Friday, February 01, 2013

Karate Chop Critiquing

I've been a big fan of XL-96 Moncton's Scotty Horsman & Tony Smith for years.

Each of them had been a strong "breakfast" personality in his own right on two different local stations before Newcap teamed them.

Listening to them last week, it occurred to me that something has changed to make them even more succinct, funnier, higher energy.

So, I called CJXL PD Adam McLaren to find out what's going on.

He told me that he and the two guys came up with a new strategy in their regular air check sessions.

They listen together and at the point any of the three of them feels the "bit" they're monitoring has reached a climax, he makes a karate chop with his hand.

No words need to be spoken.

Adam feels that just picturing that hand movement as they do their show has helped two very creative, appealing personalities do an even better job of taking the first ending on every content break.

I doubt that any of the three of them can split a brick or a board with their bare hand, but I think they all deserve black belts in creating compelling personality radio.

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Mark Patric said...

Love it. Great idea Adam. Thank you for sharing Jaye.