Monday, June 04, 2007

What A Nice Way To Celebrate A Station Anniversay

Maybe it's because MY birthday is July 6th and theirs is July 5th.. and perhaps I am biased because of my own personal loyalties to Country 105, Calgary, with memories going back to work I did starting in the early 90's for the station. (I was brought in as a consultant in 1993 when we were all fearful that Rawlco, who had done the most amazing country launch I had ever seen with their "Mugged and Kissed" Toronto event and of course Rawlco also owned CMT/Canada back then too, so it was a big relief when they actually came on - complete with a huge fireworks display at dawn as an AC-country-rock hybrid. I feel confident that CKRY could have withstood even a head-on attack, but it was quite a compliment to find out that Rawlco felt the same way. I can't wait to hear what other memories of those days others much more directly involved have!)

The Odd Squad morning show and then-MD Phil Kallsen are still all there (Phil is now PD and owner Corus Director Of Country Programming, of course), so I really want to hear what wonderful memories they all have, since I was just a witness but they lived it... but in typical CKRY fashion, they seem to be more interested in their loyal listeners' recollections..

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Gerry Siemens, GM, CJJR, Vancouver said...

Bob McCord just reminded me that it was 25 years ago today, noon
Edmonton time, that we launched CISN-FM, Edmonton.

What a great moment that from COOK COUNTRY SALOON. At that time, as a kid Program Director, it was the
pinnacle of whatever I'd accomplished to that point.

Like a goalie in a Stanley Cup Final, I remember being sick from nerves just prior to the launch.

Later, it got very, very drunk out and I forget the rest.

I'm sure it's completely dated and corny sounding, I understand
that CISN is going to replay the launch at noon today (Mountain TIme, 11 am Pacific.)

Might be fun to tune it in at