Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rotating Your Imaging Messages

It's not important that you follow THIS strategy, but I do think it's crucial that you HAVE a strategy for controlling and keeping your branding fresh and relevant.

I like to have a minimum of two imaging pieces per quarter hour, one :15-20 seconds and one super brief, :02-:05.


Music menu :15
Brander :05
Recycler :15
Brander :05
Community involvement :15
Brander :05
Attitude :15
Brander :05

.. plus two morning show promos rotating, playing one per hour. one of them dry, to be used up an intro talking about one reason content-driven to listen at a specific time tomorrow and a second to rotate with it that can be more fully produced which shows of the character differences/relationship of the personalities for fun.

That way if you rotate all of them equally across every quarter hour, it will take HOURS for the same one to repeat back into the same quarter hour.

Feel free to call 206 498 6261 if this raises any questions. If you have a better, more effective way to accomplish this, I'd love to hear about it.

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