Thursday, August 14, 2008

Radio Ad Lab Study: Not Just For Commercials

Engaging Emotions Through Effective Radio Ads

Here is the second part of a Radio Ad Lab project originally conducted by Gallup & Robinson (G&R) in 2007 and designed to assess how well Radio ads generate emotional responses and engage with consumers, compared to television ads.

Findings from the study reveal that in effective Radio ads, and if you don't mind my adding, Content Breaks as well:

  • Strong beginnings make a difference. An involving point of entry distinguishes some of the most successful Radio ads.
  • Word selection matters. Words that are sensory-laden, emotional, or empowering have a demonstrable impact on the emotional reactions of consumers.
  • Audio can be powerful. Audio can generate stronger emotions than visuals, especially when the tonality in the ad is used effectively.
  • Brand mentions have an impact. The best Radio ads mention the advertiser’s brand multiple times, strategically placed to correlate with moments of high consumer engagement.

The highest scoring and best performing ad in the study exhibited all of the above, a strong indication that Radio commercials are highly engaging to consumers when the creative process follows these patterns.

Download the Full Study
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Anonymous said...

A big key to gaining the attention of a listener in a commercial is also speaking in "their own terms". When writing we have to ask ourselves "how would the consumer describe this product/service & how would they connect with it & why". Asking some simple questions like these can go a long way towards writing an effective script.