Monday, August 04, 2008

CRS-40 Is Seven Months Away And It's Already Making You Smarter

For 39 years the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville has been making thousands of people smarter year after year. As a way of getting you to think differently about coming to CRS whether your employer gives you the time off and pays your expenses or not, I'm going to propose you do what some of the richest people in the world have been doing to make real money while the rest of the world is complaining about a weak economy.

How can Southwest Airlines be the lone profitable American carrier, while other airlines are reporting red ink quarter after quarter?

It's because Southwest pays less for its fuel.


Futures contracts.

Southwest thought longer term and bought jet fuel for both its airplanes and its balance sheets at last year's prices.

You can do the same thing with CRS-40, your company and your career.

But, you must act now. Early bird registration for CRS-40 just opened this week. The early bird registration rate has been held at $499 for the past three years in order to help those for whom cost is an issue, especially those who pay for their own registration. It will never be a better bargain.

The registration cost goes up on December 15, 2008.

Here's a plan: put the CRS in your 2009 convention travel budget.

When the budget is approved by your company (they probably know already how valuable CRS is to improving your knowledge, skills and is an unparalleled networking opportunity), be a hero and let your boss know that you wanted your station to be just like Southwest Airlines so you got the registration at the lowest possible price. You're a hero.

But, what if they don't approve that budget? What if they say you can only go to CRS in 2009 if you take vacation time?

Think of CRS-40 as a star-studded, entertainment-filled, knowledge- driven vacation, three and a half days on fun, a reunion with some of the most influential players in the country radio and music businesses.

Even better, it's a tax write off from your personal taxes if your company doesn't reimburse you for it.

Just try to find a more fun, informative, star-studded vacation for so little money with such a big payoff! You can't.

And, you can't get the IRS to allow you to deduct that weekend in Branson or Caribbean weekend cruise either.

I've been attending CRS for 34 of its 39 years. I guarantee that it's worth every penny.

Be smart. Play the future between now and December 15 ..YOUR future.

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