Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Back Bones

A sampling of the many thought-provoking comments in response to my No Bones About It post via Facebook and Twitter:
  • This is spot on.
  • Sorry, but I disagree. If radio needs Bobby Bones to succeed, then radio has already failed. Radio needs LOCAL programming - serving the public for the community good - like it was originally licensed to provide. Radio needs a country Ryan Seacrest like it needs a hole in the head. As someone who was "let go" by big corporate radio, I feel sorry for all the new insurance salesmen, car salesmen, freelance writers, social media marketers, Wal-Mart door greeters, and unemployment check-cashers who will have nothing left but memories of how good radio USED to be.
  • I've always loved how you set the tone for those who generally tend to see the worst in things. This article is a great example, good marching orders from radio's supreme 'General'.
  • (a well-known station image voice) won't have to do as many sweepers for all those morning shows anymore....
  • Good radio is great for the business, and Bobby Bones apparently does good radio, (I've never heard him) but CC's back is against the financial wall. So if you're inside CC, you have to find a way 'make lemonade', and Bones will hopefully protect the product, maybe even advance it where possible. (at WSIX?) I think Jaye is happy because it's in nobody's best interest for CC to fail. Radio need good content, wherever it originates from. We'd all love to see it coming from local studios, no doubt. But this is all the more reason for those competing against CC to be re-energized and raise their game a little.  It's an opportunity. The business is changing because the customer/listener is changing. Hard to fight that kind of thing, but nobody's giving up. There is TONS of opportunity around us. By the way, I only voice 3 CC stations (down from 35 at their peak, about half my roster), but the ones I still voice have ballsy PDs who fight to keep an imaging budget, instead of taking it inside. I like that, and while it may cost them a few hundred bucks a month, CC is lucky to have those guys. Most of my business comes from smaller companies these days, who are operating mostly live, local operations. Vive la local radio!
  • As someone who is working at a live, local station competing against CC, tying and besting them in many demos and dayparts...I think what they're doing is great. only thing better is more of it. Hey billy bones, billy greenwood...I'll see ya at the next fundraiser I do for the SPCA...or the next Christmas parade, or lawn party, or fair our station is at...oops! I forgot you've got Facebook and a blog for that. So CC..great work!!!   
  • I completely agree with you. My first thought, upon hearing the news. Here we go, let's raise the level of OUR show. I am eager to up my game. I am extremely motivated. Why?? I love what I do and love where I love, couldn't ask for anything more (well, more money maybe - LOL).
  • Last year, the worst thing that has ever happened to me, occurred. I lost my Dad.  A Vietnam Veteran and US Marine and the greatest Man I have ever known. Upon visiting his grave at our local National Cemetery, I noticed some of the 4,000 headstones had holiday wreaths, but not all... It was then I learned about the Wreaths Across America program, which happens at each local National Cemetery. Each program though is funded locally, within each local community. Each wreath costs $15.... Our local cemetery had NEVER had a wreath for every hero. Our goal - make sure this Christmas each does. The audience, which has grown up with me and me with them, was with me as I talked about and grieved about my Dad on the air... I still get an email even a year later from a listener, I have touched by exposing my emotions on the air..... This past holiday season, we paired with several groups, and we lead the way on the Hero wreath campaign. We needed 5,000 wreaths this past December, which meant raising $75,000... Through great teamwork and community involvement, we reached our goal.  This was the proudest moment of my life and career, each hero in our market, was remembered with a wreath over the holidays...
  • It's not just about be local. It's about being entertaining, it's about caring about your community, you fellow man and it's about making a difference. If you can make the audience laugh and cry, that is indeed something special. I have learned, being local isn't good enough - being good sometimes isn't good enough... Striving for excellence is our goal each day!
  • After reading your column and watching Booby's press conference, one thought came to mind... No one will work harder than me to keep growing, learning and trying new things and new ways to get better each day.
  • Well done. You look at it in a way not a ton of industry folks would.
  • From being familiar with his team from looking at them for my CC CHR station, I could not agree more that Bobby will make a great transition to country.  Also, he will have a good talent coach. WSIX PD Michael Bryan is a good guy and a solid, solid programmer. He and Bones come from a similar background. I look forward to hearing the product they create together.  It's a great time to be Country radio.
My favorite suggestion among a very long list great ones: for what should have been the headline to my original post, given Clear Channel's huge financial pressures:  "Bare Bones."

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