Monday, August 04, 2008

Call Me Disappointed, Nashville Star

First, "After Midnight's" Blair Garner spoke with the three remaining contestants about the role that radio will play in their careers as future Country artists, then the show named Melissa Lawson, a female Buddy Jewel as far as I am concerned (sorry, Buddy!). I wish I thought she WAS ready to stand.

I hope I am wrong, but my guess: radio is going to play next to no role in this aspirant's career. What a shame that country music gets on TV and this is the best they can find.


Buzz Jackson said...

Agreed. They need to go back and revisit whether this show is even worth it.

Winning on Nashville Star, like I told my WB regional, carries no weight with radio anymore. It might even be a liability.

It's a shame, for a lot of reasons.

Buzz @ KIIM

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with you, once again you have countries best ear! I could not believe how cheesy last night's finale was, to the bad choice of duet for Melissa and Gabe, to Billy Ray opening with "Achy Breaky," to the WAY TOO of a pause till the winner was announced, to Katie's horrid dress. I was embarrassed to know this is the best we could do in light of "Idol." Hopefully this is the last year for the show!

Anonymous said...

I do see your point….I honestly had a lot of problems with the show, starting with that ridiculous hair and soul patch that billy ray seems to think makes him look hip. And who was the chick that they brought on last minute to save us from his inability to read a teleprompter?

We all know what great boobs she has after last night’s dress….and yes I could live the rest of life without seeing achy breaky heart EVER again….

But the truth is the American public was in control of the voting and is it really shocking that our winner is a reflection of our audience? A 31 year old, overweight, mother who is just trying to do better for her family and realize a dream at the same time?

So I saw last night’s results as a cry …no make that a scream, for a chance at the American dream by every average woman who has the same challenges as Melissa. Right or wrong, they made their point of view known. America loves a good story and truly, she had a good story….. isn’t that what’s at the root of every country song?

Now does it help us….probably not.

But we’ve never needed television to make a star for us. Shows like this and American Idol will always try to dictate to us what a star is and frankly that’s no different than what labels try to do.

Programmers have to step up and listen to the music, sometimes take chances, explore the edges and look for the special songs….maybe not the special artists…something pop music has been more successful at I think.

Anonymous said...

Even though the level of talent was not what it should of been as a whole I think the winner is a viable country talent. A voice like Trisha Yearwood & the song she wrote & performed on songwriters night I believe could be a hit. Plus she has John Rich behind her & you know he will be an "in your face" supporter not to mention the fact that she is truly country music's target demo & will be able to relate with the core country music fan! So before you give her the boot lets see what happens in the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but John Rich was also "behind" Julio Iglasias Jr and we all know what that single did!