Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nash FM? Or Nash Rambler?

There are so many exciting things in development right now for the vehicle dashboard and it all appears to be coming at lightening speed that it's easy to forget - from HD Radio to the new Cumulus national country brand - how painfully long it sometimes takes for even things we take for granted now to achieve mass adoption (let alone how many never made it).

Thanks to the legendary Chuck Buell for putting it all in a proper context:

I know you know the big part the radios in our cars played back in the day with the rockin' music of our favorite local rock station turned up loud as we cruised around with a carload of friends  --- or spent some quieter in-car moments with someone special and the late night more mellow sounds of the conservative music station turned down low?

We sure took "The Car Radio" for granted, didn't we?!

So, with that in mind, I thought you might find of some possible minor interest this (under five minutes) audio narrative I recently voiced about how "The Car Radio" actually came about and how long it really took!

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