Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sophie's "Choice" Launch Marketing Tactics

I assume you saw:

"Within the space of 24 hours, CBS Radio detonated two of its Free FM outlets: After stunting for two hours as oldies "K-Surf," KSCF/San Diego is now what looks like a hot AC/Triple A mix as "Sophie @ 103.7." And, as Street Talk Daily rumored, KZON/Phoenix ended 24 hours of stunting at 5 p.m. Friday to go rhythmic as "101.5 JamZ, Blazin' The Valley's Hitz & Hip Hop."" - R&R

Be sure to check out their new website, which has some very cool interactive ideas to borrow/steal, like this one:

"Sophie Everyday Rewards: Sophie rewards listeners with concert tickets every week for displaying our logo and link on your Facebook or MySpace page."
(Please note that I just did both a cool blog entry .. while also entering their contest too..)

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