Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lessons In Storytelling From CMT + A Fresno Mother And Daughter

Holly Hicks is a little bit country. Erica Hicks is a little rock 'n' roll. The differences between the Fresno residents is played out in the CMT series "Born Country" tomorrow night.

The mother, Holly, and daughter, Erica, were selected because of the letter Holly wrote to the show. There was just one little thing about the letter: Holly wrote it pretending to be Erica. The letter revealed that Erica always has thought her mother should give up the dream of being a country music singer.

"I would have never written the letter," says Erica, a local hairstylist. "When the people with the show called me and read me the letter, I told them everything she said was true. Dreams are great. But reality is bigger."

"My mom has always been an amazing woman. I just thought she needed to do bigger and better things."

CMT has found that powerful quotes, driven by relatable and entertaining narratives, increase 'time spent viewing.' You know that's true for radio too.

Is your show delivering powerful stories like this? How often? Are you making the most of them to build listening appointments?

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