Thursday, August 28, 2014

Buzz-building (Step #2)

Mark Ramsey“Answer these questions:”

1.  Do listeners think we have a terrific radio station, worth telling their friends about?
2.  Can listeners describe what makes our station unique and special, simply and easily?
3.  Does the station always offer something new and exciting?  Is there always something fresh and different?
4.  Are we operating in the spirit of truth, honesty and directness?  Can all of our claims be proven?
5.  Do we know who the “network hubs” are, the opinion leaders on social nets and in person with their friends?
6.  Do we have an ongoing (genuine) dialogue with them, a way for them to be a part of the station?
7.  Do we have a “fan club,” a listener community?
8.  How can we help listeners connect with other listeners?  How do we help listener communities connect with one another?
9.  Does the “Fan Club” advise us on our product?
10.  Do we have “fan” websites, run by listeners?  How can we encourage them?
11.  Are we communicating across social networks?
12.  Have we designed our website to maximize the transmission of buzz?
13.  Do we have surprises?
14.  Can we be outrageous?
15.  Do we take listeners behind the scenes?
16.  Do we stage events to get people talking?
17.  Can “bite size chunks” of our station be given as a ‘gift’ or a “free sample?’
18.  Do we solicit referrals?  Or we reward referrals?
19.  Can we use testimonials and make them credible?
20.  Is our advertising clever enough to build Buzz?
21.  Do we have a well-defined cause that listeners identify with us and rally around?
22.  Are we selling a dream?  Or, a product?

Tomorrow, a worksheet to upgrade your buzz-worthiness.

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