Monday, June 18, 2007

Internet Radio Listening Is Still Tiny, As Analog Radio Still Reaches 232-Million

Arbitron's just released "Infinite Dial" study says online listen to internet radio is dominated by young males and online audiences are still fractionally small, less than 1% of the total AM/FM audience. 55% are men, with 36% of those 18-34.

1855 participants nationwide selected from Arbitron's Fall 2006 survey were also questioned about satellite and HD radio, as well as usage of audio podcasting.

Awareness of HD radio nearly doubled what it was a year ago, but that awareness hasn't translated into much increased interest from consumers, with just 6% calling themselves "very interested" in the new audio medium.

Download the full report here.

Other hot stuff from the ARB news center: Radio Reaches 232 Million Listeners per Week, according to RADAR 93

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PocketRadio said...

Terrestrial radio's TSL is declining and radio has no future:


"A new study by Edison Media Research shows sharp declines in Time Spent Listening (TSL), Persons Using Radio (PUR) and most importantly attitudes about radio among the 12-to-24-age group, the listeners who represent both terrestrial radio's future and its greatest challenge."

Consumers are not interested in the HD Radio farce:

“HD Radio on the Offense”

“But after an investigation of HD Radio units, the stations playing HD, and the company that owns the technology; and some interviews with the wonks in DC, it looks like HD Radio is a high-level corporate scam, a huge carny shill.”

“4/4/07 - FCC: Market to Decide Fate of HD Radio”

“Sirius, XM, and HD: Consumer interest reality check”

“While interest in satellite radio is diminishing, interest in HD shows no signs of a pulse.”

“U.S. automakers not jumping into HD Radio”

“Bridge Ratings: Sweat the cell phone and don’t count on HD”

“In other words, Bridge says interest in HD radio is decreasing even as your station works hard to increase awareness. What can I possibly add to this honest and bleak picture that I haven’t said before? My well-intended warnings about HD’s “premature death” seem to be rearing their ugly heads almost two years later.”