Monday, August 11, 2014

How Not To Do A Live Broadcast

  1. Set up your equipment on a card table.
  2. Wrap a banner around the table.
  3. Make sure you have a card table chair for the personality to sit on.
  4. Require that the talent stay behind the table and as far away from listeners as possible.
  5. Have the single person you or the client pays to do the broadcast both set up the equipment and handle the clients, saving sales department and engineering department lots of time and energy.  You can also save everyone money by requiring the talent to do them for free.  She'll enjoy the exposure.
  6. Don't write any copy for the event.  Ad libs are fine.
  7. Never brainstorm anything additional that might cost any money or bring people to the location.
  8. No need to arrive early.  Just show up at the time the broadcast is scheduled to begin.
  9. Even better, if your first break isn't scheduled until :20 after the hour.  There's no need to be there on the hour in spite of what the pre-event promotion promises.
  10. What pre-event promotion?  No need for that!
Doing it this way will ensure that your station can charge the least for live broadcasts and events compared to anyone else in town.

That way, you'll get lots more of them to do.

Listeners will love that.

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