Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another Post On Change

The farewell post on the American Comedy Network Facebook page from Joel Graham, who calls himself not just GM/Creative Director but also "Former Head Writer/Staff Writer/Producer/Current Voice Talent for American Comedy Network - I’ve done it all here and loved every minute of it..." is a classy exit, ending with "Thank you for making my dream job possible."

It will be interesting to see if the ACM website and brand find a way to live on as a source of comedy for new media, but then the brand was really only known to radio personalities and probably means nothing to anyone outside our business.


Dial Global President/Programming Kirk Stirkand told ALL ACCESS, "While always a fun, topical and creative service, it wasn't viable any longer in terms of national coverage. We think affiliates will be well-served by the great services from our partners, Wise Brother Media."

I could not agree more.

If your show continues to rely on the kind of lengthy, contrived song parodies and pre-produced bits that ACN innovated in 1983, it's time to take this quick test and find out what decade you're living in.


Ron Chase Radio-Online said...

In an earlier time American Comedy Network was the king of cutting edge and creative morning radio comedy. Classic sketches like "Stevie Nicks: What the Hell Is She Saying," "Merry Christmas James Brown," or "The Shampoo Police" still bring a smile to those who remember the glory days.

Mike Stiles said...

Interesting this is happening as comedy radio is finding its legs as a spoken word format. But yes, music radio has abdicated spoken word entertainment, will try to win with music alone, and will lose horribly.

Larry the Radio Guy said...

When was the last time you actually listened to the bits in an ACN prep? What you call lengthy and contrived from 1983 became immediate, topical and concise. Their PPM versions of bits and song parodies would perfectly fit into the time I had for bits. I will miss ACN. Your link to the millennial test...that's a great way to insult potential clients.

Albright and O'Malley said...

Larry and Mike, thanks for taking time to comment. I admit that I had not heard ACM content lately, and you're right that was was guilty of piling on in the interest of a cause of mine, keeping content brief and organic, unfairly using the death of ACM, which I myself certainly used a long time ago too, just as an excuse to again make that point. -Jaye