Friday, August 22, 2014

Studying The Target

“Focus,” as author Al Ries (and his daughter in the years since) has been preaching (he wrote a great book on it) is the key to owning a category in a prospect’s mind. 

Also, the focus needs to be on the needs of the user not the product you’re hoping to sell. 

That starts by getting to know who it is you want to listen to your radio station.

Otherwise, you're guilty of "fire, ready. aim."

Odds are you are either younger or older than they are.  So, what can you do to create a reality-based picture that will prove to be effective?
  • Join a local service club that attracts members of your target.
  • Volunteer at a local charity as a worker.
  • Join a church, synagogue or other religious organization. 
  • Take a course at an adult school (not college).
  • Talk to listeners on Facebook, Twitter and other social nets and get involved in the activities the folks who are your target age care about.
  • Take a day “off” the air and live like your listener does.
  • Visit places where they work.
  • Go to lunch where your listeners go.  Not just one time, just routinely.
Look for folks who listen to your radio station and get to know them.

Live the demo.

Maintain the sympathetic reaction for consistent listenership.

Have a staff meeting and assign everyone to do these things.

Then, reconvene to talk as a group about what everyone observed and learned.

What more can everyone do to become a “real” companion?

After completing these steps, you're ready to aim and then "fire."

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