Friday, June 01, 2007

Country Has A Flat (Good!) Winter 2007 ARB Book

The official Arbitron national format averages are out now for the Winter 2007 survey for your exporting, slicing, dicing, comparing to your local situation and dancing pleasure.

A few tantalizing stats:

* Country is up from Winter '06 to Winter '07 (9.1 to 9.2 12+) and flat 12+ from Fall 2006 (9.2)
* Country's women 25-54 share is up from Fall 2006, 9.7-10.2
* The format's men 25-54 share is up a tick (7.6-7.7) from Fall 2006, but is still off from our 8.3 last Spring
* 12+ male listening is flat and female listening is up
* 25-34 and 35-44 are up, 55-64 and 65+ are down, all other demos are flat

Spring is historically the country format's best "share" book of the year and if that holds true again this year, there's reason for optimism, since Winter 2007 is the best Winter 12+ share country has notched since Winter of 1999 when we had a 9.3 share. Since 2000, country's 12+ Winter survey share has trended: 9.0-8.8-8.6-8.6-8.6-8.9-9.1 to this current 9.2.

A little something to celebrate this weekend, I'd say!

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Inside Radio said...

Spanish listening hits a new high, an 11.9 share, the most since Arbitron started tracking Spanish-language stations. It now has a bigger share than CHR and it's within striking distance of AC - which has a 13.9 share in the Winter book. News/talk remains king - with a 17.4 share.