Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ah HA!

Now and then you see an infographic that pulls it all together, places all of the tough choices we content creators need to wrestle with every day.

Hats off to SnapRetail for making it look so clear:

This isn't just about your social posts.  It's about everything you put on air.  Most of us start with 20% of our 60 minutes per hour which is "promotional in nature."  Twice as much as these retail marketing consultants recommend to their clients.
  • Are you sharing others' voices and ideas in at least one in five of your breaks, mentioning their names, where they called, txt'd, posted or emailed from?
  • Do 70% of your breaks add value for your listener and build your personal brand recognition?
  • Is the majority of what you talk about creative, "fun in nature," relevant, local and focused on community events?
Make the most of that remaining 80% of your average hour.  Don't waste a second.

The brand image most radio personalities have today is that they are constantly selling stuff.

If that's you, I hope this is a bit of an "ah-ha."

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