Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sammy Kershaw And A Chick Flick

You have to take your hat off to Webster & Associates Public Relations' Kirt Webster ( 615-777-6995), who knows how to leverage a fun TV spot into ink with a quick press release:


Women’s Entertainment Network’s “3 Men And A Chick Flick” will feature country music singer’s SAMMY KERSHAW and JOHN STONE offering commentary on the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” on January 20th at 8 PM ET and again at 12 PM ET.

Both Kershaw and Stone had a few things to say during the breaks about the movie, women, and being in the music business.

“Watching Coal Miner’s Daughter is a reminder to me of what female artists must go through in order to make it in the business,” Kershaw commented during the show. “Especially before artists like Loretta Lynn paved the way.”

“It was a pleasure for me to be part of “3 Men And A Chick Flick,” says Stone. “If I have to watch a “chick flick,” what better one than Coal Miner’s Daughter? I do and always have loved Loretta Lynn, and so does my Mamma!”

Kershaw is familiar with offering commentary on chicks. His new video “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” is a perfect example of that.

Are you sending press releases out to local media on your events?

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