Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Country Radio Get$ A Compliment From Will Feltus at National Media

Nine questions for a political ad spender — "The Inside Radio Q&A" is a new feature and the first edition finds out there could be big bucks coming to radio from politicians this year. National Media is one of the biggest political ad buying firms and buyer Feltus says this year they’re working for Mitt Romney and have already made radio buys in four states.

Q: You put 10% of the Bush campaign budget in 2004 to radio — an unheard of number back then. What’s attracted you to radio?

A: TV has become more like radio and their audience is really fragmented — so that you can’t go out and buy threeTV networks and get the job done anymore.

Q: You’re buying for Republicans – so does that mean news/talk and country stations?

A: News/talk is the biggest format, definitely. But you can’t rely on that alone. We also buy sports stations. And, since news/talk’s audience is largely male – we also buy the AC type of formats to reach women. Country is much more of a mixed bag. It’s appeal to Republicans is exaggerated. It reaches both men and women — but in some markets its numbers are so high that it reaches everyone not just the voters we’re targeting. (this quote is highlighted in green for good reason!)

The NAB and RAB are holding a marketing session today in Washington trying to get radio a bigger piece of campaign media budgets. NAB chief David Rehr tells IR's Frank Saxe their goal is to show “the value proposition” of radio –— and make sure candidates “appreciate the unique connection that radio stations have with hometown listeners and voters.”

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