Monday, June 11, 2007

Staying Creative To Keep PPM Panelists (Radio TOO)

Inside Radio's Frank Saxe spins this yarn:

"...there are all sorts of researched ways to keep a Portable People Meter panelist happy. But sometimes it just takes a human touch. Arbitron shares a story of a PPM household two adults and five children. Of the kids there were four PPM-wearing girls and the youngest — a four year old boy. Because he’s under six he’s not eligible to be part of the PPM panel. But that was disturbing the peace in the household and it threatened to interfere with the family’s overall compliance. So the Arbitron rep came up with the idea to send the little boy a fake meter to make him feel “official.” It worked and the family is still part of the PPM panel."

If that kid had simply called, texted or emailed his favorite radio station, I bet they would be been delighted to send him lots of items to wear too... Send that kid a portable radio!

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