahome” – the king’s right-hand man. While Maya is in almost every show, I will be in Sunday 6pm performances, as well as the 2pm show on October 23, ONLY. So, our first show together is this Sunday, October 9th, 6 PM.

This will be a show you’ll always remember. For local theatre, it is truly amazing! Costumes have been ordered and flown in from Thailand, 1860’s Bangkok has been re-created in a visually-stunning set; dancers use fabulous masks in beautiful, traditional dances; etcetera, etcetera. For those unfamiliar with this story, The King and I is based on the memoirs of Anna Leonowens, an English widow who has been engaged by the King of Siam to teach Western ideas and philosophies to the members of the Royal family. But when centuries-old Siamese traditions clash with new Western ideas, the King and Anna find themselves in a battle of wills in this truly unique love story that features familiar songs like I Whistle A Happy Tune, Something Wonderful, Shall We Dance and Getting To Know You.

Tickets are $22 ($20 for students/seniors) in advance, and $25 day of the show. Consider bringing everyone in your family—this Broadway showpiece is suitable for all ages.
For reservations, call 480-483-1664. Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre is located at 4720 N. Scottsdale Road, at the SW corner of E. Highland Ave., and N. Scottsdale Rd. From the Pima/101 expressway—take either the Chaparral Rd. or Indian School exit, and head west to Scottsdale Rd. The theatre is the free-standing building that sits north of Camelback Rd., just north of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.

Thanks so much for coming to see us – you will love it!

-- Stu (Evans) … your beloved family member, co-worker, friend, acquaintance, guy who sends annoying e-mail (pick one)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

“I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re the last to arrive”

WUBE, Cincinnati's Bill Whyte and Amanda Orlando along with Morning show producer Statt Man (in the sombrero) welcomed ‘The Amazing Race’s’ Phil Keoghan the other morning.

Chris Cagle Says Baby Isn’t His, Asks For Privacy

Bill Hennes at All About Country has the story which is very sad to pass on:

Chris Cagle released a statement on Tuesday asking for privacy.

“As many of you are aware, I had been anxiously awaiting the addition of a new baby to my life,” said Cagle in a statement. “ The baby has been born and both mother and child are in good health. Since the birth, however, we have discovered that biologically, the child is not mine.”

“As excited as I was about becoming a new father, my disappointment is equally as strong. So out of respect for all that are involved, please allow this situation to remain private and know that I will not be commenting further on this very personal matter. I'm thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation and understanding."

Cagle’s Anywhere But Here is in stores now. “Miss Me Baby” is his current single.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Air Talent: Five Degrees of Separation

Bobby Rich's "Third Ear" blog is more than just a great update from an AC and personality expert. It's also a wake-up call for talent on the subject of commitment:

Sometimes it takes a THIRD EAR to hear MORE than just another pretty voice on the radio.

It's doubtful that the typical listener would have the same insight level of a manager, programmer or talent to make observations about radio performers based on what comes out of the speakers. But given our experience with the types of personalities who populate this mysterious “other side” of the microphone — well, we just know there are certain similarities.

What category do you, and/or the talent on your station, fall into?

1. The “Committed” radio talent. Love what they do — do what they love. Realistic enough to recognize the inevitable changes that continue to alter our business. Flexible enough to make it work and still give their best every day, every show. Always a positive “can-do” attitude. Show up for station events and meetings. Wander around the building checking in with the rest of the staff. Stop and talk to listeners and make them feel good. Go above and beyond what is expected of them because “it feels good.” Feel blessed to have the job they always dreamed of having.

2. The “Veteran” version of "Committed." Have been doing it for years — probably 25 or more. Still have almost all of the traits of the "Committed" broadcaster (above). Many believe part of the dream has slipped away, but still give their heart to their first love of being on the radio. Realize that it doesn’t get any easier and they must perform up to ever-growing standards, even if they are self-motivated and self-coached.

3. The “Newbie” version of "Committed." Got into the business after the loosie-goosie, Mom and Pop ownership days that preceded research, consultants, clustering, group directives, etc. Are thrilled they get to do what they do. Wish they had not missed out on the “good old days," but study their successful peers to develop instincts. Are thankful for the job.

4. The “Burn Out.” This could be someone who has been doing it for decades or just got started a few months ago. Disillusioned, disheartened, bitter, pissed off at the changes that have occurred. A negative influence on the staff. A “show-and-go” who still makes their air and production and appearance assignments, but will only hang around if they get overtime or freebies. Put no effort into prepping their shows because they believe they “don’t need to” and are only allowed to “read the liners.”

5. The “Do Anything” intern, part-timer, or promotions assistant. Striving to get on the air someday. Man, do we love these people! This is where most of us started. But, WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Oh well, a subject for another time. But, if you are fortunate enough to have one of these, do everything you can to nurture, coach, befriend and encourage them. We need them desperately.

Are there other categories? What do YOU think? Email Bobby.

Bob Kinglsey Reaches Out To Aid Vets

From the PR Newswire: VA, ABC Radio Networks Partner on Outreach to Veterans:

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and ABC Radio Networks just announced a partnership designed to enhance VA's outreach to America's nearly 25 million veteransthrough a public service campaign, a special global broadcast saluting veterans and participation in key VA events. Under the relationship, ABC Radio Networks and American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley will air a series of public service announcements detailing benefits available to veterans.

In addition, on November 11, 2005, "Bob Kingsley Salutes America'sVeterans" will be broadcast on the ABC Radio Networks. The program will feature interviews with and historical pieces narrated by some of country music's biggest names, including Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Brooks & Dunn and Trisha Yearwood, among many others.

It also includes information on veterans' benefits, and interview segments with the Honorable R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Read the entire release at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Web Site:

Kent Burkhart's NAB Wrap-Up

Kent's blog is called "I Was There," and he sure was... at NAB, Philadelphia: "In short, we have to catch up. As an industry we are not dying, or will we ever. We just need to move forward as we did up through 1995. This is 2005!!! We are ten years behind!! We are going to have to lower our profit expectations to take care of the new expenses listed. I don’t see any other way… do you?????"

YOU = The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Click on this ONLY if you are unafraid to go places where the majority of folks are reluctant to go.

Thanks to author, successful LA ad exec and great morning show guest Sally Hogshead for creating a terrific resource as an adjunct to her book Radical Careering.