Monday, January 14, 2013

Not Gonna Do It. Will Your Listener?

Facebook makes it seem that all of my friends want to send me a greeting card.

They even appear to have the algorithm set so you get no more than one day.

I have a feeling Julie doesn't even know she sent me this, but of course I like her so it takes all the restraint I've got to not give the day, date and year to her.

I'm not ashamed of my age.  It's identity theft I worry about.  You should too.

It's time to move beyond the simplistic and "easy" low-hanging fruit in your social networking.

What are you doing throughout the day to move these numbers in your Facebook account?

Sure, I'll "like" your Happy Birthday, but who's going to talk about it?

Improve your edge rank by working on the quality, buzzworthiness and topicality of your posts and interactions.

Stand out.  Go far beyond the ordinary.

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