Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real Life Replicates Research

Mike O'Malley told Inside Radio this week that social media experienced double-digit growth during the past 12 months for the average A&O&B client station.  Half of the more than six thousand country radio partisans report owning a smartphone. 
"Nearly eight in ten country listeners report daily Facebook usage, up from almost seven in ten in early 2012.  Although dwarfed by Facebook, Twitter usage is also on the rise.  The overall number of respondents saying they use Twitter to any degree in the past 30 days increased from 8% to 13%."

The survey also shows an increase in the percent of listeners who are either fans of a station on Facebook or who follow a station on Twitter.   

Full national results will be presented at an A&O&B client seminar session February 26 in Nashville.

Meanwhile in response to the press reports, Doug Burton of Radio Traks says he just noticed an interesting metric this week.

Traffic to surveys from Windows desktop/laptop platforms just fell below 60% for the very first time.  The number 2 & 3 OS’s have been really intriguing the last couple months.  Android is our number 2 platform followed by iOS.  Both OS’s represent 34% of all traffic the last 30 days.  Mac’s fill out the balance.

Burton adds:  "None of this is surprising, but it just fascinates me watching the trend every month.  Mobile only cracked 30% back in September!"

Whether you're streaming, engaging listeners socially or collecting their opinions, your approach must be OS agnostic and include mobile devices.

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All Access said...

ALL ACCESS has obtained the memos being sent to radio stations by EMMIS COMMUNICATIONS soliciting participation in the launch of FM radio tuners in SPRINT's Android and Windows Phone mobile devices. The memos, from EMMIS SVP/CTO PAUL BRENNER, set forth procedures for stations to be "made 'active' for the SPRINT FM Radio smartphone application" and a timetable for the launch. (click the link for the story)