Monday, August 11, 2014

John Marks Has A Great Press Agent

The entire A&O&B team are big fans of the SiriusXM Nashville-based country programmer and we all personally spend a lot of time with all of the country music channels he programs, not because of his good looks and charm, but because we love his innovative approach to music programming,

The longtime country expert got started at Ohio University's broadcast department and then went from Athens on to WPFB in Middletown, Ohio, and many major markets from Seattle to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and San Diego to name a few that culminated in his current gig.

His latest coup:  convincing USA Today writer Brian Mansfield that playing three females an hour is newsworthy

"We're pulling in a wide swath of female talent to gather up what the listeners will respond to." -- John Marks

The risky part, of course is the promise that they will be little-known records by women with and without record deals and of course that is news for many people.

Not for me.

IMHO:  John has golden ears and I'd bet he opens the door to records and radio one more time for some talented newcomers with great tunes.

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