Monday, June 25, 2007

We Are Not Alone

You really need to take a close look at this device.

It puts our situation in context. Hit one button and your alarm clock wakes you up to your favorite songs, on your iPod. Hit the other button and wake up to your favorite radio station.

For now, at least, radio is still in the device.

Let's leverage our strengths - what's going on right now which affects the target listener LOCALLY - while we still have something between three to seven years before a next generation of clock radios comes along with wireless internet built into them as well.

I recently heard talent coach Tommy Kramer tell an A&O client morning show to
"start with the listener, and then work back to the Control Room. Most jocks do the opposite, and then just can't understand why their ratings aren't what they want them to be..."

Radio's new rules of engagement (Poynter Institute's Al Tompkins calls it our own personal 'climate change':
"write clearer, tighter and more visual copy to leverage the strength of audio.."

When people mention the name of your city do they call it "your town" like they do in Los Angeles about Rick Dees or in Detroit about Dick Purtan?

Or, are those kind of jocks a dying breed?

It's up to us.


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