Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Check The Bookcases Around Your Radio Station

Hopefully, after a full free year as a CMA member last year thanks to 2012 "The Year Of Radio," I am hoping that your management saw the amazing return on investment and joined for 2013.

If so, something amazing is back this year after living online for a few years.

It's the CMA Directory, full of the contacts you need at your fingertips almost constantly:  artists, management companies, record labels, talent representatives and booking agents, publishers, publicity firms and of course every radio station, syndication company and satellite broadcaster in North America.

I don't know about you, but there are times that opening a browser and searching just isn't as convenient as opening and paging through a fact and content-filled book.

Thanks CMA, for bring it back!

I am betting that whoever opened the envelope this week with the new one quietly snagged this incredible, useful resource and added it to their office reference bookcase.

Before you have to run all over your building yelling, "help, I need the new CMA Directory, who has it!," now would be a good time to locate it and let everyone in management, programming, marketing, promotions and sales know where it is.

Before too long, they'll all find that they have a need for it.

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