Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Storm Aid

Cruising the internet tonight is inspiring, as you encounter the huge NEED and the equally-amazing efforts of radio all over North America. A few highlights:

Sunny 95, WSNY in Columbus, Ohio will feature our morning show, "It's Sunny in the Morning with Dino & Stacy" broadcasting for a consecutive 30-hours on the radio station to raise funds for the American Red Cross relief effort. During this time, our entire staff from sales, to promotions, to programming, will be manning the donation lines from the radio station during this timeframe. We will also be collecting funds on our website,

Join STAR 101.3’s (San Francisco) Don Bleu and Uzette this Thursday, September 1st for a live morning show broadcast to help those impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Don Bleu will broadcast live from 5am – 10am at STACKS restaurant in Burlingame, encouraging listeners to come by and donate to the American Red Cross and their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. For those who come to the broadcast and donate, STACKS will be offering a $2.50 breakfast to start your day (beginning 6a)!

The American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilization of resources in its history for a single natural disaster, coordinating on all fronts to bring relief to storm victims. More than 200 emergency response vehicles and countless other Red Cross resources are en route or on the scene to provide hot meals, snacks, bottled water and distribute other much-needed relief supplies.

STAR 101.3 will be accepting cash and check donations on-site. For more information, or to donate online, please visit

PLUS, STAR has two other ways to contribute. The Blood Centers of the Pacific will be on-site for those who choose to donate blood. In addition to that, STAR is also using its STAR power to assist in the relief efforts! Beginning on Wednesday morning, STAR will be auctioning off a chance to meet Ricky Martin! All proceeds will go to the STAR’s Hurricane Relief Fund. To bid on the auction, call 800-800-1013. The auction ends on Friday at 10a.

Clear Channel Top 40 JAMMIN JJS (Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA) along with sister stations within the cluster held a water drive all day Tuesday and Wednesday in Roanoke. Listeners brought bottled water, gallons, jugs, etc. This truly was a sight to see...listeners driving up with pick-up trucks full of water they needed to be tied down...listeners who took up a collection at work...companies who sent their delivery trucks to Sam's Club and almost cleaned out their inventory.

The idea was to pack a 48-foot semi truck with water. Once full, it will head south to the gulf states. We also accepted cash donations which would be used to buy more water. The response was crazy. Here are the latest "figures" and results I have. Will get more to you when I get them.

THREE semi trucks are full plus a 24-foot moving van. Last I heard as far as cash donations, mind you this is from late Wednesday morning, was around $5,000. We are a dual-city market here, Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA. These past 2 days the event took place in Roanoke. We're in Lynchburg tomorrow (Thursday).

Our morning show raised money for the hurricane victims this morning and it continues all day today. They scratched fundraiser plans for their own charity, Kidd's Kids, and decided to help the American Red Cross. You will make a difference. Even $1.00 will help. Please log ontp the following website and contribute whatever you can.

Clear Channel has set up a website as a resource for helping its stations funnel donations to the American Red Cross.

Chili's/St. Jude - 9/26

Tony Benken, Director of National Promotion for Broken Bow Records (615-244-8600) reports Chili's will donate 100 percent of its profits from all lunch and dinner sales on September 26 to St. Jude.

They did this last year, and what a good thing to do for St. Jude. Hey, you have to eat eat at Chili's on Sept. 26th! Please support those organizations that do things like this to help St. Jude. Mark your calendar and plan to visit your local Chili's on Sept.26th.

- Thanks!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Open Heart, Open Home

Pensacola, having been hit by two hurricanes in the last year, has a special place in its heart for the 1,000 evacuees in its midst from points west. Cat Country 98.7 has again gone into action to meet the community need:

Here is the latest on our Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and theprogram(s) that we have put in place:

Operation Open Heart/Open Home (a program through Cat Country Cares) is designed to be a clearing house to match those people who are refugees from Hurricane Katrina, "stranded" in Cat Country awaiting news as to when theycan go home, and those individuals in our community who are willing to opentheir homes to those in this time of crisis.

A hotline has been established for both those in need and those willing to give assistance. Joe Rainey, who may be best known for his extensive fundraising efforts including Relay for Life, has volunteered to oversee Operation Open Heart/Open Home. The hotline numbers to register, for either assistance, or help, are850-474-8718 or 850-474-8626.

Diane Hawkins from the American Red Cross willbe referring refugees to Operation Open Heart/Open Home as well.

Operation Open Heart/Open Home is only for those willing to offer assistance for no charge. IT IS NOT A MEANS TO PROMOTE RENTAL PROPERTY, HOTELS, OR RESIDENTIAL SALES.

Please make this clear if you suspect that someone may beusing our operation for personal gain or profit. (They can always contact the Cat Country sales department for that!)

The information that is given to Operation Open Heart/Open Home will be confidential. If you receive calls from listeners who want to help, please refer them to these numbers. They will then be "matched up" with a Katrina "refugee orfamily".

Cat Country will be out and about in high-profile areas of the city (malls, shopping centers, etc.) through out the rest of the week, taking donations for the American Red Cross.

Listen toCat Country for details of locations, dates and times. Thank you!

JJ Waters,
Cat Country 98.7
Pensacola, FL - 850-494-2800

Note: this is the only Mobile Bay radio station which was able to remain on the air for the entire onslaught of Hurricane Ivan last October. A&O is so proud of their achievements!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lonestar Online Tools

Tom Baldrica, VP/National Promotion of BNA Records/Nashville writes:

We’ve got a listening page and web page banners ready for the new Lonestar album. The listening page is located here. There are 30 second clips of the whole album and a link to watch the video.

The banners (for radio stations and anyone else who wants to use them) are located here. They automatically link back to the listening page. All of the necessary info to set them up is found on that page.

Southern Comfort

Y 93.7 launches “Operation Southern Comfort”
Y 93.7 Program Director Bill Ray and Promotions Director Brett Murray today announced “Operation Southern Comfort” Y 93.7 has teamed up with the local American Red Cross Office in Salina, Kansas to collect items of need for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

A complete list of needed items furnished by the Red Cross will be posted at within the next 24 hours once an assessment of area has been made. Items will be distributed through the American Red Cross.

Katrina Relief

Click here if you aren't already in contact with your local Red Cross. There's a lot you can do, just by directing your listeners to these sites.

In Case You Don't Think Streaming Is Our Future

...CKRM, Regina, PD Willie Cole sent along this note:

During Saturdays "Rider" broadcast, we took 12,970 unique hits to the CKRM streaming audio, beginning with the 2:30 pregame and ending at 10 pm. We peaked at 6,786 concurrent connections, this lasted from 5pm thru 8 pm.

Most interesting is that most of the 6 thousand connections stayed on line through to the end of the post game call in show at 10 pm, also of note, most of the connections were from out of province and a number of the long distance calls to the post game show were from out of province internet listeners.

Lets hope the CBC stays locked out for a while...

Trace Adkins Listens To Fans, Stops Promoting "Arlington"

Trace Adkins’ “Arlington” is testing “very well, it had legs, would have been #1 in a few weeks.”

So why has Trace officially announced that he will not continue actively promoting “Arlington,” and will soon move onto his next single?

In an open letter to Country radio distributed by his label, Capitol Records Nashville, Adkins states, “It has come to my attention that a portion of radio listeners are uncomfortable with my single, “Arlington.” While the number of people may be relatively small, and limited to only a few areas of the country, I feel that I should address this to each of you, who have supported this song with so much enthusiasm.

This is a very special song to me, and I never intended for it to be unsettling to anyone. Recording it was my own way of paying homage and tribute – in a very respectful and very deep emotional way – to all American war veterans who have given the last full measure for our freedom.

I have received an overwhelming amount of response from so many people expressing their appreciation for the song and the patriotic feelings it evokes. However, I can completely understand how this song might make some people who have family members on active duty or deployed in combat zones feel apprehensive.

This is a regrettable and totally unintended consequence, which I am taking very seriously.

Therefore, it is out of respect for these Americans and their families that we have decided not to continue actively promoting “Arlington” and will soon move onto our next single.

Thank you radio for making this the fastest rising single of my career. Your continuing support of me and my music means the world to me.”

God Bless you.

- Trace Adkins

Albright & O'Malley's national client-based weekly AccuTest research continues to be very positive on "Arlington," with it ranking in our top seven titles being played right now. Negatives on the song are less than 10%, so A&O has elected, after carefully considering Trace's very impressive and sensitive letter, to keep the song in Power rotations in recommendations this week to clients.

If there are negatives on "Arlington," it is less than 10% in our client markets and actually unfamiliarity with the song is still 14%, which means it has much more room to grow, not surprising for such an amazing tribute to the people who have given their lives to protect our way of life.”

United Stations writer-producer Neil Haislop (323 857-0760) sent this personal note in response to our decision to continue to play "Arlington" (at least for another week) this morning: "If anybody doubts how very special the song is to Trace and how he feels about subject matter, all you have to do is catch the look of intensely deep emotion in his face in a brief news clip that appears in the video of “Arlington,” showing Trace in the sacred act of laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier."

Friday, August 26, 2005

Does Radio Have A Future

Southern California Broadcasters - and the rest of us too - have a terrific advocate in Mary Beth Garber. She and her SCBA board and organization is making a positive difference!

Check these out:

The Rise of the [Virtual] Neighborhoods (78 Pages) <-- a must read!
The Rise of the [Virtual] Neighborhoods In Los Angeles (69 Pages)
To request any other versions, please contact Elizabeth Lam at

Netflix - Which Local Towns Rent Disney? Porno? Action? Adventure? Phone Topic = Why?

Stacy "Splash Gordon" Hoblitzell, Music Director/Afternoon Personality at Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa is a big NetFlix fan and he came across something on their site which turned into a great bit for his show.

If you also subscribe to NetFlix, you can search for the most-rented titles for every small town in your area. It's a fun talk-about.

Six Women In One House = Reality Radio

John Michaels at KDBR has dubbed it "Estrogen house..Missoula!!!"

Here's the deal: "My daughter Mandie is starting her sophomore year at college & will be sharing a house with 5 other college girls...6 women in one house and the drama has already started....

"One of the girls took it upon herself to assign rooms...Another called my daughter & thought she should pay more because her room had more square footage & just this week they found out the house is infested with hobo spiders & the landlord said that is not his problem...

"It's like a gift from God for our morning show. We are calling it "Estrogen house..Missoula!!!" (She goes to the U of M in Missoula, Mt). We will give them a special page on our web of the girls, the house & whatever. They will have a special E-mail address. We will have a theme song..& feature times during the week when we call & get the latest gossip & of course let our listeners chime in plus feature some of the email they recieve.

"Workin on this right now & so far the response has been incredible."

Gas Until You Gasp

The always-inspiring Paige Nienaber of CPR lives by one concept: "When everyone else is doing something, do something else."

An example, if you are as tired of Free Gas promotions as we are, as Infinity Oldies KXKL (Kool 105)/Denver rides the trend but innovates with their “Gasping for Gas!” event.

VP/Programming Keith Abrams explains to R&R's Street Talk this morning: “We pumped gas for as long as they could hold their breath! People wore swimmer’s nose clips to keep from cheating. Nobody passed out — although a couple looked a little wobbly at theend. We serviced over 50 cars in two hours— four TV stations showed up to cover the event. The ABC affiliate loved the idea so much, they even made their own‘Gasping for Gas’ logo! It was hilarious to see that on TV.”

By 6:30 am, when the Kool 105 street team arrived at the pumps, there were already 200 cars in line: “Most folks averaged in the eight-gallon range, except for this one guy who filled up his entire tank to the tune of $42.40 — over 16 gallons! We just stood and watched in horror seemed like forever, and he only stopped because his tank was full! There’s no telling how long he could have gone! It was like the ‘Return of Swamp Thing!’”

Google and Yahoo News is always a great way to 'search' for ideas. This May headline in a Westport, Connecticutt newspaper make have been the Genesis of this idea. Or, maybe this from Sonoma, CA.

Kool 105 in Burlington, VT., used a Stones tune as their hook for it.

PS: Be sure to get an insurance rider on this one, should you decide to do it.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

How to avoid listeners: Don't do contests.

News-talk consultant Holland Cooke always gives me more to think about and steal that I expect for the time I spend at his site:

Remember when radio was fun? Why must that be radio history? Five undeniable facts-of-life:

1. People – “real people,” the folks who, unlike us, get Arbitron diaries – don’t really care about radio that much. Radio is in-the-background, as they live their lives, often in a blur. We need to cut through listeners’ mental clutter.

2. Arbitron doesn’t measure what people listen to. It measures what people REMEMBER.

3. As we’ve seen comparing diary data with data from early tests of Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM), diarykeepers over-report the station they remember best.

4. People like fun.

5. You don’t have the budget to promote as much as you need to.

For ALL of these reasons, well-structured, well-executed on-air contests make sense. And here’s another reason to do contests: THEY CAN MAKE MONEY.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Employee Discounts On Concert Tickets (Free)

Employee Pricing on Concert Tickets!
This weekend The Wolf is giving you the chance to get employee pricing on concert tickets! That means they are FREE! It's just part of the perks of being a pack member. When you hear the Wolftones, be caller #9 to win your pair of tickets to Brad Paisley's Time Well Wasted Tour with special guests Sara Evans and Sugarland coming to the Portland Rose Garden Sept. 23rd. On Monday morning someone is going to get the ultimate employee perk - backstage passes!

Hats off to KWJJ, Portland, for making radio the last business category in North America to join the Employee Pricing fad, while being the first radio station I know to do this cute weekend event.

I wish I'd thought of it. But, heck, your listeners won't know you didn't think of it, if you steal this idea fast..

"All" .. For The Country Hall Of Fame

Help protect the legacy of country music past and present. Join All for the Hall™ by donating $25 or more. Albright & O'Malley is proud to be a part of this drive to raise $500,000 for the Country Music Hall Of Fame from country radio. We'll achieve the goal one gift at a time!

KJ-97, San Antonio Is Podcasting

I believe that this is a first for the country format. Congrats to PD/Morning guy Clayton Allen and longtime San Antonio morning legend Randy Carroll for being pioneers.

Click above to hear their podcast interviews with SheDaisy, Chris Cagle, Gretchen Wilson, Blake Shelton, Andy Griggs, Craig Morgan and some other fun too.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Using Listeners' Answering Machines To Induce Trial

Irvine, Calif.-based SmartReply claims to have honed and tweaked voice marketing down to a science since launching in 2001.

Eric Holmen, VP-professional services, claims SmartReply has discovered some absolutes about consumer responses to voicemail.

* For starters, you don’t want to reach a live person or “live ear.” The best time to call? The afternoon on weekdays.

* Only two per 1,000 people will opt-out of the calls.

* Testing has proved the average patience is only about 19 seconds for a live call vs. 35 seconds for a voicemail message.

Give me (206 498-6261) or Michael O'Malley (732 937-5757) a call for more marketing advice from a couple of radio pro's who have done it all. We love sharing our experiences and learning about yours.

Kissin' Babies and Pressin' Flesh

Radio is just like a political campaign, and you can't win the (diary) election without making your station sound like it lives right next door to your target listener.

Need some inspiration? Froggy 99.9, Fargo, is a Michael O'Malley client which does it about as well as anyone.

Happy News

"Real News. Compeling stories. Always positive."
It's a very good source for prep ideas on a dry day.. but don't forget to LOCALIZE everything.

Compelling stories are on morning TV too, so your biggest edge that they compete with is being local, local, local as well as informative and topical.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bob Rivers - A Lot More Than Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

This, obviously, was the KZOK, Seattle, morning guy's weekend to see his name in the papers:

The New York Times - Video of DJ's Satirical Song Provokes Offense in Kosovo

..Proving that doing great content pays off in the long-term every time!

I can't wait to hear Monday's show. You know Bob (aka Mr. Rivers in NYT parlance) and the crew will be talkin' about, at the very least, these graphs in the NYT Sunday edition story..

A spokesman for the Norwegian Ministry of Defense said this month that there would be no proceedings against the six soldiers responsible for the video because they had all left the army. Mr. Rivers said he believed the Norwegian soldiers were to blame for taking his song out of context. But he was not sure if the video merited an international dispute, or if the Norwegians should have apologized for what was, after all, his song. "I don't know enough about the world to know who should apologize to who," he said.

Meanwhile, here's what they are talking about in KC today:

The Kansas City Star - O’s of Skid Row (proving that even a bit from 17 years ago can sometimes get you press if was strong enough)

For more than 200 hours, Bob Rivers talked. Or tried to. His voice hoarse, his uvula dry like a grape left in the sun, Rivers kept going because he had to. Because the (fill-in derogatory adjective) Orioles couldn’t win a game. A disc jockey at WIYY-FM in Baltimore in 1988, Rivers pledged on April 19 to stay on the air until the Orioles won a game. They had started the season 0-12. They would lose nine more. Prison was a radio booth, and by pledging to stay in it, Rivers kept himself locked up.

Baltimore felt inspired as much as revolted by the Orioles’ losing streak. It was an entire city on edge. It was, frankly, the complete opposite of the Royals, whose 19-game losing streak entering Saturday’s game against Oakland only recently started to drum up any attention.

Maybe because it’s taking place in Kansas City.
Probably because there are more keys on a piano than people who still care about the Royals...

More, from Bob hisself..
The Bob Rivers Show
Bob Rivers Lyrics
Bob Rivers Terrorism Twisted Tunes - Song Parodies

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A War (of words, wheels and ideas) In Crawford, Texas Too?

The AP report: Bush supporters start camp countering war protesters

#1 Crawford Peace House

Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, Calif., started the war protest Aug. 6 off the road leading to President Bush's ranch. It has grown to about 100 core participants, and hundreds more from across the nation have visited, many staying a few days.

Sheehan remained Saturday in Los Angeles, where she flew Thursday after her 74-year-old mother had a stroke. Her mother has some paralysis on her right side but is in good spirits, and if she improves Sheehan may return to Texas in a few days, some demonstrators said.

#2 Father of fallen soldier upset by Sheehan war

A patriotic camp with a "God Bless Our President!" banner sprung up downtown Saturday, countering the anti-war demonstration started by a fallen soldier's mother two weeks ago near President Bush's ranch.

The camp is named "Fort Qualls" in memory of Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, killed in Fallujah, Iraq, last fall. His father, Gary Qualls of Temple, said his 16-year-old son also wants to enlist, and he supports that decision.


The Army Times reported this week that White House officials are discouraging Congress from approving any new military benefits or pay increases, including a federal Thrift Savings Plan, requested by the Pentagon until a defense advisory panel has completed its review of military pay, which could be another year away for fiscal year 2007. The Bush administration says the military retirement system is generous enough and new incentives can wait. Do you agree? To vote, click here (Kileen Daily Herald)

#4 Bush tests his mettle in bike ride with Armstrong

#5's Crawford facts

Top Weekend Movies

.. are always great Monday Movie talkabouts.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Emotion Sells

A group of researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Washington State University have put together a study showing that consumers respond more to an emotional ad than they do to a factual one. Audio Graphics reported on the new study, which finds that price points aren't all that important today.

Painting an image of how your product ties into the emotional life of a consumer is.

How does your music, your programming, your character/values make your listener feel?

THAT is the experience you have to sell. If you can't figure out how, email me and I'll send you some mp3 examples.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mommie Movies

It you don't see a potential radio promotion in this Washington Post article about a trend emerging in D.C., well... I bet you will see one in the "Reel Moms series" at the National Capitol's Loews Rio , Georgetown and Fairfax , which lets parents enjoy films in a baby-friendly environment, continues this week with screenings of "Skeleton Key" on Saturday at Rio and Tuesday at Rio and Fairfax, and "Broken Flowers" Tuesday at Georgetown.

WMIL Does Well By Doing Good

WMIL, Milwaukee has been doing its Care-A-Van for Kids for many years. It has become strongly identified with FM106's community images.

This week they are once again hitting the streets to collect donations – click here to see what they are up to.

* If you donate to the CAP Fund, you’re eligible to enter a drawing for a pair of tickets to the Miller 150th Celebration starring Bon Jovi – there is a pair of tickets available at each and every Kohl’s stop.

* This year’s event will wrap up with Sawyer Brown, and special guest Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, 7pm, Friday August 19th at the Northern Lights Theater inside Potawatomi Bingo Casino. All proceeds benefit the CAP Fund.

Beats An Ad In The Trades!

Click on:

Champagne Luu, Director of Promotion and Marketing at the KFMB Stations (100.7 JACK FM & 760 KFMB AM - - sent this the other day:

KFMB Station’s Vice President, General Manager, and Program Director, Tracy Johnson is looking for the next Million Dollar Morning show for his San Diego station: 100.7 Jack FM. Johnson is offering a five year contract, which pays $1 million per year. Johnson states, “This job opportunity is open to anyone over 18 years of age ANYWHERE world wide. I’m looking for the most talented and most entertaining personality/personalities to reshape and redefine morning radio.”

And, of course, at a million a year, they are actually SAVING money from what Clear Channel paid former morning duo Jeff & Jer to jump across the street. So, they no doubt will have another $750,000+ to market the new show as well (and still bring some cash to the bottom line..)

Thank You Thursday

Cliff (Dumas) & Company at KSON, San Diego, have just added a new benchmark to their Thursday shows.

They are inviting listeners to call in and say thanks live to someone for something special they did. Not surprisingly, one of the first calls was from a woman thanking folks in the military for all they do for the rest of us. It makes for great radio.

You Love Asparagus, Remember?

.. You HATE (competing station call letters), REMEMBER?

Faced with a choice between chocolate chip cookies and steamed asparagus, most of us would probably grab the sugary treat. But as some college students recently learned, you may be able to trick yourself into thinking you'd actually prefer healthier foods over sweets.

It's called the False-Food Memory Diet and scientists say it shows promise for weight-watchers.

In a recent study, college students were asked to fill out surveys about their food likes and dislikes as children. Researchers then revealed the results; some true, some made up: Some students were told that as kids, strawberry ice cream upset their stomachs. Others were told they liked asparagus. The idea was to re-program the students' natural choices.

So can a dieter develop aversions to certain foods based on a previous bad associations -- real or invented?

Researchers think so. Elizabeth Loftus, a psychology professor at the University of California at Irvine, analyzed the study. "While we know food preferences developed in childhood continue into adulthood, this work suggests that the mere belief one had a negative experience could be sufficient to influence food choices as an adult," Loftus says.

JA WONDERS: This probably applies to many other product 'experiences' too.


Could you 'implant' a false, but negative memory about a competitive radio station in your listener's mind that would result in her preferring your station because your dial setting and call letters evoke more positive associative memories?

You KNOW that the answer is YES, and what goes on between the songs .. on your request lines, listener emails.. and appearances can have a big impact on this, for both you and your competition!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Lesson In How To Use Jock Intros

From longtime, hard-working morning pro Steve Harmon:

A great way to use a jingle with a shout of your name is as a punctuator of a tightly-edited listener interaction phone call that showcases your values and character.

That's how we do that for a long time now.and pretty much the only way..the rest of the time we use a stationality or image voice guy piece.. I really like to use it to set up phone calls..set up time is close to :01 that way and boom your at the meat of the bit.. harmonDittos with a 'show intro.' After a newscast, and before the first song of the next segment if you want to play something that sets up up your show - please at the very least say something before the intro or after it up the intro of the song that pays off immediately for who you are. No one is so intrigued by the mere mention of a name they don't know to wait patiently through one or two songs to find out who that person is..People don't listen to the radio for contests, teasers and benchmarks. They want music and information, or at the very least fun and companionship. Link your name with something SALIENT to the target listener, please.

Immediately, not three to five minutes later.

Mysteries Of The Universe

Steve Holstein at Interprep does a nice job every day of demonstrating how to take those pesky "DJ prep service wacky items in the news" that it seems like EVERYONE uses (ugh) and localize them, making them relatable to your listener.

For example:

It was one of the great riddles of the cosmos. Along with black holes, the structure of space-time and the origins of the Big Bang, some of the greatest scientific minds have struggled with the dry spaghetti question. Why does uncooked spaghetti snap into more than two pieces when bent? Now, two French scientists believe they have cracked the problem. They conclude that the pasta is broken up by so-called flexural. By taking a high-speed video of each strand of pasta as it broke, capturing the details with 1,000 frames per second, they revealed how the initial break sends waves rippling down the length of the pasta. This wave boosts the curvature of the already bent pasta, triggering a cascade of other breakages, which, in turn, trigger more waves, causing the strand to fragment. The team points out that the motivation for this research extends far beyond the kitchen. The brittle steel struts in skyscrapers, buildings and bridges can fragment by similar mechanisms, so this research can have practical implications in helping to make structures safer.

** PHONER: Now that science has tackled spaghetti, what other mysteries of the universe would you like to see uncovered? Like how come whenever I drop a piece of jellied toast it lands jelly-side down? Or why, when I'm just about the only guy in a movie theater (even, better, mention a local one by name!), does a couple of movie-talkers decide to sit directly behind me?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Would You Rather..

Randy Horn is the creator of the "Would You Rather" series of games and he will call in to your show to play .. or tell your listeners about how he invented the game.

I met him at Morning Show Boot Camp and can recommend him if you're looking for a fun interactive benchmark (yes, they will give you games as prizes) or a hilarious guest: "we'll keep giving you games as long as you keep mentioning where to buy them (Target or Barnes & Noble).."

Contact Brenda Sullivan at 858 391-3029.

Brooks & Dunn: "One Night Only"


Brooks & Dunn, will launch their brand new CD Hillbilly Deluxe by hosting a live via satellite One Night Only Big Screen Concerts event on Monday, August 29 at 8:30 ET/7:30 CT/6:30 MT/5:30 PT.

“Brooks & Dunn: One Night Only” will be beamed live via satellite in High Definition from New York City to 54 Regal, United Artists, Edwards and Georgia Theatre Company movie theatres across the country.

This special evening will feature an exclusive live acoustic performance and Q&A session with the high energy pair who have sold more records than any duo other than Simon & Garfunkel, in addition to showing a brand new sold-out concert – captured at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “It was white hot and cooking,” says power-singer Ronnie Dunn.

“It was everything Cain’s Ballroom is known for – and it was certainly a night to remember, us playing in a club that small for the first time in a very long time…”

“And the ‘One Night Only’ event is destined to be another night to remember,” continues Kix Brooks. “The idea that we’re gonna be able to be in 54 places at once, talking live to our fans, and even playing them a couple songs acoustic like they’re in our living room… that’s some pretty cool stuff.”

MORE - Tickets are available for $15.00 at participating theatre box offices and online at (For a complete list of theatre locations, please visit the Web site.)

“An Evening With Brooks & Dunn” is presented by National CineMedia and AEG-TV. This event falls on the eve of the duo’s Hillbilly Deluxe, which features “Play Something Country” – the fastest rising single in a career that’s included “Red Dirt Road,” “My Maria,” “Boot Scoot Boogie,” “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You,” “Brand New Man” and “You Can’t Take The Honky Tonk Outta The Girl.”

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Bit XChange

If you are looking for a new prep service with content that is female-friendly, click on The Bit XChange and ask for a two week free trial. I ran into them at Morning Show Boot Camp in New Orleans and they give 'good first impression.'

L.A. Programmer Mike Marino is the 'Chief Editor', while (WIXX Green Bay) programmer Jason Hilery heads their AUDIO BitXChange, along with Ryan Seacrest's AUDIO guru at KIIS-FM, Nick Vestuto.

The BitXChange is available for BARTER. Contact Danno Wolkoff at Envision Radio Networks for all the info: (216) 378-5101.

How NOT To Promote Music To Country Radio

A full-page ad in the new issue of Radio & Records lists some impressive call letters, including WGNA/Albany and KUAD/Ft. Collins, supposedly playing Rust Records' "Bottom Of The Fifth" by Shane Owens.

Bob Moody, VP/Programming at the parent company of those two stations (Regent Communications) says: "This was apparently based on two overnight spins on “After Midnight”. For the record, no Regent station has added this song – nor are they likely to after this!"

IMHO: Ken Cooper knows better than to try a naive stunt like this. What was he thinking? This 22 year music biz vet is going to be hard pressed to plead ignorance..


Comedian Sean Morey is always a fun interview and he often has very playable novelty songs on his website. "Chocolate" (in both G and PG versions) is his latest.

Distilled Spirits

R&R's weekly Publisher's Profile, written by Erica Farber, has made me dyslexic. It's her fault that I always read this paper from back to front. Example, from the 8/12/05 edition, is the interview with Fox News Radio Sr. VP Kevin Magee: "Radio is changing enormously because of the technology, but the needs of radio are not changing at all. The needs of radio are interesting, distinguisable programming. There are a lot of challenges for those who own radio stations to keep their stations robust and vibrant.. I'll borrow advice from Roger Ailes - Be authentic, be what you are, because you can't keep up an act very long. If what you are is good enough, you'll make it just fine. The good news is, it it doesn't work out, you're still you."

Saturday, August 13, 2005

No Ideas? Show Tomorrow? Steal From The Big Guys!

They put their daily promos and best bits online:

KZLA, Los Angeles' Peter Tilden
WUSN, Chicago's Big John and Ray
KPLX, the Wolf, Dallas' Bobby Mitchell
WXTU, Philly's Evans and Andy
WKLB, Boston's JW
WYCD, Detroit's Dr. Don Carpenter
WKHX (Kix), Atlanta's Bandy & Bailey
WKIS, Miami's Terry & Stacey Coffee
KMPS, Seattle's Ichabod Caine & the Crew
CJJR, Vancouver's Clay & Karen
KMLE, Phoenix's Dave Pratt
KNIX, Phoenix's Tim and Willy
KEEY, Minneapolis' WakeUp Crew
CISN, Edmonton's Bruce Bowie

Whose site do you like? Let me know.

Jimmy Hollywood and Cecily Knobler

Julie Stevens at KRTY, San Jose and Brooks O'Brien at KWNR, Las Vegas have at least three things in common: they are (1) successful country PD's, (2) part of winning morning shows and (3) they both have used Hollywood gossip guy James St. James reports from tinseltown three times a week for many years. Albright & O'Malley special: email J.C. McKenzie or call 951-244-0764. Ask for a two week free trial.

Also very much worth checking out is writer and stand-up comic Cecily Knobler (and Claude's cousin), who currently writes and hosts "Live From Hollywood", a daily radio entertainment show for KRTY and which is broadcast live in 45 markets across the country.

On each show, she satirically reports "Hollywood gossip" with a comedic twist and weekly, she reviews films. Email Cecily Knobler and I'll bet she'd offer a free trial too. Tell her I sent you and then wait for the pause when she asks "..... Jaye WHO??"

Cecily and James are both silver-tongued 'devils.'

Kent Burkhart And Becky Brenner on Winning & Team-Building

From Kent's great blog: I once managed a radio station that had that “winner” attitude. The attitude was prompted by two or three people on the 50 station staff (who) wanted to compete…they enjoyed winning. During the period I owned Burkhart/Abrams consulting (1972 to 1995) I entered the front door of a least 500 stations. Within 15 minutes I knew if these stations had a winning staff. Most were losers. It was my job to teach the losers how to win. And, at each station I found t least one guy who could lead…who worked hard, had fun, was honest, cared about life, and enjoyed hitting homers!

A cartoon on KMPS PD Becky Brenner's computer monitor: "Teamwork is a whole lot of people doing things my way."

Friday, August 12, 2005

Back To School Stunt In Albany

"Candy and Potter" put 10 students on a school bus 24/7 and of course the last one out gets $10,000 in tuition money. Click to see photos and find out about the contest.

The New Movie with Willie Nelson, Toby Keith and Kris

Crystal Darche, at New Country, 93.7 JRFM, Vancouver sends this link to the story on the impending flick with Willie Nelson, Toby Keith and KrisKristofferson.

A Radio Lesson from Vegas

Great quote from hotelier Steve Wynn (on a CNBC special about Las Vegas) on how he deals with casino customers: "You ask what do these people want and why are they here? You answer that question correctly and you win."

Branding Influences Perception

Englewood, Colorado-based talent coach/media consultant Doug Erickson (303.290.8839) sent this to me and I share it with his permission:

Influencing Perception

It makes a difference how you deliver the news. This is an important point regardless of whether you're a parent, teacher, CEO, or advertising guru. Perception is affected by prior knowledge - whether it's branding in the case of Coke vs. Pepsi, or a placebo effect from people being told they were trying out a new pain-relieving cream: "...brand knowledge (at least in the case of Coke in our study) biases preference decisions and recruits the hippocampus, DLPFC, and midbrain...".

So, taste alone does not affect the choice of Coke over Pepsi - a preconceived preference "had a dramatic influence on expressed behavioral preferences and on the measured brain responses."

Find the study here: Why Branding Matters

Erickson adds: "You may not think that's revolutionary, but the PET scans of various brains proving something we had merely supposed prior to this, is big news.

"If your listeners are predisposed to like your brand, it will affect all of their perceptions about what they hear on your station.

"So how much time are you spending being obsessive about every aspect of your brand: every song, every promo, every sweeper and jingle, every break, every spot, every promotional piece containing your call letters, every live appearance?

"How often do you deliver when you talk to your listeners, when you interrupt their music to say something to them? You think they look forward to these interruptions because they know they'll hear something really interesting or useful or entertaining?

"It's all more important than we like to admit to ourselves. But a fact doesn't cease being a fact just because we ignore it.Make time to listen to your station, critically, obsessively, thoroughly.

"You have no more important work. Unless listeners aren't that important to you."

Another Case Of What's Good For Sales May Not Be Good For Programming

Mike Mahone, EVP of the RAB's Executive Services, advises sellers: "If you ask for the appointment on the quarter-hour, it sounds like the meeting will last only about 15 minutes." If the prospect asks how long the meeting will take, Mahone recommends an honest and accurate response like, "We'll determine in 15 minutes or so if I can be of benefit to you and your business. After that, I won't be there any longer than you want me to be."

The perception that it will just take 15 minutes may get the salesman the appointing they are seeking. BUT, if that's the case for on air listening appointments too, then this is an argument for never telling your listener you'll do anything on a quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45).

Even if they do remember that they responded to your teaser and that their 'meeting' with you lasted 15 minutes when they write it down in their diary later, you'll only get one quarter hour of diary credit! Instead, promote your content-driven on air "appointments to listen" at :10, :25, :40 and :55. THAT same "recalled 15 minutes" could potentially equate to TWO quarter hours (at the very least)!

...You do want to double your average quarter hour, don't you?

Neil Haislop's NashvilleIQ©

Not long ago Toby Keith told us that he’ll spend 20 or 30 days during September on a movie set filming his up coming feature, tentatively titled, “Angel in Montgomery.” Still no word who’ll be starring with Toby in the film.Question is, is Toby worried about a real acting job in the movie?

“Well there’s a difference in doing videos and stuff where you’ve just got to act and be crazy and goofy, but when you’ve got to deliver lines with professionals (actors) it becomes a little bit hectic and I’ve never done that before, so it’s going to be a new step for me,” Toby says realistically. Toby says he may spend time with an acting coach to make sure he hangs with the acting types.

When we asked Sugarland how such a talented, hit act managed to get together, the short version of their story us amazingly simple and downright casual.

KRISTIAN: “A couple years ago Kristen called me one day and said, ‘You want to write a song or two?’ And I said, “Sure and found out that we had a common love of country music and wrote a bunch of songs. And, then Kristen called me again at some point and said, ‘Do you want to start a band?’ And I wasn’t real keen on it and eventually she called me back again and said, ‘I have the band together in my basement, you want to come over?’

KRISTEN: “And then we decided that we were going to need a singer.

KRISTIAN: “A great singer. Enter Jennifer. And the rest is history. We wanted the singer to be a great songwriter also, you know, we wanted somebody who could contribute in what we were doing so that it was authentic, and she does.”

So far Sugarland has sold over 700,000 copies of their debut album and their current single “Something More” has owned the #2 spot in the nation for over a month.

Faith Hill will spend Monday and Tuesday in the legendary Hollywood Pantages Theater taping he main elements for her upcoming NBC special in November. Faith will be performing for live audiences featuring songs from the Number One album in America this week, Fireflies.

KIX BROOKS SCALES IT DOWN FOR SOME BIG FUNAfgter kicking of Brooks & Dunn’s colossal Deuces Wild Tour, Kix Brooks grabbed his guitar and scaled it way down by comparison for a special writers night in Williamson County. "Sometimes you just wanna strip it all the way back and remember where you come from, how the music starts," admits Brook. Set up next to the merry-go-round -- in classic county fair fashion -- Brooks joined dear, influential friends, Bruce Channel, who'd hit with "Hey, Baby," Larry Henley singing "Bread & Butter" by the New Beats, as well his own "The Wind Beneath My Wings"… and slide player Ricky Ray Rector adding the grit. Brooks even dusted off "Modern Day Romance," a #1 hit for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- dedicating it to one Penny Lane, in keeping with the old-friends-and-innocence feel of the night.

"We got into some funk grooves that made my heart jump for joy…It took a minute to shake it loose 'cause what we do is so country, but when it came off like the street shoes of a bayou boy, I was just flat running through the mud singing at the top of my lungs! You forget how talented so many people out there are when you're not making music like this…

MEANWHILE, Brooks & Dunn and their other two pairs (BIG & RICH &WARREN BROS) tour roll into Cleveland, Ohio's Blossom Music Center TONIGHT, then down to Cincinnati's Riverbend Amphitheatre Saturday night.

THEIR ALBUM Hillbilly Deluxe hits August 30, with an appearance on "Good Morning America" that same day.

Miranda Lambert is the Top Selling Debut Country Artist to date in 2005 according to Nielsen SoundScan figures (scanning just under a quarter million copies of her debut CD Kerosene). Kerosene entered the Billboard Country Albums Chart at #1 on March 23 earning her an elite spot in music history as only the sixth country artist ever to have their first album debut at #1.

“This certainly has been a crazy year for me, “ states Miranda. “I went from being big news in my tiny hometown of Lindale, Texas to having artists like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw introduce themselves to me at award shows. I’ve met my idol Merle Haggard and he said he liked my album. I’ve gotten to share the stage with many of the artists I ‘ve been fans of and I’m going to tour with Keith Urban. It ‘s been a lot of work and I haven “t been able to spend much time at home but I ‘m loving every second of it. “

MORE - Miranda admits the career milestones of the past year have been thrilling, but three in particular have deeply affected her personally - meeting her idol Merle Haggard, performing on “Austin City Limits “ and headlining the famed Texas hotspot Gruene Hall. “Growing up in Texas you spend a lot of Friday and Saturday nights dancing and listening to music at Gruene Hall, “ explains Lambert. “I think everyone wanting to be a singer from Texas dreams of someday actually getting to play on that stage. “

The advent of seeing female country singers take their family on the road with them is a pretty recent development. Few were even attempting it 10, 15 years ago, but now with bigger careers and bigger buses performers like Tim & Faith, Martina McBride, and Sara Evans can’t imagine not being able to do it.Sara says couldn’t do it any other way than taking family along.

“I’m really thankful that I’m an artist in this day and age,” Sara says. “I just wouldn’t enjoy it if I didn’t have the kids right there with me. I just couldn’t do the way they used to have to do it. I just feel so bad or them not to be able to take their kids.” To do what she doe with her family, Sara says helpful to have and expandable bus. “It’s chaos, it really is, but this year we got a bus with a slide-out (expandable room), thank the Lord! You would not believe the difference that extra room makes. Because, it’s me and Craig and three kids and two nannies and our band and crew plus lots of Advil…but I couldn’t do it any other way.”

Contact Neil: 323 857-0760

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tim Hunter's Humor

Tim, for 20 years, was a comedian and the morning show producer at KLSY, Seattle. Now, he's writing material for Leno and screen writing for a living. But, his left over jokes end up on his web site:

Gasoline prices are at an all-time high. According to a new survey, 84% of drivers say they don't trust their car to the man who wears the star.

Today in Los Angeles, two armed men held up an armored car. They didn't take any money: they siphoned the gas out of the armored car!

To put it into perspective: a gallon of gas is rapidly approaching what Starbucks charges for a cup of coffee!

JK Rowling has announced the name of her next Harry Potter book: "Harry Potter and the Palmeiro Syringe."

People are still talking about that guy who jumped from the upper deck at Yankee stadium. Not that he jumped: they're just amazed it wasn't Yankee owner George Steinbrenner.

Courtney Love has supposedly failed a drug test. Major League Baseball has suspended her for 10 days.

A man in Simi Valley, California, was arrested the other night when the car alarm on a Toyota Camry was going off... and he turned the alarm off by firing three shots into it. Finally, someone brave enough to do what we were all thinking and this is his reward?

A 104-year-old man and a 103-year-old woman in Japan claim to be the world's oldest living married couple. They plan to celebrate their new title by going on a three-day trip to the kitchen.

The KILT Early Bird Special

Each morning around 6:05, KILT-FM, Houston's Hudson & Harrigan host the McDonald's Early Bird Special, your first chance to win each morning.

The Ultimate Crazy Fan

WIL, St. Louis morning guy Cornbread and FSN Midwest are Searching for The Ultimate Cardinals Crazy Fan. Here's how the promo goes:

Tell us about the time you hurt yourself attempting Ozzie's back flip, your house painted completely in Cardinal red or show us your life-size statue of Albert Pujols made of macaroni. It will take the best examples of St. Louis Cardinals fandom to win the title of Ultimate Cardinals Crazy. Through August 12, e-mail us your name, address, phone number and an explanation of why your devotion to the Cardinals is so intense that it's borderline crazy (photos are encouraged). Cornbread and Pat will three finalists, and from August 17-19, FSN Midwest will feature them during the Midwest Sports Report. In addition finalist will also receive: Two commemorative seats from Busch Stadium. A pair of tickets to an upcoming Cardinal game. WIL and Fox Sports merchandise.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Phone Topics (from

* What's been inside your refrigerator the longest?
* Anything in your possession that was stolen?
* What do you own that belonged to your grandparents?
* What's the biggest age gap that's appropriate for romance? 5 years, 10, 20? Is age a bigger factor for men or women in a relationship?
* What was the wildest thing you have ever done in public drunk or sober?
* Kids are heading back to school soon and it made us think about when we were in college. So, we asked for roommate horror stories?
* Pet names for your mate?
* Have your children ever caught you in the act?
* What's the one thing you can always say that will get your mate's goat?
* Ladies, what feminine thing can your man do better than you? And what manly thing can you do better than him?
* Things that men find sexy?
* What book did you read this summer and why would you recommend it?
* They say too many bad or cliche phrases are being used on current resumes. What bad resume mistakes have you seen?
* What TV show or movie would you like to have remade?
* Have you ever snooped into someone else's diary? Was it your kid's or your significant other's? What did expect to find? What was actually in there? Did you ever confess to snooping?
We heard a story about a couple that has problems getting their son to sleep in his room. Another couple came over to watch a movie and the child refused to stay in his room. The parents gave him the choice of sleeping in his bed upstairs or lying on the bathroom floor downstairs. The kid chose the bathroom floor. This outraged our listeners! We took calls on different methods for getting kids to sleep in their own beds, and hopefully these ideas helped out some of the parents who were listening.
* Lately there's been a lot of talk about when and if it's acceptable for a man to fart in front of his girlfriend. Everyone here but my female co-host agreed that it's acceptable to fart in front of your significant other. She said that her boyfriend of a two years has never done it in front of her, and she never expects him to, because it's just "good manners." She's also one of those girls that claim they don't fart every day. Ask your listeners about this, you're guaranteed to have women like this call in. How desperate did you get tracking down a cheating man! Great phones on this. One woman tracked him all the way into Canada, another became so obsessed with catching him, she was fired from her job (she eventually did walk in on him with boxers around ankles on top of another woman).

Radio In Chicago Hits An All-Time High

Chicago Sun-Times columnist ROBERT FEDER points out that despite the prevalent gloom and doom about radio, an encouraging fact emerged from the Arbitron spring survey:

A record number of people -- 7,286,100 -- tuned to radio in the Chicago metropolitan area during the last quarter (read more - Feder of Chicago)

Suggestion: you might want to dig up the total market cume of all radio in your local market and send a press release out to your town's media too.


* The Old Farmer's Almanac has come out with The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, a full-color, 192-page book specifically developed to bring the wit and wisdom of The Old Farmer's Almanac to children ages 8 and up. Snag some giveaway copies by contacting Emily Dance:

* Book publisher Sports Publishing is coming out with a book about Gretchen Wilson. It's an "unauthorized" (but nice) book of photos, fan letters, important dates in her career, etc. Get some giveaway copies by emailing John Fishel:

* BROOKS & DUNN have partnered with to auction a limited number of meet & greet passes and concert tickets to several shows on their upcoming Deuces Wild Tour. If you are the high bidder, you and a guest will meet Kix and Ronnie backstage and sit in seats reserved for you by the band.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Easing "The Sunday Night Sweats"

At Morning Show Boot Camp, someone said that the hardest show to prep for is Monday morning, because it requires bigtime discupline to get the morning team together via email or phone on a Sunday afternoon or evening .. and it's easy to NOT do any group prep for the first show of the week until you arrive at the station (at the last minute) on a Monday morning.

KVIL, Dallas, wakeup duo Gene & Julie did their Monday show plan with their producer last Sunday night and here is what THEY came up with:

Ever had buyers remorse?
Tax free shopping weekend, and many buy shit they dot need, but hey, it's tax free. I once bought a tie for 300.00. What the F, I had no idea how much it was, and I was too embarrassed to say anything, so I made Julie take it back the next day and get my money back.

Text Messaging.
Went to Bootcamp this weekend, and the casino was so loud I had to text message, and I love it so much! What are the benefits? It kickass ass over the phone. Sometimes I just don't want to talk to people. Is texting while you are with someone better that being on the phone?

Ever serve on a jury?
Had dinner with a friend, and she just got out of jury duty. Ever serve? Ever lie get out?

Restaurant bit:
We were at lunch yesterday, and the server, manager, busser and who ever else kept coming by to ask how was everything. Set it up so a restaurant will let you come by and keep asking how is everything? And see how many visits before they get pissed.

What do you know about your mother that you wish you didn't?

Tax free weekend
1. What did you buy that you are hiding from your spouse, partner, parents?
2. Ever lie about the price of something
3, Ever shoplift? What was it?

The ultimate makeover
Our producer has been complaining about her hair, and wanting a celebrity cutter to do her hair, so we have a celebrity stylist coming in tomorrow, she does not know it is a celebrity dog groomer. A high-end salon is standing by to fix anything gone awry.

Hope you can use one. And, if you can .. please share your Sunday night ideas with us next week.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sally Hogshead At Morning Show Boot Camp

She showed us how she created buzz for major ad accounts with minor budgets and then stayed around and signed 100 copies of her forthcoming book for the crowd.

Here's an advance look at it (pdf).

Dukes Of Hazard ideas and stunts

Drinking and driving...


KFDI's Tooker to try 'Hazzard'-ous stunt

Wichita will have its own "Dukes of Hazzard" this morning as KFDI personality Dan Tooker and his producer, Jonathan Watkins, attempt to jump a 1988 Grand Prix over a sand dune -- as though they were Bo and Luke Duke piloting the legendary General Lee.

"It's not a charity event," Watkins said. "It's just a stunt that grew out of a discussion about whether a car could still run after such a jump."

The jump will be live and on the air at 7:40 a.m. on 101.3 FM. The jump coincides with the opening of the new "Dukes of Hazzard" movie. Tooker will be driving and broadcasting at the same time.

The four-foot dune was built by the Wichita Jeeps Motorcycle Club in Valley Center with a 45-foot approach. The estimated speed will be 35 to 40 mph, and the trajectory will take them about 20 feet before they land, Watkins said.

"Neither one of us are qualified drivers, so I guess we're just insane," he said. "I hope we won't be broadcasting from a hospital room next week."

-- Bob Curtright

Drinking: Dukes of Hazzard Drink Recipes

THOROLD, ON.'s is pleased to announce the listing of 17 cocktail drink recipes related to the Dukes of Hazzard movie and television show.

Check out the popular "Moonshine Cocktail" and follow it up with a "Flaming Jesse". "Daisy" and "Roscoe" are sure to create "Duke's Nightmare" and that's not just "Whistling Dixie". More details on the recipes

Contact:Russ Cobbe,
President, Inline Internet Systems, Inc.
T: (905) 680-0436
F: (905) 680-0437

Air America Has Listeners Designing Their New Bumper Sticker

Air America Radio is launching a contest to come up with the most creative and/or funny bumper stickers to get the word out about Air America Radio.

Air America Radio has had tremendous growth over the last year and a half. We're now heard in 69 markets — including 9 of the top 10 and 18 of the top 20 in the United States. With around three million weekly listeners, Air America Radio is beginning to make a dent in the national debate. We've got momentum, and that's why now is the time we really need all of our listeners and supporters to be spreading the word about the network. And what better way to publicize our radio network than bumper stickers!We need ideas for slogans, graphics, concepts — whatever you think best conveys the spirit of Air America Radio's shows, hosts, and our mission to take back the airwaves.

Please submit your bumper sticker ideas here:

We will pick the top 10 ideas and then we'll invite our loyal fans — that's you — to pick your favorites. The top three winners will get a full set of Air America Radio bumper stickers plus the stylish Air America Radio tote bag!

Shuffle Up Your Weekend

Emmis Chicago alternative Q101 (WKQX) has what it believes is the new media ageanswer to the "all-request" weekend: My Shuffle.

Q101 listeners can go to the station website and, using a tool that allows themto sort through a library of songs, construct playlists. Listener playlists thenget selected for play throughout the weekend. Q101 told FMQB they've receivedover 600 submissions in only 24 hours.

I also like these new weekend benchmark names: WOW, Wide Open Weekend. (Created by WUBE, Cincinnati PD Marty Thompson's brainstorming team, and Deep End Weekends.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Obviously, Cincinnati Does Understand "They Don't Understand"

Sawyer Brown’s "They Don't Understand" has been squaring off with other songs in listener reaction contests and kicking butt.

WUBE/Cincinnati's MD Duke Hamilton reports that B-105 featured the band's "They Don't Understand" in their "Night Fights" segment that pits songs against each other to see which draws the most favorable listener reaction. The song's compelling stories of human struggle resonated so deeply with WUBE listeners that it won the competition 12 nights in a row and was retired to the "Night Fights Hall of Fame."

Sawyer Brown’s camp reports that several other top reporting stations have put Sawyer Brown's single head-up against stiff competition, with similar results. "They Don't Understand" took nightly honors six times at WKDF/Nashville, nine times at WAYZ/Hagerstown, MD, and five times each at KXKT/Omaha, WMZQ/Washington, DC, WCKT/Ft. Meyers, FL and WRNS/Greenville, NC.

The two major trade charts make the song look like it's dead in the water from a spins point of view. It doesn't make either Radio and Records Top 50 or Billboard's Top 60 this week (8/2). It would rank #461 on Billboard's chart this week, since it only had 84 spins on the entire Billboard panel in the last seven days. It's in the mid-60's on the R&R spins chart (if they counted that deep)

Go figure..., but it's not the first time that a "lack of promotional support" meant that a reaction record went nowhere on the "hit" charts.. This is one of those things about our business that I hate trying to explain to listeners.

Blair Garner Raises (City Of) Hope ($)

On July 25, a collection of country music memorabilia was made available for auction on After MidNite's website and in just 10 days, raised $8,466.43 for City of Hope.

A total of 73 treasures including autographed guitars, CDs and photos were collected from some of country music’s biggest stars including Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Lonestar, Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

Every item sold including a Brooks & Dunn autographed guitar which was purchased for about $900.00.

After MidNite with Blair Garner is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks and can be heard on nearly 250 stations from midnight to 6 a.m.

Terri Clark Ring Tones For Cell Phones

Terri Clark lovers can have her music in their pocket or purse every day and hear her hits every time they get a cell phone call. Five of her biggest hits are now available as ringtones. - Better Things To Do - Emotional Girl - Girls Lie Too - When Boy Meets Girl - You're Easy On The Eyes

Book Authors, Celebrity Guests, Interesting Interviews (Lots of Boring Ones Too..)

Radio-TV Interview Report is the world's largest database of authors and experts who are available for live and telephone interviews on a wide range of subjects.

Media Eyes Only

Book Publicity Services

For interview opportunities email Lisa at or Christianna, (Krupp Communications, PR - 212-579-2010).

Jeff Justice

From this presenter at Don Anthony/Morning Mouth's Morning Show Boot Camp in New Orleans, Twelve Ways To Keep From Bombing

1. Never announce that you are going to do a joke.
2. Never apologize for telling a joke.
3. Prepare.
4. Make sure the joke is relevant to your subject. Never force humor on your audience
5. Never do sexist, ethnic, religious, political, racist jokes or blue humor.
6. Never embellish or stretch out a joke.
7. Always research your audience.
8. Make sure your punch line is delivered clearly and with energy.
9. Don't laugh all the way through telling the joke.
10. Never put down the city you're in or the group you're talking to.
11. Add some humor that pokes fun at yourself.
12. Make sure you make a connection between you and your audience.

He adds: "OK, I misled you a little. The only way to keep from ever bombing using humor is...Not to use it! Of course if you do not use it most likely your program will bomb. Even though no one can make your humor bomb proof I promise you that if you follow my twelve ways to keep from bombing you will have the best chance of hitting a home run with your humor."

MORE: How To Write a Top 10 List

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A New Sound Code = SS (Suicide Starters)?

Michelle Michaels, (the #1 Midday Personality in California's Yucca Valley/29 Palms area) on KXCM sent along this reminder of the importance of VARIETY in your music mix right now:

Every week I wait in anticipation of the new adds andcategory changes to test my skills...So, I was so much more than excited to see a new Martina McBride version of a truly depressing song (Rose Garden), but there is light at the end of the tunnel, nevermind.

The only song on the Rascal Flatts cd that truly makes me run for the Zoloft is an add (Skin)....Why can't Lyric Street send "Here's to You?"

If August is any indication, I'll have my new "six song suicide set" in no time!

Oh, wait, "Arlington"............

A Pause To Remember

From's Neil Haislop:

This week the state of Ohio is grieving because 20 members of their Columbus-based, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines were killed in separate attacks just two days apart, 6 by ambush, and 14 after a powerful roadside bomb exploded.

It’s not the single bloodiest day of the war so far, but it’s the single bloodiest day in the lives of members of 20 families and hundreds of people that knew and loved these soldiers, and the millions of us that must pay attention to the sacrifice these duty-bound Americans made for their country this week.

These deaths serve as a reminder that close to 2,000 members of the U.S. military have made the same sacrifice since this new Gulf war began with over 10,000 suffering wounds. It’s a shock when just one soldier is wounded or killed, a gut-punch when so many die together. God bless them and their families.

The tragic loss of life this week in Iraq reminds, too, of how important the frequent visits by country music performers have been to the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq and other overseas military bases. Country performers from Charlie Daniels, to Chely Wright, to Darryl Worley to Toby Keith and many more, have been very proactive making multiple visits through USO and other organizations and making a difference to the soldiers in the field.

Rascal Flatts is doing that right now on a USO tour in the Persian Gulf Region, performing for troops serving in the most difficult region of combat activities.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

KIX 95.3, Aberdeen: RSS News Updates

Check this out as a way to keep your station top of mind with listeners as important local news breaks.

If you don't have the resources to do a weekly station email, or to build a station loyal listener database, creating RSS feeds from your website is even more state of the art, and actually easier as well. The key: make sure that your messages are topical and important, never spam.

Email Tip From WMIL, Milwaukee

OM Kerry Wolfe's team at FM106 markets very effectively and efficiently. Here's a line that they put atop their loyal listener emails: "To prevent your FM 106.1 E-Team email messages from going into your bulk email folder where you will not be able to read them, please add to your address book."

They also are the beta test site for E-Quest Alert as well.

Kerry reports: "We’re getting feedback everyday from listeners who love it! Very simply, you never have to wonder again when FM 106.1 will play your favorite song. We’ll tell you in advance! Sign up, tell us when you listen and we’ll send alerts to your email or cell phone (normal text message rates apply) when your songs play. Click here to get started."

For more on E-Quest alerts, call 414 788-3764 or email

Cat Splash Fever

The crew at WYCT (Cat Country 98-7), Pensacola, is giving listeners water to beat the heat and humidity this summer.

And, if you want to be inspired by this community that has been hit by two hurricanes in the last nine months, click on "Here to Stay" too.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Strong Usage Benchmarks

These really work for stations executing them well:

Double Your Paycheck
KSON will announce one name, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15am, 12:15pm and 4:15pm. And one name per hour on Thursdays from 8:15am to 5:15pm. The person whose name is announced over the air has 30 minutes to call to win their prize. KSON will double the weekly paycheck of all winners by matching one week's gross salary up to $1250. You must be 18 years of age or older, and a San Diego County Resident. If we call your name, and you don't call, your name could be called again. KSON will determine the winner's weekly salary by averaging the winner's previous 5 weekly pay stubs. Pay stubs must be dated from the 3-week period prior to winning the contest.

Listener of the Day
Each weekday, WQYK, Tampa, will randomly pick a member of the WQYK Club to be our "Listener of the Day," and their name will be posted on our web site. If you see your name, you must send an e-mail message to us by midnight on the day your name is posted. We'll notify you on how, when and where to pick up your prize. If we don't receive an e-mail message from you by midnight on the day your name is drawn, you'll be added back to the list of WQYK Club members and you could be selected again at any time.

The Closer
Now through July 25, you can win $250 cash by confessing to WYCD Watch Kyra Sedwick in TNT's new original series "The Closer," Mondays at 9, only on TNT. They'll bring you in, She'll make you talk. The Closer Confess for Cash Sweepstakes. Visit our web site and confess your confession for a chance to win $250.

Lookin' For A Hot Lunch Lady
Pat and Tom want to salute some of the hardest working, least-acknowledged people in the education system. They're the folks who are cookin' with gas, servin' it up fresh, and can dish it out with the best of 'em. They are: The Hot Lunch Ladies. And we want to raise our milk boxes to 'em with the Pat and Tom Hot Lunch Ladies of the Month contest. If you're a hot lunch lady within our listening audience, just send us a photo of yourself and, if you'd like, your co-workers too. Each month, one lunch lady will win what every lunch lady deserves... lunch on somebody else for a change. You'll get a gift certificate from Chops Steak, Seafood and Bar and a 2-hour "Kool Kat Spa Package" from Mellow Me Out Day Spa, featuring an essential facial, full body massage and foot jacuzzi. E-mail your photo today. Please be sure to include your name, the names of any others in the photo, a phone number you can be reached at during the day, and school where you "do your cookin'."

At Work Team
When you register to become a "At Work Team" member you're automatically enter to win our weekly prizes. It's free. No fees, no dues and no co-pay. It's free. Just set the radio at work everyday to 105.1 and listen to Sacramento's #1 Country to help you through the workday. "KNCI At Work Team" members are eligible for great "KNCI Listener Club" benefits like, free CDs, free DVDs, free concert tickets or free KNCI wear, discount coupons and more. New "At Work Team" benefits will be added all the time. Take KNCI to work with you - at the office, on the road, on the job site or at home. Join the "KNCI At Work Team" now. Just fill out the KNCI Listener Club form on our web site then listen everyday at work to New Country 105.1 KNCI.

US 99.5 Nashville Hotline

When you need a quick, accurate source of timely country music news, click on "America's Country Station."

The KFGY Ultimate Road Trip

Here's a fun way to marry two clients and give eight listeners a great time.

KMLE's Dave Pratt Deals With Prostate Cancer On Air

Richard Ruelas (602 444-8473) wrote this in today's Arizona Republic:

Dave Pratt, the morning host for KMLE-FM, will be wearing a diaper during his scheduled morning shift today. He might even use it. It's not part of a wacky stunt but because the longtime Phoenix radio fixture has shaky bladder control following surgery to remove his cancerous prostate gland."I'm wearing Depends," Pratt said, extending his arms triumphantly last week while standing in the office of his Paradise Valley home. Technicians were on their way to install the microphones and equipment that would let him broadcast from his desk. Pratt is hoping that talking frankly about his bout with cancer - the adult diapers, the uncomfortable exams and his fears - will encourage more men to get tested."Men don't sit around saying, 'How's your prostate, Charlie?' " he said.

Pratt talked about starting a prostate awareness march, which would kick off with a symbolic bending over at the waist. "And I'd be bringing up the rear," he said.

The 43-year-old had surgery on July 13. It went smoothly enough that, two weeks later, he was walking around his house and preparing to take in a matinee with his kids. He was also eager to get back on the air."I definitely don't want to dwell on the situation because I still want to have an entertaining, fun show," he said. "But I'm not going to shy away from talking about it."

Prostate cancer is relatively common among men. It's also highly treatable if caught early. But one way to catch it early involves a doctor putting on a rubber glove and placing his finger in an unpleasant place. The gland, usually about the size of a walnut, is located just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. For Pratt, the first signs showed up after his annual physical in May. His blood showed an unusual change in the level of a protein produced by the prostate. He was sent to a urologist for the dreaded "finger test" as a precaution."

I figured he'll send me out the door and tell me to eat more watermelon or grapefruit or something," Pratt said. Instead, the doctor told him there was about a 40 percent chance he had cancer."My whole world just stopped, went into slow motion," Pratt said, "and for the next 15 minutes, I didn't hear a word he said."The little that did sink in included the fact he would have to return in two days for a biopsy. Pratt drove home in a daze and told his wife. He didn't tell anybody else. The next morning, he had a radio show to do. He didn't let on to his co-workers or his audience. The biopsy involved doctors trimming 10 slices out of his prostate. "I felt it in my teeth," Pratt said. Then, there were five more days of waiting for those results.

Pratt was in his home office when his phone rang. His Caller ID display told him it was the doctor. "I answered the phone and said, 'Tell me you have good news,' and he said, 'Actually, Dave, you have some cancer.' "Pratt, who has spent more than 25 years as a broadcaster, was silent.He was already late for a staff meeting at the radio station and drove to it on autopilot. Ratings had come in, and KMLE-FM had done well. The room darkened for a slide show that dissected the numbers, and while celebratory talk of demographics and shares floated through the air, Pratt stared blankly ahead and let a few tears run down his cheek.

Surgery was scheduled a month out. Pratt and his wife, Paula, started telling people - their four kids, other family members and some close friends. But the circle was tight. And Pratt still did not tell his co-workers or listeners. He figured there was no need to worry people about a surgery that statistics said would probably be successful. But it made those four hours broadcasting each morning a sanctuary - the only time he wasn't Dave Pratt, the cancer patient.The day before his surgery, after his shift, he left personal letters for his co-hosts and producers and posted a note on his Web site. He figured something in writing was better than an on-air announcement. Listeners' "reaction would have been the same as mine in the doctor's office," he said. "Not hearing a word after I mentioned I had cancer."That night, unable to sleep, Pratt wrote a letter to his children, sealed it in an envelope and placed it on his desk. Just in case.The surgery took just over two hours. Pratt woke up to his wife's voice and said, "Hey, I'm cancer-free." Then, he slept some more.Pratt started his radio career at age 19, at rock station KUPD-FM, developing a following as the irreverent Morning Mayor.

Two years ago, he started mornings at the decidedly tamer, older and more female-friendly KMLE-FM, a country station.He might not have been as free to talk about his prostate cancer on the rock station, built for young men who feel invincible. Country allows some tears. Working for KUPD, Pratt, during concerts with his Sex Machine band, would hand out pairs of red underwear. On KMLE this morning, he might discuss red underwear as a symptom."

On country, I'm not afraid to talk about it," Pratt said. His listeners will be curious with questions, and he'll gladly answer. But it's not a sad story anymore. That part has passed."I want to have some fun now," he said. "I'm ready to move on."

Nashville Rumor: Toby Keith and Tim McGraw Head New Labels

Former MCA and Dreamworks exec Scott Borchetta has been putting money and people together and everyone has been (more than) speculating that their owner will emerge as Toby Keith once his current deal ends (soon).

Now, Neil Haislop reports:

Tim McGraw has grown exponentially in the last few years, into superstar singer, award-winning record producer, ratings winning star of TV specials and now critically acclaimed Hollywood actor. None of this has gone unnoticed by higher entertainment industry powers. WORD IS that Tim is in serious negotiations with the producers of his upcoming film “My Friend Flicka” for Tim to do the soundtrack album along with The Warren Brothers and other’s in the Tim McGraw family.

There is also speculation as to Tim having his own label (in concert with a major). McGraw has reportedly been approached by every label to form his own imprint. Unlike others that want to do their own thing, word is this is a serious proposition that goes far beyond a vanity label most artists form.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, Thursday night Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors broke the Ionia Free Fair’s grandstand record drawing 11,000 fans. The paper delivered a rave review of the show pointing out his biggest hits went over huge with this crowd. Perhaps the most memorable moment came when Tim offered up “Live Like You Were Dying.”

They write, “For pure dynamism, though, nothing touched McGraw's No. 1 smash hit, "Live Like You Were Dying." Lights shone on the fans as they raised their hands and swayed, singing their hearts out to lyrics that seem to mean so much to so many. When McGraw pulled up two children, both cancer patients, and serenaded them tenderly, there wasn't a dry eye in Ionia.”

MORE: Team McGraw: Star and his band work 'together to be the best'