Friday, January 18, 2013

A Different Way To Look At It

I have a number of clients which use Pinnacle Media Worldwide's Online Tracker to test currents and their software permits an interesting analysis of currents that I hadn't seen elsewhere.

Sure, I still recommend tracking crosstabs of "total love (a favorite song)," total hate, total burn, total familiarity, total positive, total target male positive, total target female positive, total younger half of the target positive vs total older half of the target positive as the primary way to rank and control spin on currents and recurrents.

But, since so many perceptual studies over the last several years with country fans have found repetition to be a major complaint, Pinnacle's program now asks listeners if they'd like to hear a specific song "less" or "more" as well.

So, are radio listeners saying that we play currents too much for their taste?  I ranked this report which combines the opinions of more than 300 25-54 country fans (65% female/35% male) using Online Tracker by "play less."

Not a single song of the 32 tested in the last seven days had more folks saying we should be playing it "less" than wanted to hear it more!

Here's how I read it:  "too much repetition" doesn't seem to me that you play songs too much. 

It means you play songs, styles, eras and genres I don't like too much.

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Dan Cowen said...

This is really good insight. While the repetition/burn issue is a challenge, I believe that we often over think it. Leave it to Jaye Albright to provide some common sense. Thanks, Jaye!