Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Three-Tiered Bullseye

Anyone who’s completed a sales training with Chris Lytle or his team can tell you where a business gains from being “top of mind:”
  • The folks in the center of the target are in the market for what you have to sell right now.  
  • The second ring of the target “might” be in the market for it, but need a reason to get serious about it now or you have to wait for their need to become more urgent.  Maybe they need it but don’t know they do and all they require is an explanation of why it’s important.
  • The ones in the outer ring might as well have the audio turned down on their radio.  They don’t care and won’t have any use for it for the foreseeable future.

1.  What sales phrase in the lead sentence of your pitch or commercial would you use to activate the people in your bullseye?

2.  The ones in the second ring?

3.  Listen to as many commercials on your radio station as possible and sort out the ones that seem to be talking to the people in the outer ring.

4.  Rewrite to make them more effective.

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