Friday, June 22, 2007

Greater Media Stations Will Be Silent Tuesday, Will YOU?

.. and, Jerry DelColliano makes a convincing case for all of radio to do it too. I wonder, however, if depriving the 1-2% of our total audience that ARB says listens to us from streaming audio service for a day will really prove anything to the people who are responsible for these fees.

Go silent, if you want, I'd say. But, whether you do it on not (and I would not), please, please, please REALLY ramp up the announcements on your stream about what will be lost of these ourageous fees are not reversed.

"We already pay and we'll provide this service as long as possible, but we can't do it if the costs are exorbitant," would be my message during every break on Tuesday, but also today, tomorrow and always.

We need to be lobbying hard in Washington, not depriving our audience of the service they value, in my opinion. That's punishing the listener, who won't understand why we're not there when they need us.

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