Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Can I Get An "Amen?"

Blair Garner's 15th Anniversary of doing "After Midnight" comes up on November 15, as the show and Blair move to Nashville in October.
"Never foresake the music. There is still a great place in this world of radio for practicing word economy and being the listener's friend. Talk to your kids and learn to speak their language. Content is king and as long as we provide the content and stay true to our focus, we're going to be fine. (Career highlight?) The relationship we have with listeners. It is never lost on me. I am always amused when somebody relates to a specific moment during the program. I get so angry when people on the air don't realize what a great gift we have been given. People are kind enough to invite us into their homes, vehicles and work spaces. Every person that calls our program, we end those calls saying thanks for listening, thanks for calling. Everyone is given respect." -- Blair Garner, to Erica Farber, R&R Publisher's Profile, 8/1/08

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