Friday, August 22, 2008

ARB Diary Distortion Isn't New, But In The Internet Age, We All Live In Glass Houses

.. and, when you live in a glass Arbitron household, everyone talks about it, you (and even your possible impending firing?): "DePetro's wife blamed in radio ratings scandal"

Honesty has always been the best policy just because it is (especially, if like me you have a bad memory!). Now, in the age of chat rooms and blogs, politican or radio performer, it's always your best option.

Once the bad buzz begins and it's out there, it's OUT THERE, big time
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Inside Radio said...

The mystery of where the half-dozen questionable listening diaries came from has been solved, and it’s sure to help cool the heat on “Newstalk Radio 630”

The Citadel station has released a statement which says they came from morning host John DePetro’s wife, adding “John states that he did not have knowledge of her actions.”

The bogus diaries claimed to have been filled out by three women and three men, ages 27 to 34, who said they listened to WPRO-AM from 6-10am for more than 109 hours during a single week.

Market manager Barbara Haynes says they are “profoundly disappointed by John’s wife’s actions.”

The controversy began two weeks ago when a diary review led Clear Channel to discover the apparently forged diaries originated from a home in East Greenwich, RI — where DePetro and his wife live.

Last week Arbitron released a revised Providence Spring book. WPRO-AM stayed #1 in mornings but DePetro fell from #4 to #9 in the 25-54 money demo.