Thursday, August 14, 2014

Add MY Vote For This Great Idea

Billboard reports:
Record Industry Considering a Standard, Global Album Release Day
The music industry is on the verge of adopting a global street date that could see all countries issuing new releases on a Friday, probably beginning a year from now, in July 2015, according to industry sources.

A&O&B works with many international clients and all we can say is "what took so long?"  It's an increasingly global society and economy.

Fortunately, thanks to digital secure delivery the majority of Nashville music firms have been delighted to provide promotional copies of new music at the same time it gets released in the U.S. to our clients just for the asking, but of course that has always meant that country radio outside America very often is playing songs their listeners have no way to buy yet.

Just one more example of how our business may be among the slowest to adapt to change, often shooting itself in the foot. 

Hopefully, positive change is in the air.

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