Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Was Actually More Than Just Great News For Radio

The trade press coverage of "State of Listening in America" in the last week has focused largely on the many positive aspects of radio in 2013 as a vehicle for advertisers.

Dr. Subramanyam also did something very clever at the conclusion of the presentation in New York that hasn't gotten the coverage that I feel it deserves.  Once the media buying targets were nodding "yes" to data about the reach, impact, target and power of radio, came this advice I want to underscore. 


These are the messages that I wish more of our trade media had covered and that all of us in radio need to share with our production departments, our talent and our clients.

Pass it on!

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Tripp Eldredge said...

Awesome post and highlight, Jaye. Radha shines the needed light on the passions that connect and engage radio listeners. Thanks for sharing.