Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick (But GREAT) Ideas

The best thing about a radio consultant's job is that we hear very creative, useful ideas multiple times every day. 

I often use that old quote when I talk to my clients:  "when you're stealing from me, you're stealing twice."

Just two I heard today:

1.  On Presslaff Interactive's monthly client idea webinar:  

Anytime you put a phone number on the Internet, format it like this..

If you put dashes between the area code, the prefix and the final four digits, listeners can click on it from your smart phone and dial it with a click!

2.  Townsquare Media's WYRK/Buffalo has given away tickets to local events for many years by inviting their fans to listen for the "ticket WOLF" to howl and call in to win.

Right now, the WYRK Ticket canine isn't howling, he's coughing.

He has the flu!

... made me laugh out loud when I heard it.

OK, what have YOU got?

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Radio Info said...

KIFM, San Diego “98.1 Smooth FM” Helps Flu Sufferers.

Talk about superserving your P1s! Lincoln Financial Media’s smooth jazz KIFM, San Diego is sending out its “Flu Crew” to supply listeners suffering from the flu with “flu kits” – cans of chicken soup, Theraflu, tea, Gatorade, cough drops, hand sanitizer, boxes of Kleenex, and more. The idea for the promotion came about last Friday when morning host Lenny B was talking with a listener who is new to the market and had the flu with no one to help care for her. Lenny decided to make a “Flu Kit House Call” since most doctors no longer make house calls. He assembled some of the “98.1 Smooth FM” promotions team as the “Flu Crew.” Pictured here is a member of the “Flu Crew” delivering supplies to a listener. The staff is making visits during the late morning after the AM drive show ends.